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15 Awesome Restaurants in Vilnius

15 Awesome Restaurants in Vilnius

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If you’re planning a trip to Lithuania’s capital, you will no doubt want to know what the best restaurants in Vilnius are. There are so many great restaurants in Vilnius.

Whether you want to try local Lithuanian cuisine in a casual setting or you want something for a special occasion. There is a Vilnius restaurant to suit every budget and taste.

If you are spending a few days in the city, be sure to check out our guide to the best things to do, the best cafes, and our favorite bars, too. You can also check out our one-day city itinerary here and our two-day itinerary here.

This article lists the best place to eat in Vilnius including vegetarian and vegan options, too.

Best Restaurants in Vilnius

The majority of these restaurants are located in the old town or very close to the old town. 

These are not in any particular order. I love all of these places and would highly recommend all of them if you have lots of time in Vilnius. If not, focus on the local Lithuanian places.

I usually add recommendations to Google Maps with a description telling me why I would like it. Then when I’m out and about traveling around the city and get hungry, I check the map for which places are closest. 

I have linked to the Google location beneath each recommendation so that you can easily add these to your phone’s map and have quick access to them. 

lithuanian potato cakes with cheese curd

Potato pancakes with the most delicious cheese curd that I’ve ever eaten from Senoji Trobelė.

1. Senoji Trobelė

This is probably one of my favorite restaurants in Vilnius. It’s located about a 10-15 minute walk from Cathedral Square up quite a steep hill. However, once you get to the top of the hill, you are rewarded with utterly delicious Lithuanian cuisine.

The restaurant serves traditional Lithuanian dishes like Cepelinai, potato pancakes, cheese curd dumplings, borscht, and more. I also think that the gira or kvass here is the best I’ve ever tasted.

Gira is a drink that is made much like beer, but has almost no alcohol (usually less than 1%). You can buy it in the grocery store, but there is nothing better than having it fresh. And it’s not much fresher than the homemade gira here at Senoji Trobelė. 

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cepelinai at a restaurant in vilnius

The delicious cepelinai that you will find on every menu in Vilnius. Served with bacon and cream.

2. Žemaičių ąsotis

Right next door to Seonji Trobelė (it’s hard to choose between the two when you’re there!), this is a fantastic restaurant in Vilnius.

It is sort of a mixture of bar and restaurant. In the warmer months, they have a nice covered outdoor area where you can sit and eat. When it gets colder, I like this place even better. 

The inside of the bar is so cozy and warm. The interior has an old pub feel about it with wooden beams, big booths to snuggle into, and of course, incredible food to warm up with. They make rich stews and hearty meat dishes (think pork ribs piled high with crispy potatoes on the side. 

They have a full bar with some really great local beers as well. If you are just in the mood for a great bar, head here for Lithuanian beers and beer snacks like cured meat, smoked fish, or fried bread.

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cold beetroot soup in Lithuania served with potatoes

The famous summer soup in Lithuania. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but it is absolutely the most delicious soup I’ve had on a summer’s day!

3. Šnekutis

This is a Vilnius institution. It is both one of the best restaurants in Vilnius and one of the best drinking establishments in Vilnius. They have a huge selection of Lithuanian craft beers as well as what’s called “farm beer.” 

Farm beer is fresh beer made with live yeast. It’s a very traditional beer here in Lithuania, but one that is becoming less and less available.

Šnekutis has a nice selection of traditional Lithuanian dishes and bar snacks. Their cold beetroot soup (Šaltibarščiai) is perfect with a beer on a hot summer’s day. 

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4. Jurgis ir Drakonas

Jurgis ir Drakonas is one of the best places in all of Lithuania to have pizza. It is the closest thing to an Italian-style pizza that I’ve found since moving here.

The pizza base is so fluffy and delicious. They cook it in a wood-fired oven so it has that perfect char on it. There are a variety of toppings to choose from. I love the classic flavors of the margarita pizza. They use a nice amount of sauce so the pizza isn’t dry.

They also have nice a spicy nduja sausage pizza and several vegetarian and vegan options available, too.

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Italian pizza in Vilnius

If you’re craving an Italian pizza while in Vilnius, these two restaurants are the best!

5. Užupis Picerija

If you are in the Užupis neighborhood of Vilnius, you won’t want to miss stopping at this local pizza spot. It is perhaps the most famous pizza restaurant in Vilnius. But for good reason.

They have a huge menu with so many different pizza options to choose from. You can have spicy sausage pizzas, plain cheese pizzas. They have pepperoni, prosciutto, bacon, or vegetarian options. They also make calzones and focaccia, too.

It’s an incredibly popular place, especially on the weekends. Be sure to make a reservation if you plan to come here on a Friday night, or anytime on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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lithuanian dumplings at a restaurant in vilnius lithuani

Pork dumplings with traditional sauce from Etno Dvaras are seriously delicious!

6. Etno Dvaras

This is another great restaurant in Vilnius for Lithuanian food.

The thing that I love about Etno Dvaras is that it focuses on regional Lithuanian cuisine. Like many countries around the world, Lithuania has many distinct regions with different food traditions.

What someone from Vilnius grew up eating will likely be different from what someone from the rural regions of the Baltic coastline grew up having for dinner.

Etno Dvaras splits up there menu based on these different regions so you can try food from all over Lithuania.

Some of my favorite things on the menu here are the potato sausages (bulviniai vėdarai) as well as the curd dumplings (varškės virtinukai). Be sure to try their traditional sauce of bacon and cream. It’s truly indulgent, but so worth the calories.

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Lithuanian potato sausage

One of my favorite Lithuanian dishes that I’ve tried so far (and I’ve had this one LOTS of times haha) is the potato sausage. So delicious.

7. Beigelių krautuvėlė

If you’re craving some seriously delicious Jewish staples, do not miss having breakfast or lunch at this Jewish bakery.

They make the best bagels I’ve ever eaten outside of New York. They also have shakshuka, matzo ball soup, hummus, and freshly baked challah bread.

They have a really nice selection of pastries and different types of bread. I can’t walk past without going in and getting something sweet. They also make exceptional coffee. 

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bagel sandwich with coffee at restaurant in vilnius

The most delicious and fluffy bagel filled with cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onions, capers, and tomatoes alongside a strong flat white.

8. Senolių Tradicija

Test your Lithuanian at this local cafeteria-style restaurant.

This is one of the most budget-friendly options in all of downtown Vilnius. If you want traditional Lithuanian food at a great price, come here. Just be sure to bring a Lithuanian friend or do as I do and use Google Translate.

They are open for lunch and for about €3 or €4 (under $5 USD) you can have a soup and a main meal with a small drink. The menu is usually outside on a chalkboard. When I go here, I take a picture of the menu. I run it through Google translate if there is a dish on there that I’m not familiar with.

Then I join the line of other hungry people. I do my best to pronounce the dish that I want when I get to the front of the line. I usually show the woman the picture of the menu that I took and point to the one that I want if there is a problem. The staff here are very nice and many speak a small amount of English. 

You then pay and head over to the other counter where the food is with your receipt. You show it to the people who then serve up your food and you choose a table anywhere in the room. If it’s warm, there are tables outside. 

This is some seriously good home cooking and shouldn’t be missed if you want an affordable lunch option.

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cabbage stuffed with pork served with potatoes

This is a popular dish here in Lithuania made of pork stuffed into cabbage leaves and served with some crispy potatoes. It’s called balandėliai or little pigeons.

9. Farmer and the Ocean

You may have noticed that there is a severe lack of seafood restaurants in Vilnius. The city is, of course, not on the coast. But it’s not that far from the Baltic Sea. And traditionally, fish is a very popular food here in Lithuania.

The Farmer and the Ocean arrived on the food scene here in Vilnius not all that long ago and has since taken the city by storm. This is without a doubt, one of the best seafood restaurants in Vilnius (if not the best).

Fresh oysters, herring, mackerel croquettes, calamari, and octopus all make appearances on the menu. However, they also have meat options like lamb, beef, and even snails.

The menu is small, mostly seasonal, and packed with delicious sea and land options. Everything is sourced as locally as possible and traditional curing and preserving methods are used in abundance. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Vilnius.

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potato kugelis topped with cream and bacon

This kugelis from Bernelių Užeiga is the most indulgent and delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. It’s a potato pie stuffed with pork shoulder and topped with bacon (and bacon fat) and cream. Heaven, but you need a nap after eating it.

10. Bernelių Užeiga

Can you make room for more potatoes? Because if you can, this popular Lithuanian restaurant in Vilnius should not be left off of your list.

I perhaps favor the Kaunas location of this restaurant a little bit more (it was the original after all!), this is a good alternative if you aren’t going to be going to Kaunas (but if you have time, you really really should go to Kaunas).

They make their own gira here. They make incredible veal stews here. Their fried bread (kepta duona) just might be the best I’ve ever eaten.

They have all of the classic Lithuanian dishes like cepelinai, potato pancakes, dumplings, and cabbage rolls on the menu. But it’s their stews, soups, and meat dishes that have me coming back to this place regularly. 

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11. Pilies KATPEDELE Restaurant

Located right on one of the main pedestrian streets with tons of outdoor seating, this is one of the most convenient restaurants in Vilnius.

In the summer months, I love coming here and having a beer outside and people-watching. This is one of the busiest thoroughfares. At the end of the workday, you can sit back and watch all of the commuters pass by on their scooters. There are tourists and locals wandering around and it’s such a great spot to enjoy the buzz of the old town.

They also claim to have the biggest cepelinai in Vilnius. If you are hungry, this is a great deal and the cepelinai are delicious in addition to being enormous.

However, my favorite thing on the menu here is the meat platter. My boyfriend Luke and I sat here for a few hours enjoying some of their cheap draft beer and some of their beer snacks.

When we got hungry and had a look over the menu, we decided to have the grill platter. It came with sausages, pork belly, pickles, horseradish sauce, potatoes, and sauerkraut. It was absolutely delicious.

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sausages, pork, potatoes, pickles, and sauce on a slate

The incredibly delicious barbecued meat platter mentioned above. Perfect with a cold Švyturys beer.

12. Mykolo 4

There are a few very fancy restaurants in Vilnius and Mykolo 4 is one of them.

This consistently ranks as one of the best restaurants in all of Lithuania, and for good reason. The food here is exceptional.

Their focus is exceptional, great quality local ingredients. The menu is seasonal and takes traditional Lithuanian recipes and elevates them. The dining room is well decorated, with a sort of French feel to it. However, be sure to grab a seat outside in the terrace if the weather is good.

They offer a tasting menu that changes regularly as well as an a la carte menu that changes slightly less regularly. For the quality of the food, you can’t beat the price. With drinks and two courses, you can expect to pay less than €50 per person. 

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13. Ertlio Namas

This is not only one of the best restaurants in Vilnius, but indeed usually ranks as the #1 or #2 restaurant in Lithuania.

According to their website, it is a “unique space where refined historical Lithuanian cuisine gracefully meets modern culture and technology.”

This is a true fine dining experience at a price so much lower than what you would pay in other capital cities in Europe.

The staff couldn’t be more helpful and knowledgeable. They explain each dish in impeccable English. It feels like a delicious meal and a history lesson at the same time (which for me is AWESOME).

They offer two different tasting menus, either a four-course meal or a six-course meal. You can opt for wine pairings with each for an additional fee. The four-course tasting is incredibly affordable €40 while the six-course meal is €50. 

This is even more affordable than the fine dining spots in Mexico that we have visited. 

Reservations are highly recommended. Especially if you plan to dine here on the weekend. Book on their website

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grilled pork neck with potatoes and salad on a white plate

Many Lithuanian restaurants have a nice selection of grilled pork, veal, chicken and beef dishes usually served with potatoes and salad. This pork was so juicy and delicious.

14. The pub Leičiai (Alinė Leičiai)

This is both a wonderful bar and local brewer as well as a fantastic Vilnius restaurant. 

I came here initially because I had heard that they make their own beer. They have a really nice old wooden bar area as well as seats outside. There is also a whole restaurant area for the colder winter months. 

If you enjoy beer, this is a really great place to have drinks in a cozy atmosphere. The bartender can explain about all of the different beers they have. Their pale ale and pilsner were two of my favorites. They also have darker beers and a nice light lager which is perfect for summer.

The food is hearty and delicious. They have a nice selection of the most popular Lithuanian dishes including a rich and creamy mushroom soup in a rye bread bowl (highly recommend this on a cold day for lunch!). All of their soups and stews that I’ve tried have been delicious.

They also have a nice selection of snacks if you just want to have something to nibble on while you enjoy their beers. Go for the meat sample platter if there are two or more people to share it. It’s like a Lithuanian charcuterie board with locally made meats and cheeses.

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kepta duona or fried bread topped with cheese and garlic

Kepta Duona, or fried bread, is one of Lithuania’s most popular bar snacks. You’ll find them at every bar, outdoor festival, and late night celebration. The best ones are served hot and topped with garlic-infused cheese.

15. Rosehip Vegan Bistro

Lithuanian cuisine is full of meat, cream, kefir, cheese curd, and more bacon to top it all off. It can be hard to go to a local restaurant and find anything vegan on the menu.

If you are a vegetarian, finding a few different dishes on the menu isn’t too difficult. But finding a meal without any dairy is nearly impossible.

There is, however, an ever-growing vegan food scene in Vilnius. The Rosehip Vegan Bistro is without a doubt the most popular and highly rated vegan restaurant in Vilnius.

The menu is a bit of a fusion with a heavy focus on Asian flavors. You’ll find different Thai, Indian, and Malaysian curries on the menu. There are Buddha Bowls and different types of veggie burgers. They even have a nice selection of vegan desserts like a chocolate brownie and vanilla “nice” cream.

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