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  • Transferring Money as an Expat

    transferring money as an expat

    In the last seven years, I’ve lived in five different countries and traveled to over 20 more. That’s a whole lotta currencies. Every time we move to a new country, we have to deal with closing bank accounts, figuring out how to transfer money to new bank accounts, whether we should send some back to […]

  • Mexico
  • A Mexico Bucket List

    what to do in mexico

    Mexico is a huge country. It’s the 14th largest in the world. That means there’s a lot to see. It’s a country with varying landscapes. It’s ripe with volcanoes and mountains that need exploring. There are pristine beaches, big cities, tiny islands, and small towns with some of the best food in the country waiting […]

  • Mexico
  • How to Handle the Pre-Travel Jitters

    how to get over the pre-travel jitters

    Alain de Botton says in his book, The Art of Travel, “the finest aspect of travel: its anticipation.” I’m going to have to politely disagree, Alain. I’m moving to Mexico on Friday. That’s incredibly soon. It inches ever closer as I sit here procrastinating. I’m sitting here at a table in my parent’s spare bedroom and I’m literally surrounded […]