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Is Mexico City Safe?: Answering All of Your Safety Concerns

I’ve been getting this question since I decided I was going to move to Mexico three years ago, “Is Mexico City safe?” It is perhaps the most asked question in my inbox every day, the most asked question on YouTube and Facebook and in my Instagram DM’s. “My family are worried about me traveling to Mexico City because they say… View Post

Where to Eat in Mexico City

Planning a trip to Mexico’s capital and wondering where to eat in Mexico City? There are literally thousands of options and spots to suit every budget. Whether you want to dine at a top 50 in the world or you want to pull up a stool and eat all the street tacos, there are literally endless possibilities for places to… View Post

Best Tacos in Roma and Condesa

While some might argue that the best tacos in Mexico City are elsewhere (and this may be true), there are also some seriously delicious tacos in these two popular Mexico City neighborhoods. If you are staying in these areas during your trip to Mexico City, fear not, you can still get some seriously delicious tacos in Roma and Condesa. If… View Post

Life as an Expat in Mexico City: March 2019

Oops! I accidentally let these monthly updates fall to the wayside in 2019, even though one of my very resolutions for the new year was to start being a little bit more personal here on the blog! It’s been such a fun and busy start to the year and I can’t believe we’re about to have gone through a quarter… View Post

Travel Insurance For Mexico: What You Need to Know

When I first started traveling long term 10 years ago, I literally never thought about travel insurance. Then you hear horror stories, talk to people who have been thankful for having it, and you even have a few emergencies along the way and you realize how valuable travel insurance really is. A lot of people think, especially Americans and Canadians,… View Post

Top Mexico Landmarks That You Don’t Want to Miss

There are so many amazing Mexico landmarks around the country. I have a huge list of places around the country on my Mexico bucket list, but the longer I live and travel in Mexico, the more I realize how many little-known places there are that are worth my time. I’ve separated the list into manmade and natural Mexico landmarks so… View Post