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Mexico City Airport: Everything You Need to Know

Arriving at the Mexico City airport can seem stressful at first, but this guide should help put your mind at ease.  I’ll help you figure out everything from the moment you land until the moment you walk out the door and into your Uber or Taxi and then when you need to come back and do the trip in reverse…. View Post

18 Types of Tacos You’ll Find in Mexico

There are so many types of tacos in Mexico. Before moving to this taco-loving country, I thought I knew a thing or two about tacos.  I was so, so wrong.  Tacos in Mexico are nothing like the crunchy lettuce and ground-beef filled concoctions that my mother used to make us on “taco night” when I was growing up. The types… View Post

14 Awesome Things to Do in Guanajuato

Guanajuato has quickly become one of my favorite small cities in Mexico. There are so many fun things to do in Guanajuato. Whether you enjoy sampling the local coffee, trying delicious local foods, hiking, or learning about the deep and sometimes dark history of this region, there is plenty to do in Guanajuato to keep you busy. Getting to Guanajuato… View Post

Valle de Bravo: Hotels, Restaurants, & Adventure Activities!

Valle de Bravo has quickly become my new favorite weekend escape from Mexico City. After spending some time in this little Pueblo Magico for a recent conference, I am certain I’ll be returning again. Valle de Bravo is a short 2-hour drive (or bus journey) from downtown Mexico City and is a nature-lovers dream. You could easily spend a week… View Post

Best Restaurants in Guanajuato Mexico

For such a small city, there are tons of fantastic restaurants in Guanajuato Mexico that totally blew me away. Whether you’re looking for traditional Mexican fare or something a little bit more international, there are plenty of places around Guanajuato to keep you full (and caffeinated and perhaps a little bit tipsy, too!). I was visiting Guanajuato as part of… View Post