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What to Wear in Ibiza Packing List

What to Wear in Ibiza Packing List

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If you’re planning a trip to the Balearic Islands and wondering what to wear in Ibiza, this post is for you.

Packing for Ibiza is part of the excitement, this free-spirited island is all about expression, creativity, and play. In addition to sharing Ibiza fashion tips, this guide will cover what the weather is like and what other items need to go on your Ibiza packing list. 

What’s the weather like in Ibiza?

What to wear in Ibiza really depends on the time of year you visit. With a Mediterranean climate, Ibiza experiences hot summers and nippy winters. 

The best time to visit Ibiza is during summer. While we love a bit of European winter sunshine here to avoid crowds, it’s definitely not the best time for good beach weather.

From late May through early October, temperatures can reach 86°F (30°C) or above. The hottest and most crowded months are July and August.

June and September bring the most agreeable conditions overall, and there are fewer people to share the beaches with. 

November through April sees the low season, with restaurants, nightclubs, and tours closing up.

While temperatures top out at 61°F (16°C) during the day they can drop as low as 46°F (8°C) at night.

Windy conditions can make this feel colder – and it’s important to factor in how that might impact your Ibiza outfits! 

sun loungers on the beach in Ibiza

You don’t need much more than a bathing suit for your beach trip to Ibiza.

What to wear in Ibiza

On the whole, the dress sense of Ibiza is pretty laid-back, even in the evenings.

The island is known for its bohemian vibes, hippy spirit, and barefoot luxury – particularly in Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia. 

However, it’s also a place where you can dress up if you feel like it. You can trick out in fancier clothes or get creative – nobody will bat an eyelid if your Ibiza clothes include flamboyant flares or you rock up head-to-toe in glitter!

1. Swimwear 

Wherever you stay in Ibiza, you’ll absolutely want to take a dip in the sea or your hotel pool if you have one. In fact, the sea is warm enough for swimming from May onwards. 

Realistically, you’ll be in and out of the water throughout the day. So, you’ll want to take at least two bikinis – but you might want to take more to allow time for them to dry properly between wear. Crochet, bold patterns, and bright colors all work well in Ibiza but you can never go wrong with classic black or white.

In summer, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking are some of the best things to do in Ibiza. Therefore, you might appreciate having a one-piece swimming costume or a pull-on bikini to avoid your swimwear floating away! For snorkeling, a plain t-shirt is useful if you suffer from sunburn.

A pair of board shorts or long-sleeve bathing suits will come in handy for any water-based activities, Athleta and Ripcurl are your natural places to hunt for a pair of high-quality, durable, and fashion-forward swimwear.  

When picking what to wear in Ibiza to the beach, also remember a cover-up or sarong like this one for the walk back to your hotel.

woman walking along the beach knowing what to wear in Ibiza.

What to wear in Ibiza depends on what you want to do while you’re there and what time of year you are visiting.

2. Flip flops or sandals

When pottering around the towns and your resort or villa, you only really need flip-flops or a pair of flat sandals.

Havaianas are the pioneers of comfy flip-flops in a range of different color options that’ll get you through many years of traveling. We’re also big fans of Rainbow flip-flops as you can see from this article review.

If you want to dress up at night for dinner, consider packing a cute pair of espadrilles like these or wedge sandals like these.

If you’re not keen on heels, check out the casual-chic flat espadrilles at TOMS. Plus, a portion of every purchase goes towards grassroots organizations around the world. 

old town of ibiza in spain with white buildings and palm trees

What to wear in Ibiza.

3. Closed-toe footwear or smart sneakers 

Knowing what to wear in Ibiza for clubbing is important, and it starts with your feet. Sneakers (or an equivalent closed-toe shoe with a solid base) are your best friend here. 

Unless you really want to wear them, there’s no need to wear heels when out in Ibiza. Smart and stylish sneakers are totally acceptable and are far more comfortable for dancing a night away (clubs stay open until sunrise).

Besides, they’ll protect you from broken glass or any overly enthusiastic dancers on busier nights.

Although, you will need to double-check the dress code for each club. In some cases, there are rules against sportier-looking footwear. 

A versatile pair of Adidas Stan Smiths, Vans, or Converse Chuck Taylor pumps will work perfectly. Besides, you can wear these if you go on a hike around the island.

Overall, the trails in Ibiza are mellow and you’ll not need proper hiking boots. Mind that some of the beaches require a climb, so choose footwear with a reliable grip.  

However, if you do pick up a new pair of sneakers before your trip, make sure you break them in before hitting the Ibizan cliffs or clubs.

paddle boarding in blue water of off the coast with boats next to the paddle boarder.

Getting out on the water means you want to have enough coverage to avoid sunburn!

4. Light skirts, dresses, and trousers 

You can really feel the heat in Ibiza once you inch into summer. Therefore, you’ll want to pack loose clothing in lightweight materials – natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and silk will feel the best.

Whether you prefer skirts and dresses or shorts and trousers, you can get away with anything in Ibiza. In terms of what to wear in Ibiza during the day, anything goes. It’s really the case of paying attention to the fabric. 

Rummage through your closet or search online for Ibiza staples such as linen playsuits, silk or linen culottes, sun dresses, and floral shorts. 

If you visit between May and October, leave the jeans at home. Honestly, it’s just too hot. Stick with leggings or a skirt for the flight to avoid the thump of heat when you arrive. 

two women in red walking down a cobbled street surrounded by white buildings

What to wear in Ibiza.

5. White clothing (or colors)

Ibiza is known as the White Island, party due to the abundance of white buildings and partly due to the types of clothing typically worn by resident Ibizan women. As a result, a lot of travelers accent their Ibiza fashion choices with white clothing.

Considering how warm the place gets, this is actually a wise idea as it’ll help you stay cool. Plus, we all know white looks fabulous with a tan!

Channel the spirit of Ibiza with a long flowy skirt or boho maxi dress. ASOS is a great starting point on your quest for your signature Ibiza white dress from a reputable brand. 

However, if you’re not a fan of white, just go with light or bright colors you feel comfortable in. Black or dark clothing will likely make you overheat. 

6. Sunhat 

The sun in Ibiza is relentless. Do your scalp a favor and don’t forget to pop a sunhat on your Ibiza packing list – any sunhat. 

You might prefer a baseball cap if you’re planning on spending a lot of time hiking or doing watersports. Maybe cute trucker caps with breathable mesh backing. 

Otherwise, a wide-brim straw hat or Panama hat is ideal for the beach or pool as it offers extra protection to the back of your neck.

turquoise waters and blue skies with rock formations and boats in the distance.

Enjoying the good weather and warm waters of Ibiza are a must.

7. Creative accessories

Seeing as the island gives you free rein to play with your look, you might want to complete your Ibiza packing list with some quirky accessories or jewelry. 

Stacked rings, lariat necklaces, feather earrings, beaded bracelets, and ankle chains are the kind of thing that works well in Ibiza. 

Going with the boho style, you can work some ornamental hair clips or flower garlands into your Ibiza outfits.

Otherwise, a vintage-inspired hair scarf is a neat trick as it’ll protect your head from the sun during the day or dress up an outfit in the evening. You can also tie these around a handbag or loop them through a pair of shorts like a belt.

In the evenings, glitter and playful eye makeup or nail polish will help you add some sparkle to an otherwise casual ensemble.

If you forget, you can pick up accessories in all the main resort towns for a couple of Euros. 

8. Sunglasses

You’ll need a decent pair of polarized sunglasses to safeguard your peepers from the summer sun. Even in winter, the lower sun is fierce. 

Naturally, Ray-Ban is the go-to for elegant sunglasses that protect while looking great with all your Ibiza clothes.

It might feel excessive but throwing in a second pair in a vintage style or vivid color is an easy way to mix up your look during the day. On the other hand, a pair of white sunnies works with the White Ibiza theme.

people partying around a pool with a stage in the background and a plane flying overhead.

You’ll want comfortable but casual things on your Ibiza packing list to go from day to night party.

9. Light sweater or cardigan

If you travel to Ibiza during summer, you will not need a jacket. It stays warm even at night, rarely (if ever) dropping below the 70s (22°C).  

However, you might want to throw something in your suitcase that you can fling on in case of a cold snap. And, bear in mind that your accommodation might feel chilly when the air-conditioning is on.

A light, knitted cardigan in a neutral hue will go with all your Ibiza outfits and will keep the draft away. Anyway, you’ll still need something for the plane rides. 

nightlife in Ibiza makes it hard to know what to wear in Ibiza, but with all of htese people and a huge stage no one will even know!

What to wear in Ibiza at night.

What to wear in Ibiza at night 

When it comes to what to wear in Ibiza at night for the clubs, the trick is to balance comfort with that laid-back Ibiza fashion sense and a creative twist.

In theory, you can pretty much wear a modified version of your day wear while at the nightclubs. However, you could absolutely pack a couple of going-out pieces. 

If you’re packing light, take a pair of shorts that double up as day or evening wear – such as classic denim cut-offs.

You can dress these up with an eye-catching top, colorful footwear, or lively accessories as mentioned above. The other perk of jean shorts is that you’ll have the mobility to jump around and you’ll have pockets to keep your money and ID secure.

Otherwise, remember to pack a small bag to carry your essentials. 

Packing list for Ibiza

In addition to deciding what to wear in Ibiza, you also need to leave room for some travel essentials. 

a pair of sunglasses in front of a sea or ocean.

Don’t forget to add good quality sunglasses to your Ibiza packing list!


A perennial vacation destination with balmy weather, one of the best ways to while away an afternoon in Ibiza is with a book. While nothing can beat the simple pleasure of a book, a Kindle is a lifesaver when in Ibiza. 

Really, you’ll need a Kindle Paperwhite as this spares you annoying glare from the sun when reading at the beach or poolside. Stock up on Kindle books before you go or just use the Wi-Fi at your hotel to buy new reading fodder as you need it.

It’s worth signing up for the Kindle Daily Deal email blasts, where new releases and bestsellers go for as little as $1.99 (or £0.99 in the UK). 

Reusable water bottle

It’s safe to drink tap water in Ibiza. However, on the downside, a lot of people aren’t keen on the taste as it is a little salty. If you have a more sensitive stomach, it might give you a tummy ache.

Avoid accumulating plastic waste by adding a reusable water bottle with a filter system to your packing list for Ibiza. LifeStraw produces one of the most reliable bottles, with a filter that traps bacteria, parasites, and microplastics. Although it’s the activated carbon filter that deals with the funny taste and odor. 

cove with a beach with people swimming in the water and a boat in the middle in Ibiza spain

What to wear in Ibiza.

Beach bag

If you’re going to be headed to the beach or using a resort pool, you’ll need a bag to keep all your bits in.

The beach totes by Aloha Collection come in Ibiza-friendly tropical designs.

As they’re reversible, you can flip them to go with your different bathing suits and beachwear. While you should leave valuables in the hotel and avoid taking lots of Euros to the beach, there is an inner pocket for stashing your phone and keys. 

Pool floats

Not an Ibiza packing list essential, but – speaking from experience – taking a pair of giant inflatable flamingos (or equivalent) is never a bad idea!

These are cheap to buy and are shipped flat so they won’t take up much space in your luggage. Once in Ibiza, you’ll be able to ask around the beach shops for a pump to blow them up. If you buy something, the staff are generally obliging. 

Floats provide endless fun at your villa. But, if you stay in a hotel you’ll need to check at reception if they’re allowed.

Otherwise, you can just take them to your nearest beach. Swimming conditions are calm in Ibiza but keep an eye on children if applicable and make sure they stay in the shallows. 

streets of Ibiza Spain

What to wear in Ibiza.


An obvious one, but do remember to pack your favorite sunscreen.

Our personal favorites are Badger mineral sunscreen and Neutrogena sunscreen.

You can buy top-ups on the island but you might find that prices are elevated or choices are limited if you have sensitive skin or want to use a natural or eco-friendly sunscreen. Sunburn is not a part of Ibiza fashion.