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Xochimilco Mexico City Complete Guide 2023 UPDATE

Xochimilco Mexico City Complete Guide 2023 UPDATE

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Xochimilco Mexico City is one of the best things you can do when you visit this mega city.

Xochimilco is the Venice of Mexico and whether you’re looking to party with the locals or escape the crowds and learn about the history of this ancient network of canals, it’s all waiting for you here.

Xochimilco is a huge network of canals and one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve been to in this part of the country.

It’s also a peek back at the former glory of Mexico City. Before the Spanish arrived, much of Mexico City was made up of canals. It was filled in by the colonists, and Xochimilco is all that remains as a reminder.

It’s also one seriously awesome party. Xochimilco is where Mexico City dwellers head on the weekends to unwind, have a few beers, dance on a boat with their pals, and eat tons of delicious street food.

As a first time visitor to Xochimilco, it’s important to know what the deal is. It’s a massive tourist trap and you don’t want to end up paying through the nose only to hang out in an empty canal.


The History of Xochimilco Mexico

The Xochimilecos or the people who come from Xochimilco, have been here longer than the Aztecs. In fact, when the Aztecs showed up in the Valley of Mexico, they came to the Xochimilecos to learn how to build their city.

You see, the downtown area of Mexico City used to be a lake. An enormous Lake called Lake Taxco. That’s why when you go into the Mexico City Cathedral and walk to the middle of the church, you’ll see a big pendulum hanging from the ceiling.

This pendulum shows you how much the city is sinking every year (roughly 2cm per year!).

I digress. 

Xochimilco is also built on a lake. So while it looks like canals, it’s actually land masses that have been built on top of a lake. And every year, the locals need to continue to maintain their islands. If they don’t they slowly erode back into the lake. 

How to get to Xochimilco Mexico City

While getting to Xochimilco is quite simple by metro, since December 2022, there have been quite a few accidents on the metro in Mexico City. I currently DO NOT recommend taking the metro in Mexico City, especially all the way to Xochimilco. 

I have left the directions for using the metro if at some point in 2023, you feel it is safer than it was at the start of the year, but for the time being, I highly recommend only getting to Xochimilco by car. You can get an Uber from the city center to Xochimilco for about 300 Pesos ($15 USD) depending on the time of day. It’s easy to get one back to the city as well as long as you don’t try to leave it too late.

If you are having trouble getting an Uber back to Mexico City, there are always taxis waiting in the parking lot at Embarcadero Nuevo Nativitas. 

If you do want to take the metro, take it to the station called to Tasqueña. It’s the end of the blue line (line 2).

From that same station follow the signs for the Tren Ligero – the train line that will take you straight to Xochimilco. It’s the last stop on that line.

Once you get to the station in Xochimilco you can either walk or take a quick taxi ride to Embarcadero Nuevo Nativitas. Make sure you ask for this specific spot – this is where the main parking lot and boat launch is.

There are tons of signs that will try to lead you from the station to a different entrance. There are people on bicycles touting for your business, but these smaller embarcaderos are much more expensive (and much quieter).

Nuevo Nativitas has tons of food stalls and in my experience, it is one of the cheapest places to get a boat from. It’s where all the locals head, so it’s busy (in a good way). This is where the party starts.

what to do in xochimilco

There is one other embarcadero that is worth checking out. Embarcadero Cuemanco is a good option, especially on the weekends. This doesn’t tend to get as busy with the party boats as Nuevo Nativas.

This is one of the best embarcaderos to come to during Day of the Dead. There are tours that leave from here. You’ll see Day of the Dead-themed boats. This is also where the famous La Llorona show takes place in October.

How Much Does a Trajinera Cost at Xochimilco Mexico City?

There are two types of boats in Xochimilco. Tons of signs that say 20 Pesos per person. This is for a TAXI boat.

It will drop you off at a different location. If you’ve come to experience the canals, I don’t recommend taking this one. You can pay 40 pesos for a return trip, but it will simply go up and down the canal without any stops.

The other option is to hire your own boat. These boats have tables and chairs (the other taxi boat only has benches). If you’ve come to Xochimilco to party with your pals, this is definitely the best option.

You will pay 500-600 pesos (about $25-30 USD) for one hour for the entire boat, regardless of how many people are on the boat.

So the more people you bring, the cheaper is will be. We stayed on the boat for two hours (it went by SO quickly) and we paid 600 pesos. That was for four of us to ride up and around the canals for two whole hours.

xochimilco mexico city

What Can I Bring on a Trajinera at Xochimilco in Mexico City?

Bring everything. Bring waters, bring beers, bring bottles of wine, bring snacks, pack a whole damn cooler full of goodies.

I always thought that there were tons of vendors selling food from their boats, and there are, but it is WAY overpriced. Stop at one of the convenience stores along the way and pick up beers and snacks before you go on the boat.

Just outside of the entrance there are a few shops that sell beers and snacks. If you come early enough then there will be plenty, but if you don’t arrive until around 5 or 6pm, then they may have sold out of most things, so plan accordingly.

When you get to Nuevo Nativitas, you’ll be able to have a few beers and plenty of street food – tacos, gorditas, tlacoyos, quesadillas, for really cheap. Definitely get yourself some cecina while you’re there (salted/dried beef in a taco).

what to eat in Xochimilco

You have to try the cecina tacos. They’re magical.

What is Xochimilco Famous For?

It’s all about the boat ride at Xochimilco Mexico City. We went just before sunset and as you head down the narrow passages you’ll be surrounded by greenery.

It feels miles away from the skyscrapers of downtown Mexico City. You can see the mountains and even a few stars after dark.

There are tons of greenhouses around Xochimilco’s canals. You can ask the driver to stop and check out the different plants, and even buy one if you fancy it.

The other strange thing in Xochimilco is Isla de las Muñecas, or doll island.

While the original doll island is a few hours away (you can go for about 1500 pesos), there is a replica doll island a few minutes from Nueva Nativitas. Legend has it that a young girl drowned in the canal near the island.

The owner of the island wanted to keep her company, wanted to help her ghost which he claimed to have both seen and heard.

Some say that now, the dolls house her spirit. It’s become widely known as a haunted spot. Whichever way you slice it, it’s kind of creepy and also quite fascinating.

One of the best things to do is to simply enjoy riding past all the colorfully decorated trajineras (boats). Bring a speaker for your music (or you can rent one while you’re here) and say salud to all the people that pass by.

Mariachi bands will come onto your boat as you move through the canals and serenade you with Mexican classics. Of course, you’ll have to pay for it, but it’s really fun and the guys have a great sense of humor.

isla de las munecas xochimilco

What’s Xochimilco Like Once You’re on the Boat?

Once you’re out on the water, you’ll be slowly moving through the canal.

The person who is steering your boat is using only one very thick, very long stick. Ask nicely and he’ll let you give it a try. Just don’t drop it, something that many a tourist has done in the past.

The canal is usually very busy with boats, especially on weekends.

Don’t come to Xochimilco expecting to take a tour of all of the canal networks. The two hours that most people spend on the boat takes you less than a mile away from the port because you’re moving so slowly. 

If you didn’t bring your own music, you’ll be able to listen to everyone else’s. Or invite the mariachis onboard.

There are a few boats with mariachi bands on them and if you want them to play you a few songs, they’ll pull up, climb onto your boat and serenade away. Just remember that you have to actually pay them for this, they’re not doing it for free.

There are also women who push small boats around with beers and snacks. Some have full-on barbecues on their boats where they’ll heat you up a fresh quesadilla or some tacos. Others just have buckets of chapulines (crickets) and salted peanuts to purchase.

Be sure to have small coins for the bathroom.

There are plenty of places for the boat to pull over where you can use the toilet. Most of the houses along the canal in Xochimilco have bathrooms, but you’ll have to pay 5 Pesos per person. If you have a bit more cash you can also buy some cute plants from them. 

expat in mexico city

Spending some time exploring the chinampas in Mexico City, meeting amazing people and enjoying some peace and quiet!

Take a Tour of Xochimilco, Mexico City

If you don’t feel totally comfortable navigating the metro and train systems, you can take a tour of Xochimilco from Mexico City.

I highly recommend Ubish from Mexico Underground (he was recently featured on the Netflix show Taco Chronicles!). He is a fantastic tour guide and knows this area of the city very well. His tours are private, so you’ll be going with just your group.

I also love the Xochimilco tours offered by Devoured. This company is not only Mexican-run but also completely female-run. They do a wonderful food and cultural tour that takes you beyond the party-boat scene and out into the real side of Xochimilco.

There’s music playing, you can drink beers and micheladas and eat tacos and chapulines. It’s not something you want to do by yourself since there is no boat sharing. You would be coming and booking your own boat and it may not be the most fun.

There are so many things to do in Xochimilco beyond the party scene (although the party scene is pretty fun, too).
how to get to Xochimilco

See Another Side of Xochimilco Mexico City

While the touristy side with the colorful boats is definitely worth a visit, there’s another side to Xochimilco that I think people should also see. This is the side that started it all – the farmers, the families, the axolotl.

I recently took a tour with Ubish from Mexico Underground, watch the full video here to get a taste of what it’s all about. I also took a similar tour with Devoured during Day of the Dead which you can watch here.

We explored a very quiet side of the canal.

We learned all about what this small group of farmers is doing to help clean the city’s air, to bring local Mexican produce to restaurants around the city, and how they are trying to save the little ancient salamander that is older than the Aztecs. 

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Visit Xochimilco Mexico City - everything you need to know about visiting Xochimilco mexico city - a complete guide on how to get to Xochimilco, what to see in Xochimilco, and whether or not you should take a tour of Xochimilco



Saturday 29th of July 2023

Thank you for the helpful guide and the tip on the bicycle scams! They told our Uber driver that Nuevo Nativitas was closed and he had to drop off at their entrance (not an officially marked entrance and down an odd alley!). He ended the ride and left us there. We were super uncomfortable and the situation was pretty tense. They tried to charge us $4500 pesos for a 2 hour ride! Thanks to your guide, we saw this scam and walked away. We found a lovely boat company at the next official entrance with a fair price and a very kind boat driver. Word to the wise, tell your Uber driver to ignore the guys on bikes too! Otherwise, 10/10 recommend this day trip.


Monday 12th of June 2023

Make sure your UPDATE include the updated price - 600 MXN per hour.


Wednesday 6th of December 2023

@Marcelo, also the doll island is not a few minutes from Nativitas - that's a decoy one lol

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Amy B.

Saturday 21st of December 2019

We have no idea how much the Private boat ride will be for 3 people. We were on an Uber and was led by a young man on a bicycle who was instructing the driver short cuts to avoid traffic. It was heavy traffic today, perhaps because it is a Saturday and close to Christmas Day. Things happened fast when we alighted the car in front of the docking station where boats are lined up. We were met by someone that offered the boat for 4000 MX pesos. Without any idea how much is the cost, we agreed to pay 3000 pesos for 3 people, plus 200 pesos tip. That’s more than $150 USD ! I came across this article right after we got off from the boat and needed to find out if we paid the right amount. No review or article on the Internet says anything about cost, other than tour rates. I felt something isn’t right by not doing my due diligence in planning this trip. It’s such a waste of money. We were also charged 50 pesos per bottle of water. We didn’t know this was something we have to pay for as it was offered to us. Moral of the story is to research in depth costs beforehand and maybe some incidentals so as not to walk away being ripped off big time.


Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

I think it should be noted to do it during the day versus sunset. I was disappointed with the experience. First off the docks are empty and they aren't that many people doing it as in the daytime. The only conductor that would take me just by myself and charged me 500 MEX for 1 hour but really seemed like half an hour. None of the food vendors and mariachi bands were part of the experience. Sure they were other boats navigating but it became too dark to see anything let alone the things in the tour like the fake doll island.

Laura Bronner

Thursday 24th of January 2019

Sorry, you didn't enjoy your experience - it's not the best if you're going it alone unfortunately, it's definitely something to do with a larger group. The weekends are really the best time to go if you want to experience a really busy place with lots of the mariachi bands and food vendors. Hopefully if you come back to Mexico City you can visit again with a group and see it on a busy Sunday afternoon.