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Best Sandals for Travel: Rainbow Flip Flops Review

Best Sandals for Travel: Rainbow Flip Flops Review

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I have been traveling and living abroad now for almost 10 years (CRAZY! Where the heck as that gone?!). In all that time I have traveled with the same brand of sandals and have loved them with all of my heart. In my opinion, the best sandals for travel are Rainbow flip-flops.

I’m not brand loyal with many things, but when it comes to sandals that can get wet, that can handle the heat, that can be jammed into a backpack and that still look pretty cute, Rainbow sandals win every single time.

They’re easy to take on and off, they dry quickly, they have arch support, and they are crazy comfortable. I have legit climbed a rocky mountain in these flip flops and they withstood the test.

Rainbow Flip Flops Review

Why Rainbows are the Best Sandals for Travel

I bought my first pair of Rainbow sandals when I moved to New Zealand.

I knew I’d be spending a lot of time by the beach, so I wanted to make sure I had sturdy sandals. They were the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of flip-flops – they’re over $50, so I was feeling pretty skeptical that I’d ever spend that much on a pair of flip flops again.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Since then I’ve owned four pairs of Rainbow flip flops and have even gotten my boyfriend into them. He refuses to wear any other sandals and he’s a picky man!

Right, so why are Rainbow flip flops the best sandals for travel?

  • You can walk in them for hours on end. They have arch support and are made of quality leather, so they don’t chafe, they give you support while you walk, and they don’t make your feet sweat in those crazy hot countries you’re traveling through.
  • You can easily take them on and off. This is key if you’re traveling in Asian countries where you’ll be taking your shoes off constantly. It’s also great for long bus rides when you want to slip your shoes off to get more comfortable.
  • They are really durable. Like I said, I’ve climbed mountains in these flip-flops. They grip your feet,
    they grip the ground, they can be bashed around in your bag, they can get wet, and they still look great after all of it.
  • They’re small enough to lay flat in any bag. I have been able to fit them in the side pocket of my bag, at top of a packed suitcase, and even in my purse. They’re also super light, so you never have to worry about them causing your bag to be overweight.
chichen itza tour

Wearing my beloved Rainbows at Chichen Itza last year!

What Sort Of Travels are Rainbow Sandals Good For?

I have worn my Rainbows in New Zealand, Australia, around all of South East Asia, in Japan, in Korea, in Mexico, the United States, the UK, and in Costa Rica.

I’m definitely going to take them on my beach holiday to Colombia in a few weeks and I’m totally packing them for jungle walks in the southern Mexico state of Chiapas.

The great thing about Rainbows is that they are leather. So you can wear them with your bathing suit cover-up and wear them on your beach holiday or you can smarten them up with a dress (or nice shorts and a t-shirt for the guys) and wear them around hot cities.

The only sort of traveling that you might want a different pair of sandals for is if you’re doing hiking where you’ll have to cross rivers and streams.

I use my Rainbows anyway and just take them off and wade through the water, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you may want to buy a pair of Chaco sandals that you can wear even in deep water.

Wearing our Rainbows on a walk in Thailand!

How Do Rainbow Flip Flops Fit – Women

The sizing chart on the Rainbow Sandals website is pretty accurate.

I usually wear a size six in shoes and even though my feet are quite wide, the small is perfect. The sandals are definitely great if you have wide feet like me, but since they’re leather, they will mold to your feet well. It’s also worth noting that they will stretch a little bit over time.

best sandals for travel

How do Rainbow Flip Flops Fit – Men

The men’s sandals are similarly true to size. Luke wears a size 9.5 shoe and he wears the medium Rainbow sandals.

He has quite narrow feet, so definitely wanted to stick to the smaller side of the spectrum, but if you are a 9.5 and have wide feet, you may find the large more comfortable (Luke actually used to get large, but they were just a little bit too long and wide one he wore them in).

best sandals for travel

Which Style of Rainbows are Best for Women?

There are a few different styles and colors available for Rainbows. I used to buy the thick-band Rainbows, but I switched over to the thin-band last year because I think they look slightly more feminine (especially because I have such wide feet).

I always go for the sand color, but they also come in dark brown, blue, and black.

See the thick band style here.

See the thin band style here.

There is also a new style available with a braided strap. I can’t comment on how comfortable this is since I’ve never worn them. I would be wary of buying this style for long-term travel simply because I feel like it would irritate my feet if I was walking in them all day.

They do look really cute though. See the braided style here.

Which Style of Rainbows are Best for Men?

There are basically two styles available for men’s flip-flops. You can have a normal arch support or a large arch support.

There are a few colors available which Luke has grown to really like over the years – black, dark brown, sand, and a sort of grey-blue which is tough to find, but sometimes available on Amazon. See the grey-blue Rainbows here.


How Long Does a Pair of Rainbow Flip Flops Last?

It depends on how much you wear them, what sort of conditions you’re wearing them in, and what you consider to be the end of the road for a pair of sandals.

I had my first pair for over two years when I decided they were just too dirty to keep wearing.

They were still comfortable, they were still working perfectly, but I’d worn them SO much that their original sand color was now more like black.

My second pair lasted about the same amount of time.

I wore that pair for a whole summer in Korea, then I wore them for six months as I traveled around South East Asia. I literally wore them every single day for those six months and by the end of my trip I retired that pair for the same reason (also they kind of smelled).

I would probably still have my third pair if I hadn’t lost them somewhere.

I’m on my fourth pair which I got for Christmas in 2016. I wear them pretty regularly here in Mexico City, but not every day. I take them with me on all of my travels to warm places and I think they will likely last me until the end of the year at the rate I’m wearing them.

Luke is a little bit heavier footed and wears down the sole of the shoe when he wears them a lot. His usually last about a year and a half before he needs to re-invest in a pair that will offer him more heel support, but that’s only if he wears them every day.

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The best sandals for travel - whether you're going hiking, going to the beach, or doing everything in between, Rainbow flip flops are the absolute BEST sandals for travel in warm places. Here's why.

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