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4 Mexico City Tours You Should Take On Your Next Trip to the City

Mexico City has SO much to see and do. If you browse through the Mexico City section of my blog you’ll find plenty of museums, restaurants, parks, and tacos. As someone who lives here, I have the luxury of taking my time and exploring each neighborhood and historical sight slowly and as many times as I want. But if you’re… View Post

Best Sandals for Travel: Rainbow Flip Flops Review

I have been traveling and living abroad now for almost 10 years (CRAZY! Where the heck as that gone?!). In all that time I have traveled with the same brand of sandals and have loved them with all of my heart. In my opinion, the best sandals for travel are Rainbow flip-flops. I’m not brand loyal with many things, but… View Post

Best Budget Airlines Mexico

There are three main budget airlines in Mexico. There are one or two that are worth your time and money and one that really isn’t (in my opinion). After living in Mexico City for almost two years and spending tons of time flying between different cities in the country, I’ve now flown on every one of the Mexico budget airlines… View Post

A Condesa Haus Review: The Best B&B in Condesa, Mexico City

Last weekend I spent the night at Condesa Haus in Condesa and it was utter bliss. It was just the getaway I needed after a stressful week of work and moving house and it also happened to be my birthday weekend, so that made it even better. Condesa Haus Location Condesa Haus is on a quiet residential street in the… View Post

A New Decade, A New Bucket List

Happy birthday to me! Today I turn 30 and while most people keep asking me if I feel or old if I’m freaked out about it, I’m actually pretty happy. I’ve always loved birthdays. I find them really exciting whether they’re my own or someone else’s. You get to eat cake, blow out candles, eat your favorite dinner, and turn… View Post

January 2018 Income and Blog Traffic Report

The first month of 2018 was a doozy! I didn’t get back to Mexico City until January 8th, then our internet didn’t work for a week. Then we got notice from our landlord that we’d have to move out of our apartment by the end of the month a week before the month ended. The fact that I managed to… View Post

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