Uber in Mexico City: 2021 UPDATE Everything You Need to Know

One of the biggest questions I get asked about visiting Mexico is how to get around the city. While I’ve written a pretty comprehensive post about all of the public transportation options in the city which you can read here, I want to talk more specifically about my favorite mode of transport. Uber in Mexico City is cheap, convenient, and safe.

**If you’re new to Uber, you can get a discount off of your first two rides if you use the code: laurab18897ue when you signup!

If you are interested in where else you can use Uber in Mexico, scroll towards the bottom of this post and check out the section titled: Where you can use Uber in Mexico

How Does Uber in Mexico City Work?

If you aren’t familiar with Uber, it’s an app that allows you to call a taxi, choose your pickup and drop off destination through your phone, and prepay for it using a credit or debit card (in Mexico you can also use cash, but I’ll discuss that later).

Once you are connected to a nearby driver, the app will give you the driver’s name, the type of car they’re driving, the color of the car, and the car’s plate number so that you know which one to get into. It’s incredibly simple to use.

Once you get into the vehicle, the driver will then navigate to the destination you’ve chosen. This is amazing because usually, with regular city taxis in Mexico City, they often don’t have meters on or navigation systems to get you where you need to be.

This might be fine for locals who know exactly how to get where they’re going, but for tourists who don’t know the city, you need to rely on the taxi driver to know the roads.

Uber drivers in Mexico City will always either Google Maps or Waze (if they ask which you prefer, always choose Waze).

In some cities, Uber now allows you to add a tip, but not in Mexico City.

You do not need to tip and in fact, my dad tried to give Uber drivers a tip when he was here and many would not accept it.

how to use uber in mexico city

How Much Does it Cost to Take an Uber in Mexico City?

Uber in Mexico City is SUPER cheap when compared to Uber in New York or Ubers that I’ve taken in the UK.

If you are going from Condesa to Roma, it will probably cost about 40 pesos or just over $2.

If you are going from Polanco or Condesa to the Centro Historico, it might cost up to 65 or 70 pesos, which is about $4.

The most expensive Ubers you will likely take are those from the airport.

If you take an Uber from the airport to the city center, depending on what time of day it is, it can cost anywhere between 130 pesos and 200 pesos. That means the most you’ll spend is just over $10.

Like in most other cities, the price of the uber can vary depending on how many drivers are in the area, how many people are calling Ubers at that given time, and how bad the traffic is.

Sometimes you will be quoted a price of maybe 60 pesos, but because of traffic, it could cost 70 or 80 pesos.

Like I mentioned above, if you’re new to Uber, you can get a discount off of your first two rides if you use the code: laurab18897ue when you signup. Full disclosure, if you use this code, I also receive a few dollars off of my next Uber ride.

Is it Safe to Use Uber in Mexico City?

While Uber may not have the best reputation in other parts of the world, Uber in Mexico City is one of the safest ways to get around the city.

I regularly take Ubers by myself or with friends and I am always greeted respectfully and kindly. Drivers are polite and often overly helpful.

Not many speak English, but the great thing about Uber in Mexico City is that you don’t really need to speak that much to get where you’re going.

uber in mexico city

Getting Uber From the Mexico City Airport

Getting an Uber from Mexico City airport into the city center is incredibly easy. Open the app and it will locate you.

When you choose your destination and select Confirm Uber, it will ask you which door or puerta you are at.

Look at the number of the door that you are at – it is likely two or three depending on which exit you came out of. You may have to walk to one of the doors because Uber cannot pick you up at every exit. The driver will then know to meet you outside that door.

If you know the name of your hotel, but not the address, you can simply enter the hotel name into the search bar on Uber and it will find the address for you.

Paying in Cash with Uber in Mexico City

If you would rather pay for your Uber with cash, you will have to go to the payment option under your phone as shown in the image below.

uber in mexico city
Don’t judge my Uber photo or my star rating! haha


how to use uber in mexico city
Once you go to “Payments” you can see that “Cash” is available as an option. If the option is not available, select “Add Payment Method.”

You can then add cash to your preferred payment method. If you have a credit card already listed as an option, you may need to remove that from your phone as the app will automatically assume that is your preferred payment option.

Be sure to have plenty of change as many drivers will not be able to break large notes like 500 pesos.

Note: There have been mixed stories recently (early 2019) of people saying that they have not been able to pay with cash in Mexico City. It depends on the driver and the starting location of your journey as to whether or not you can use cash. Just something to be aware of.

Paying with Paypal with Uber in Mexico City

You can also pay with Paypal on Uber in Mexico City. You can set it up the same way that you would add other payment options. Simply go to “Payment”, then “Add Payment Method” and select Paypal. You will then go through the process of logging into your PayPal account and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

UberPOOL vs UberX in Mexico City

Mexico City has a few options when it comes to uber rides.

When you open up the app and select a destination you will get two prices.

One will be the price for UberPOOL and one will be the price for UberX. UberPOOL is pretty much what it sounds like, it is a carpool. You can only choose UberPOOL if you are traveling with one or two people. If you are three or more, you need to get UberX or the larger UberXL.

If you are traveling by yourself or with one other person and want to spend a little bit less money, you can choose UberPOOL.

The system will then attempt to match you up with other people who are headed in your direction. Sometimes no one is traveling in your direction, so you get a cheaper price without having to share. This hardly ever happens, though.

how to use uber in mexico city

Do I Personally Use Uber in Mexico City?

I use Uber in Mexico City at least twice a week. I live on the outer edges of the city, so if I’m going to be traveling a long distance, especially during busy traffic times, I’ll usually hop on the metro because it’s very cheap and much faster than trying to get around the city above ground.

If you want to read more about the other methods of transportation in Mexico City, you can check out my other blog post about public tranport here:

Transportation in Mexico City: The Cheapest, the Fastest, the Safest.

However, I always take Ubers at night. If I’m going from a bar to a restaurant that’s located in another suburb, I’ll order a cheap $2 Uber across the city. If I’m going from dinner to my apartment, which can be up to 30 minutes away, I’ll get an Uber and it never costs me more than $6.

Where You Can Use Uber in Mexico

The information about where you can use Uber in Mexico changes all the time. Besides being able to use Uber in Mexico City, you can also currently use it in:

  • Merida (sometimes not at the airport)
  • La Paz (sometimes not at the airport)
  • Los Cabos
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Monterrey (we sat in the front seat when leaving the airport)
  • Guadalajara (but seemingly in a weird way at the airport where one of you has to sit in the front seat)
  • Tijuana (another weird airport situation, but they will pick you up there)
  • Ensenada
  • Queretaro
  • Toluca
  • Guanajuato

You currently cannot use Uber in Cancun, at least not in a way that I feel comfortable with.

The taxis there are very against it and Uber drivers often find themselves in danger if they go to the wrong place (definitely not getting an Uber from the airport in Cancun!).

I don’t believe that there is Uber in Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, or Chiapas.

Tipping on Uber in Mexico City

As of January 2019, you can now add a tip to your Uber trip.

Once the trip is completed you can now leave 10, 20, or 30 Pesos for the driver. I usually add a 10 peso tip unless they were really fantastic then I’ll give 20 or 30 Pesos. Leaving a tip is not required nor is it expected at this stage. 

Get a Discount on Uber in Mexico

If you’ve never used Uber before, sign up with this link to receive 50 pesos off of your first two rides.

Uber’s Competitors in Mexico City

Since I first moved to Mexico City, tons of new competitors of Uber have arrived to the city. You can now also download the following apps:

  • Cabify – slightly more expensive, but nicer cars
  • Didi Rider – This is almost always the cheaper option. They have come into the city and massively undercut Uber prices. Sometimes this is great, but it’s also worth noting that most drivers are both Uber and Didi drivers and they may accept your fair and then cancel because they get an Uber fair instead (which they know will be more lucrative for them). This seems to be happening less and less. It’s also not available if your phone region is listed outside of Mexico. See below for instructions on how to swap your region to Mexico so you can download the app (it’s easy and free). Use this discount code to sign up and receive 25% off your first 10 rides: 9GW5FWFX
  • Beat – this is the newest app to come to Mexico City and although I have yet to use it, it seems that they are also trying to compete with Uber in Mexico.

How to Change Your Region (on Apple) to Download Didi Rider

These are screenshots of how to change the region on your phone if you currently have an Apple iOS.

how to use didi rider in mexico city
First, go to the settings app on your main screen and then click on the General section. This is what it will look like – then look for the “Language & Region” section.


how to change your settings on an iphone
Once you select “Language & Region,” you can then select region (mine currently says United States) and from here you can select Mexico.


mexico phone apps
Once you select Mexico, you should turn off your phone, turn it back on and then you will be able to find Didi Rider (NOT Didi Greater China) in your app store


If you found this quick post helpful, you may be interested in Mexico City: A Travel Guide. It’s a digital guidebook that you can download straight to your phone and access while you’re on the go in Mexico City.

Learn more about what’s inside the guidebook and how you can purchase it here.

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Everything You Need to Know About Uber in Mexico City - how to get around Mexico City quickly, cheaply, and safely.

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  1. My young son and I will be visiting my wife in Merida Yucatan Mexico next month. Because of the corona virus, I have heard that uber can allow only 1 passenger at a time in their car. Do you know if this is true or how I can verify this. Thanks

    • Ok so I’ve asked a friend who lives in Merida, and it seems this is correct for right now, however, things are changing so quickly there that it may not even be in place once you arrive in a month’s time. That being said, if it is, your best option would be to take an airport taxi. They are more likely to allow you to travel with your son in the same vehicle than an Uber would be. I hope that helps.

  2. Hi Laura,
    We will be flying between Oaxca and Mx Cty this March 20th. From the MX Cty airport we need to get to Puebla.
    Does Uber service Puebla from the airport and any idea how much they are charging at this time? I know it is less expensive by bus but we are pushing our time and don’t want to transfer in Puebla.

    • Hi Robert- you’d really be better off hiring a car service for this journey to pick you up. If you try to get an Uber driver to take you they will likely see the location and tell you they can’t go – it’s about 2 hours from the Mexico City airport.

  3. Thank for the info! Do you know if any Ubers have car seats? We really don’t want to lug a car seat around the city- any suggestions? Thanks!

  4. Curious if you are aware of any car seat options for the Ubers in CDMX?
    and are there options for larger cars? two couples are traveling with a child each so are trying to figure out the best way to travel together.

    • Hi Allison – there are no car seat options for Uber in Mexico City, so you’d have to bring your own. You can get UberXL which has space for 6-7 people. Alternatively, there are airport taxis that are very large – usually Suburbans which would have a similar number of seats and probably more trunk space for your suitcases.

  5. Greetings LAURA, I was wondering if you had a refferal / invite link for Cabify. I’ll be going to CDMX on Feb 16 and wanted to try Cabify and in addition to Uber which I already have setup. I was hoping I can get a refferal link from you for Cabify so you get credit etc.



  6. Thanks for the Uber article. I never use Uber in my small town so I am brand new to the Uber process. I’m assuming that the Uber app works in Mexico City even though my account is in the US. Also I added a Mexico mobile to my Virgin Mobile account, so I hope that works as advertised. Mexico City is our first stop on our tour.

  7. Thanks for the great post! Heading to Mexico City in a couple of weeks and was just going to get by with my laptop. I’ll be in Mexico for a couple of weeks. Do you recommend getting cell access and what is the best way to go about this?
    Thanks again, Jamie

  8. Hello, I’m visiting Mexico City at the end of the month. My cousin found an Uber driver that is willing to charge us $1000 pesos plus gas and small tip to tour us anywhere in the city all day. Does that sound reasonable?

    • You could definitely get around for cheaper if you simply take different Ubers from point A to point B throughout the day, but if you are looking for ease and really just to hire a driver for the day, that’s kind of the going rate.

  9. Hi Laura,

    Are your comments about Uber in Cancun still quite relevant today? Are we better to get a taxi or look to book transfers to our hotel instead while in Cancun?

  10. Hi Laura , thank you for your post ! I will be traveling to Mexico City in a few weeks, and I will be relying on Uber to get around. How can I find out what bad areas to avoid ? Thank you 😊

  11. Hi Laura,
    Great tips, thank you and I have lived in CDMX for 2 years! Do you know anything about how to figure out ow to get Uber back after losing it , most likely due to having an American card??? Both my husband and I cannot get Uber back on our phones even after contacting Uber themselves with the issue.
    Also, I would say be careful with Waze in not so nice areas. One day we were going from Santa Fe to Estadio Azteca and we followed Waze on some backstreets and witnessed car robberies. We were lucky enough my friend driving was able to reverse quickly and drive away before her car was a target. Again, this was in a bad area, on a side street, where cars were stuck because of traffic, and on a quincena to top it off.
    We should always be aware and alert, especially in huge cities. CDMX has always felt safe to me, safer than many American cities and I agree Uber and other ride-sharing apps are the safest bet for getting around as a tourist (or a guerra like me!)
    Thanks again for the post!

  12. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your post, I came across it as I was searching ways to go from Mexico City International Airport (MEX) to Amanalco de Becerra (and to the Makaranda Vipassana Center). Since I was arriving around 7:30pm at the airport, will I get an Uber to take me to the final destination? Or should I take an Uber to Toluca and stay overnight there before heading to Amanalco?

    Appreciate your help!

    • Hi Bindu, I think you’ll struggle to find an Uber driver who will take you as far as Amanalco. I’ve also heard of Uber drivers refusing fares to Toluca bc it is quite far. If you want to be sure of getting to Amanalco, you may want to consider simply hiring a driver to bring you there straight from the airport. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Toluca, spend the night there, and then navigate to Amanalco the following day.

  13. Hi Laura – thanks much for your post – we are going to Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta for first time in December and have been looking at tours vs doing some things on our own using uber to get there – this post was reassuring that its easy, cost effective and safe. Really appreciated.

  14. Hi Laura, great job and service you are doing here! Thank you. I’ve been in Mexico 8 months traveling, and I report to you that Uber covers several safe and common destinations. I used it in Chiapas, San Miguel de Allende, Toluca, Queretaro and of course, the capital city and as you report, the cost is uber cheap! All drivers that served me were extraordinarily polite and helpful, driving new model vehicles, drive very safe, and are always to accommodate for any request you may have. In my view, that is the most reliable way of traveling.

  15. Hello, I am planning to go to Mexico City soon. I have read that there is no WiFi at the airport for me to summon Uber. I am not a techie and not comfortable about switching SIM cards etc.. Without switching SIM cards, is there a way for me to summon Uber if WiFi is not available? I have an iphone7/Consumer Cellular phone service. CC says I need to get a T Mobike SIM card? Thanks.

    • There is WiFi at the airport. It isn’t the best, but it should be enough to get yourself an Uber. If not, there is a Telcel store inside terminal 1 where you can get a SIM card. Enjoy your trip!

    • Yes, you can take an Uber to Teotihuacan. Just be sure to take the Uber back to the city before around 3pm, otherwise you will struggle to get an Uber in the area after that time. Enjoy your trip!

  16. Great comment section. It has every question I needed to ask. Am heading to Mexico city this weekend and will use uber with confidence for the first time out of the usa…

  17. Hi Laura , this was very helpful. However I have a different question. Can I order (safely) an Uber for someone else in Mexico if I live in the U.S ?

    • I’m not certain, but I don’t think so. I have ordered Ubers for people while I’m in one part of the city and they are in another part of the city, but I’ve never done it from another country. You could give it a trial run while you’re in the US just don’t click the final “confirm Uber” button.

  18. Hi Laura! I’m going to Mexico City at the end of the month and my return flight is at 5:30am…do you think it’s safe for me to take an Uber by myself to the airport in the middle of the night? I would probably have to go around 3am. I could take a later flight and ride with some friends, but I’d rather take the early one. I’d love your advice! Thanks!

    • It’s perfectly safe to take an Uber at that time and the roads are really nice and quiet so from somewhere like Roma it will only take about 15 minutes to get straight there. I’ve taken Ubers at 3 and 4am by myself to the airport without any issues. Hope that helps!

  19. Hello! I spend a lot of time in Puebla and I’ve been using Uber here now for a couple of years. FYI. 🙂
    Also, Iguala, GRO does not have Uber. Thank you for the info!

  20. Hi LAura, very informative, thank you. We are heading into Mexico City in Feb 202 heading to Angangueo for the Butterflies. Will Uber take us from the airport to our hotel in Angangueo? If not, will they take us to the San Jose del Rincon Bus stop to take a bus to Angangueo? Thank you.

  21. 8 PENDING uber trips “INVOICES”. I got the Receipts, but NOT the invoices, all were taken in Mexico City.

    What can I do? and who can I contact with?

    • Hi Claudia – I don’t know what you mean about the invoices? If you got the receipts in your email, then they have been paid for out of your card? If you are having a problem with Uber, you should contact them through the app. They usually fix any errors almost immediately.

  22. I’m going to be in Mexico City for the Day of the Dead. My AirBNB hosts have recommended that I go to Mixquic cemetery. Would it be feasible to take an Uber from Condesa to Mixquic??? Will i actually be able to get an Uber at all during the Day of the Dead?

    • Hi Julian – you can definitely get an Uber from Condesa to Mixquic – it’s such a great place to check out for Day of the Dead. There are literally TONS of Ubers and most will be working on Day of the Dead because it’s such a big tourist day. You may have to wait a while to get one back to Condesa. Alternatively, you can take public transportation or you can hire a driver for the whole afternoon/evening to bring you, wait around, and bring you back. Up to you, but it is definitely a cool place to see the festivities.

  23. Hi, I will be visiting Merida soon. I don’t understand what you mean about using the airport Wi-Fi. Can you explain?

    • Hi Paul, from my understanding, Uber does not operate out of the Merida airport. You will have to take an airport taxi. Merida airport also does not have wifi (at least they didn’t at my last visit), but you can try to connect to their wifi on your phone. Head into the wifi network settings on your phone and see if there is a network on there that doesn’t have a lock image next to it. Happy travels!

  24. Thanks for adding in the information about tipping – it will be so helpful to add a tip in the app! Because we pay in cash so often in Mexico we find it challenging to hold on to enough small coins and bills. Once in Vallarta we tipped $200 MXN on a ride that cost slightly less than that, because it’s all we had at the time!

  25. Hello Laura,

    Thank you so much for the advices !

    I will arrive in Mexico City this friday and am travelling alone. It is very good to know that it is safe to take Uber or authorized taxis from the airport and in the city.

    Do you know if it is the same in Merida and Cancun ? Also, do you think I would be able to get a uber driver with the airport wifi ? I have a swiss phone and the roaming would be extremely expensive…

    Many thanks !

    • Hi Magdalena! Glad you found the post helpful. You can log into the Mexico City airport wifi, but only do it when you are ready to order your Uber because the wifi is only free for 5-10 minutes (I can’t remember exactly which, but it’s only very briefly).

    • Hi Danish – as long as you have a valid work visa, a Mexican license, and a car registered in your name in Mexico, I don’t see why not? The best thing to do would be to contact Uber directly – I believe there is an office here in Mexico City where you can register as a driver. Good luck!

  26. Under the section UberX vs UberPOOL in your article, the screenshot shows the pricing of your trip being over $150.00. Is it really that much? Or is that supposed to be a Peso’s conversion?

  27. Hi Laura
    I will be traveling to Mex city over MLK holiday weekend and considering taking Uber but my concern is with the gas crisis they are having will there be ubers available?

    • No need to worry about the gas crisis – I haven’t had any problems getting them since this whole thing started and news around here is that it is pretty much over with now anyway. It’s business as usual for Uber drivers!

  28. Excellent post!!??????. My flight to mexico city is in a few hrs and now that i know uber is so great there i’m instanlY at ease!

    Thanks Laura!!

  29. Hi Laura. I am from England in Mexico City and I want to use Uber but it is too expensive to use data roaming or mobile data. I can use WiFi from my hotel but won’t have it at the end destination ie for a trip or to the airport. Do I have to have it for the whole journey or just from my destination? Thanks

    • Hi Lulu – yes you can simply order the Uber from wifi and then once you get in the car you can turn your phone back on airplane mode, it won’t affect the journey at all. Enjoy your time in Mexico City!

  30. Hi Laura! I’m heading to Mexico City with two of my girlfriends this weekend. They arrive a day before me, so I’ll have to get transportation from the airport to our AirBnb by myself. Would you recommend using Uber or taxi? And would you feel safe using it alone?

    Thanks for your help!

    • I always use Uber – it’s much cheaper than airport taxis and incredibly safe in my experience. If you have any trouble getting one, you can always get an airport taxi, just prepay at one of the taxi stands. Both airport taxis and Uber are perfectly safe to use alone. Hope that helps! Enjoy your trip!

  31. Hi Laura,
    I would like to use Uber in DF but for the short while I’ll be there I don’t want to get a SIM card. My hotel has wi-fi and I assume various places throughout DF will too. Question: Can I beckon an Uber from wi-fi spot then once in car turn phone to airplane mode so I won’t be charged roaming data charges? I read on your site that for the two years there you never got a SIM card yet you Uber around. Can you please clarify? Incidentally I love your site and videos. Gracias!

  32. im flying into mex city airport, and was thinking of taking uber to Puebla where i will be staying. when i tried it out on the app, it quoted a price of 1,330 pesos, about $67. is that possible?

    thats incredibly cheap for a 2 hour drive. not sure why anyone would take a bus and deal with all that, when Uber would get me directly to my hotel in comfort. yes more expensive, but compared to a 2 hour taxi drive in USA, seems well with it.

    • It’s possible that that is the price, but it’s also possible that when the Uber driver sees where the trip is that they will tell you that they can’t take you (it’s over two hours away from the airport, so they may not be able to get a fare back). That’s also just a quote. You’ll also have to take toll roads, which will be added to the price of your Uber after the fact. Also, if there is any traffic or delay in time, you will likely be charged more – so it could end up costing well over $100. The price of a bus ticket is less than 300 Pesos at full price (even cheaper if you book a few days in advance on the ADO app), so less than $15, so it’s significantly cheaper. You can give it a try and if Uber doesn’t deliver for you, you can always take the bus. Alternatively, you could hire a car from the airport and head to Puebla on your own.

    • Hi Sue – it depends on your carrier. Many American phone companies don’t see Mexico or Canada as “roaming” although you’ll still have to switch it on, you won’t be charged. I’d ring your carrier before heading to Mexico. There is also wifi access at the airport, but it is limited to 5 minutes for free.

  33. Really helpful and well written! Uber should definitely compensate you for this. Wish I saw it before signing up. The only reason I signed up for Uber was to get reliable transportation to and from my hotel and dental clinic in Mexico. Memories of getting gouged by cab drivers in Paris and other foreign cities, motivated me to sign up. Muchisima gracias!

  34. Hi Laura, we’re looking for a good trusted guide to spend the day at the Pyramids and Guadalupe! Any recommendations would be welcomed in English of french for ZE tour guide.

  35. Thanks for this, km actually headed to Riviera Maya, or Cancun I should say. And I was wondering how this would work. I do have some questions though, do I have to download a different Uber app in mexico and does my saved credit card/debit card work the same on their app or do I need to get a local card because I’m confused if the app does the rate exchange or do you see the totals in pesos?

    • Hi Luis – Cancun does not have Uber. They did about two years ago, but they were pushed out by the taxis, so you won’t be able to use the app in Cancun. If you are going to places like Mexico City, then the app will work exactly the way that it does at home. You don’t need to download it again when you arrive and you don’t need to change your credit card. The app will quote you in Pesos, but it will charge you in your home currency. Hope that helps!

  36. Do you know if Uber makes long distance trips? Say Mexico City airport to Toluca. I’m arriving late in the evening and would like to skip the bus if possible.

    Thank you


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