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A Comprehensive Guide to Berlin for First Time Visitors

Visiting Berlin has been a dream of mine since I first went to Germany 10 years ago. It was the city that I missed out on, the one that I wanted to see, but just didn’t have the time or the money to do properly. I think because of the fact that I always felt I “missed out” on Berlin,… View Post

3 Days in Berlin: A Comprehensive Itinerary

You could easily spend weeks on end in this amazing city, but if you only have 3 days in Berlin you want to make sure that you pack those three days as full as you can. This little 3-day Berlin itinerary will hopefully help you plan out where to base yourself so you don’t have to waste too much time… View Post

What to Wear in Germany in July

This summer I decided to leave the rainy season in Mexico City behind for a bit of sunshine in Europe. Both Luke (my boyfriend) and I wanted to celebrate turning the big 3-0 with a bang, so we saved up and have now been exploring Berlin, Northern Italy, and the UK for almost two months! I am such a sun… View Post

How to Stay Healthy & Fit When You Travel

Staying healthy while traveling can be SO difficult. You want to try all of the different foods, enjoy a few bevies¬†every night, and still fit into the cute travel outfits that you packed by the end of the trip. When I traveled around Asia for five months, I actually LOST WEIGHT! I know, insanity. The thing is, when you travel… View Post

A Luxury Guide to Mexico City

Looking for a little bit of luxury in Mexico City? You’ll definitely find it here. There are so many fantastic high-end restaurants, beautiful luxury hotels, and world-class cocktail bars that you won’t want to leave. Luxury Hotels in Mexico City If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Mexico City where you can rest your head in style and comfort,… View Post

Two Years as a Digital Nomad: The Good, the Bad & What’s Next

Last year I put together a post about my first year as a digital nomad and it doesn’t feel like 12 months have passed since I hit publish on that. Yet here we are. I have officially been living in Mexico for two years. I have been working from home, working from cafes and buses and airplanes, working from the… View Post

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