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How to Stay Healthy & Fit When You Travel

Staying healthy while traveling can be SO difficult. You want to try all of the different foods, enjoy a few bevies¬†every night, and still fit into the cute travel outfits that you packed by the end of the trip. When I traveled around Asia for five months, I actually LOST WEIGHT! I know, insanity. The thing is, when you travel… View Post

A Luxury Guide to Mexico City

Looking for a little bit of luxury in Mexico City? You’ll definitely find it here. There are so many fantastic high-end restaurants, beautiful luxury hotels, and world-class cocktail bars that you won’t want to leave. Luxury Hotels in Mexico City If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Mexico City where you can rest your head in style and comfort,… View Post

Two Years as a Digital Nomad: The Good, the Bad & What’s Next

Last year I put together a post about my first year as a digital nomad and it doesn’t feel like 12 months have passed since I hit publish on that. Yet here we are. I have officially been living in Mexico for two years. I have been working from home, working from cafes and buses and airplanes, working from the… View Post

Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Traveling that Still Look Cute

In the age of Instagram and capturing every single moment of your travels on camera (I almost wrote on FILM lolz!), we want to look our best, even when we’re sweating up a storm on a wildly humid day in Thailand or Mexico or anywhere else. All of these hairstyles are quick and easy, while still making you feel put… View Post

Working to Travel: The Best Online Jobs for Travelers

Whether you’re looking for a way to pad out your travel budget for your next trip or you want something that can allow you grow a business over the years and support you no matter where you decide to rest your hat, there are so many different way to make money online. I am a huge advocate of this with… View Post

Mexico City Metro: Everything You Need to Know

The Mexico City metro is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to get around the city. The metropolitan¬†area of Mexico City has over 20 million people driving, taking the bus, using Ubers and taxis, and of course, taking the Mexico City subway. While I try to avoid the subway during rush hour when it’s incredibly busy, I do like… View Post

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