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3 Day Bangkok Itinerary

Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in Asia. It has amazing street food, great nightlife, big parks, tons of history, and seriously good shopping. This 3 day Bangkok itinerary should help you plan the perfect few days in the Thai capital. Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Bangkok There are so many fantastic¬†hotels in Bangkok.¬†The nice thing about the city… View Post

2 Days in Mexico City: Where to Eat, Sleep, Drink & Play

While I wouldn’t recommend trying to squeeze everything into only 2 days in Mexico City, I do think you can still get a little taste of the culture, history, and food of this fantastic place in just a few days. Where to Stay in Mexico City If you’re only going to be in Mexico City for two days, I highly… View Post

6 of the Best Beaches in Mexico

There are so many beaches in Mexico to love. Whether you want to lay on white-sand and look out at absurdly turquoise waters or you’re more interested in surfing big waves, there are so many options to choose from. While I’ve been living in and traveling around Mexico for almost two years now, I still haven’t come close to seeing… View Post

4 Mexico City Tours You Should Take On Your Next Trip to the City

Mexico City has SO much to see and do. If you browse through the Mexico City section of my blog you’ll find plenty of museums, restaurants, parks, and tacos. As someone who lives here, I have the luxury of taking my time and exploring each neighborhood and historical sight slowly and as many times as I want. But if you’re… View Post

Best Sandals for Travel: Rainbow Flip Flops Review

I have been traveling and living abroad now for almost 10 years (CRAZY! Where the heck as that gone?!). In all that time I have traveled with the same brand of sandals and have loved them with all of my heart. In my opinion, the best sandals for travel are Rainbow flip-flops. I’m not brand loyal with many things, but… View Post

Best Budget Airlines Mexico

There are three main budget airlines in Mexico. There are one or two that are worth your time and money and one that really isn’t (in my opinion). After living in Mexico City for almost two years and spending tons of time flying between different cities in the country, I’ve now flown on every one of the Mexico budget airlines… View Post

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