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Best Movies About Mexico to Inspire Your Next Trip

There are so many movies about Mexico out there. Whether you want one that’s set in the country so that you can see more of it or you want a movie that digs deep into the culture and history, this list covers all of the best movies about Mexico to inspire (and educate) you for your next trip to Mexico…. View Post

The 10 Safest Cities in Mexico

Sometimes it annoys me how often I have to write about safety in this country. This country is home not just to the safest cities in Mexico, but some of the safest cities in North America (ok except Canada, it’s quite safe there).  But I understand the queries. There are unsafe cities in Mexico, just as there are unsafe cities… View Post

Calakmul Biosphere Reserve: What You Need to Know

The Calakmul Biosphere Reserve is a place that so few tourists visit, but it should most definitely be on your Yucatan ruins itinerary. I think one of the reasons so few people visit Calakmul is because it’s somewhat difficult to get to and you need a few extra days to make sure to see it properly.  I made the trip… View Post

The Absolute Best Bars in Mexico City

Want to know what the best bars in Mexico City are? After living in the city for more than three years and enjoying fun nights out all over the place, I thought I should share some of my favorite finds. Most of the bars on this list are in Polanco, Roma, and Condesa. There are a few in the Centro… View Post

Money in Mexico: Getting Pesos & Tips for Money Safety

How to get money in Mexico is one of the biggest questions I get from readers. It’s really quite simple. While traveling to countries with different currencies used to be a huge hassle requiring traveler’s checks and exchanging huge sums of money, there’s really no need to do anything like that anymore. There should be no reason that you change… View Post

What to Pack for Cancun: Cute & Practical Cancun Outfits

If you’re planning a trip to this Mexican beach resort town and wondering what to pack for Cancun, then this Cancun packing list should help you with your planning. I’ve been to Cancun a handful of times (I live in Mexico City). I’ve also headed south to Playa del Carmen and Tulum (arguably one of the most beautiful beach towns… View Post