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Getting Health Insurance in Mexico: What to Know

Getting health insurance in Mexico, whether you are only spending six months in the country or you’re moving here for the long term, can be a confusing thing to understand. I recently spoke to the team at Mexico Living Group about why you should consider having insurance at all and what your options are as you try to navigate finding… View Post

The Ghost Town of San Marcos, Sinaloa

I recently learned about a little town about 45 minutes away from Mazatlan called San Marcos. It has a pretty interesting story. While you can go to San Marcos on your own with a car, we headed there with Blue Foot Tours. They picked us up at our Airbnb in Mazatlan, took us to the town, told us stories of… View Post

The Best Cabañas in Creel: Villa Mexicana Copper Canyon Lodge

If you are planning a trip through the Copper Canyon, you absolutely must spend a few nights in Creel. There’s so much to see and do and the best place to rest your head each night is at the Villa Mexicana Creel Mountain Lodge. I stayed here for two glorious nights while we were in Creel and it was the… View Post

The Best Boutique Hotel Chihuahua: Central Hotel Boutique Review

Chihuahua is a cute little city with plenty to explore, so you’ll want to find yourself the best boutique hotel in Chihuahua to base yourself. I recently stayed at Central Hotel Boutique which is about as central as it can get and about as luxurious as it gets in Chihuahua as well. Fear not though, the prices aren’t insane even… View Post

The 21 Best Restaurants in Sayulita

I had heard about some of the best restaurants in Sayulita before arriving, but I wasn’t prepared for just how many amazing restaurants and street stalls this little town would have. For such a small little town, it’s crazy how many incredible restaurants there are in Sayulita. I didn’t have a single bad meal during the eight days that I… View Post

12 Incredible Things to Do in Sayulita

There are so many amazing things to do in Sayulita. Whether you simply want to beach hop or you want to get active and get hiking, there are truly endless possibilities in this little Pueblo Magico. I had never been to this stunning town before and after 10 days here, I already decided that I needed to come back. Next… View Post