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How Living in Mexico Changed My Life For the Better

I have been living in Mexico for almost three years. When I think about what my life looked like before that, I can’t help but be incredibly grateful for all that has happened to me since I moved here. Living in Mexico has changed me in so many positive ways, so I thought today I’d delve into some of those… View Post

11 of the Best Things to Do in Tijuana

Wondering what to do in Tijuana on a day trip (or overnight trip)? While I have to admit, I┬ámostly went for all of the craft beer in Tijuana, we also checked out a few cool spots in between sampling. If you are concerned about safety in Tijuana, be sure to read my article about what I thought about safety in… View Post

The Best Craft Beer in Tijuana: The Top Tijuana Brewery

Tijuana is literally a beer lover’s paradise. They scatter the main street of Avenida Revolucion and there’s even a cool place called Plaza Fiesta, which used to house a bunch of clubs, but is now home to lots of tiny little craft beer bars. There’s a nice variety of beers and a lot of the brewers are really playing with… View Post

How & Why to Create an eBook to Sell on Your Blog

When I first started blogging in 2010, the travel blogging scene looked very different to how it looks now. It’s neither better or worse in my opinion, just different. I never would have thought that I would write my own guidebook, that I would be putting together ideas constantly into books or courses or any other digital product. Yet here… View Post

Is Tijuana Safe?: Tips for Visiting Mexico’s Famous Border Town

I’ve been living in Mexico now for almost three years, and I’ve heard a lot about Tijuana. Some of the things I’ve heard have been absolutely amazing and other things perhaps not so good. Over the Christmas holidays, I decided to see for myself whether or not Tijuana is safe and if its even worth adding to your Mexico bucket… View Post

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