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Where to Have the Best Breakfast in Tulum

Where to Have the Best Breakfast in Tulum

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Search no further, dive into this article, and discover the best breakfast in Tulum. 

Let’s be honest, for most of us, life in the mornings doesn’t start until we take that first sip of glorious coffee. Follow that with a hearty breakfast and you are ready for a fabulous day in Tulum. 

Let me tell you that there is plenty of good coffee in Tulum, (and breakfast), you just need to know where to find it. 

The culinary scene in Tulum is top-notch with an incredible amount of options.

Prices can be high, and prices can be low. Dishes may be gourmet or classic home cooking.

Whether you are searching for a traditional breakfast of chilaquiles or cold-pressed juice and smoothie bowl, you will definitely find it all for breakfast in Tulum. 

One thing that I really love about Tulum, is that a lot of the breakfast spots offer incredibly fresh and healthy menus. 

More and more you will find cute cafes popping up all over town offering vegetarian and vegan options. They will source the ingredients locally creating sustainability and support to the local economy.

What better way to start your morning than with a breakfast packed with fresh and delicious ingredients? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pastor taco or salmon on my bagel, but it is great to see that restaurants are offering some healthy menus as well. It makes it quite easy for people with dietary restrictions to enjoy a beautiful meal as well. 

Finding new and trendy breakfast spots is one of my favorite things to do and I love a menu with a good variety. 

This article is full of my favorite places for a fantastic Tulum breakfast. 

Map of the Best Breakfast in Tulum

Where to Have the Best Breakfast in Tulum

These are our eight must-visit spots for breakfast in Tulum. Be sure to check out our guide the best restaurants in town here and our favorite beach clubs here.

1. Don Cafeto

Don Cafeto is locally famous and serves some of the best breakfast in Tulum. 

It is very well known among all the locals and expats for serving quality Mexican dishes.

Right on the main street in Tulum town, Don Cafeto is not hard to miss. Look for their white and green signage above a big thatched roof. 

The restaurant is open-air and holds many tables. Because of the restaurant’s popularity, at times it can be tricky to grab a table. But don’t worry, service is fast and meals come out fast, which creates a quick table turnover. 

Breakfast starts at 8 am, and the restaurant stays open until 11 pm serving lunch and dinner. 

Their coffee is great. They offer a selection of hot and cold breakfast beverages. Fresh squeezed orange juice is just 35 pesos ($1.50 USD), you can’t go wrong with that. 

Their breakfast menu offers classic American and Mexican Dishes. 

Order the Azteca breakfast and you won’t go hungry. It includes coffee, juice, toast, chilaquiles, and steak or eggs. With a great portion size for just 175 pesos ($9 USD), this meal won’t be hard on your wallet.

coffee on a white table with a book about mexico next to it

Best breakfast in Tulum.

2. Matcha Mama

Famous for its wooden surfboard sign and swinging seats at its main entrance, this chic Tulum breakfast spot is the perfect location to fuel up on a healthy breakfast.

Their first location is relatively small but like a lot of restaurants in Tulum, it is an Instagrammers paradise.

A white wooden exterior houses this famous smoothie bar, surrounded by tropical art painted on the walls, and picnic tables and swings as seats.

The aesthetic is super cute, you will want to have a picture displaying your colorful menu selection.  

On the menu, you will find super smoothies, smoothie and fruit bowls, coffee and matcha drinks, juices, “nice cream”, and more. 

All of their menu items are made with fresh ingredients high in vitamins and nutrients. A health nut’s paradise. 

You can expect smoothie flavors of fresh fruits, vegetables, matcha, spirulina, peanut butter, and cacao. With toppings such as coconut, cacao nibs, and hemp seeds and the list goes on. 

The nutty monkey smoothie bowl is a great choice.  A peanut butter and banana smoothie topped with bananas blueberries and coconut. High in protein, and nice and filling to sustain you through your morning.

Pricing is on the higher end for a smoothie shop; but the portion size, flavor, and atmosphere are worth it. 

They actually have four locations in Tulum now, so regardless of where your accommodations might be, a Matcha Mama location is easily available to you.

smoothie bowl in a blue mug with fruit displayed across the top is the best breakfast in tulum

Smoothie bowls are all over town in Tulum.

3. Burrito Amor

Who doesn’t love all day breakfast? 

With clean eating breakfast options all day (as well as lunch and dinner), Burrito Amor has you covered!

The owners of Burrito Amor introduced the concept of clean eating to their restaurant to serve many gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and paleo diet-restricted guests.

They only use 100% pure olive oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, unrefined cane sugar, and raw local Mayan honey in their cooking. 

Located in the town of Tulum, the restaurant is open-air under a grand palapa-style roof. It’s as if you are dining in a cute rock garden with many surrounding trees, flowers, vines, and lighting accents. 

On the menu are items such as chilaquiles, yogurt bowls, avocado toast, gourmet burritos, coffee, juices, smoothies, and much more. 

The egg and smoked pork burrito is a must-order. Pork is a favorite of mine, and add it to a breakfast burrito, it is truly delicious.

Be sure to order one of their fresh-pressed juices as well. The Brain Nourishing juice is fantastic. It is rich with beets, carrots, lime, and many other “good for you” ingredients. 

Prices are incredibly reasonable for Tulum. Breakfast is just so good they just might have you coming back for dinner! 

burrito in a bowl with a sauce in the bowl and a fork and knife to the side.

Breakfast burritos in Tulum.

4. Botanica Garden Cafe

Enjoy your morning at Botania Garden Cafe for some of the best breakfast and best brunch in Tulum downtown. 

This trendy spot is located on the edge of the downtown area. The garden design of the restaurant is beautiful and serene, the perfect place to start your day. 

Dark wooden tables fill the floor. Lush trees, flowers, and plants are beautifully growing throughout the space.

The menu features an abundance of delicious and healthy options. Choose from tartines, hot cakes, egg dishes, yogurt bowls, and more. 

As well they offer hot and iced coffees, artful lattes, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and kombucha.  

The matcha latte is brewed to perfection and the broccoli bagel is tasty with every bite. All the menu items are plated elegantly as well, following the theme of the restaurant. 

Botanica Cafe is also pet friendly and offers a co-working space with a good wifi signal. 

Grab your furry friend, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and enjoy the beauty of this Cafe.

smoothie bowl by the pool with woman holding it over her legs from the best breakfast in Tulum location.

Best breakfast in Tulum to-go and by your hotel pool.

5. Los Chilaquiles Tulum

A trip to Mexico is not complete without trying a classic dish of chilaquiles. Check out our guide to traditional Mexican food to learn more about it.

To experience the best restaurant in Tulum for this mouth-watering dish, you will want to pay a visit to Los Chilaquiles.  

This little food truck is quite humble, located in the downtown of Tulum,  just a few blocks from the ADO bus station. They offer a small garden area with a few picnic-style tables and chairs. 

They are only open from 8 am – 3 pm every day, and because of their delicious food, they fill up quickly. Come early or be ready for a small wait (which is absolutely worth it). 

As their name suggests, the main focus of the restaurant is chilaquiles.

Chilaquiles are a traditional breakfast in Mexico. You start with a plate of tortilla chips. Next, the chips are loaded with warm salsa roja (red) or salsa verde (green).

It’s then topped with a protein like chicken, egg, steak, or pork as well as cheese, sour cream, avocado, onions, and a garnish of cilantro are all added on top. Kind of like a breakfast poutine but totally Mexican style. 

On the menu, at Los Chilaquiles you can order classic red, green, or mixed chilaquiles with the option to add eggs, chicken, steak, or pork. 

Whatever option you decide you won’t be disappointed. Personally, I love mixed salsa chilaquiles without any protein, so I can simply enjoy the flavors of the salsas, crema, and cheese! 

You can even have your chilaquiles severed on a soft bun, turning your dish into a mouth-watering sandwich. 

They also offer hotcakes, molletes, and eggs to order. 

Add a cup of Cafe de Olla to your order. A traditional Mexican-style brewed coffee, brewed in a large ceramic pot with piloncillo panela and cinnamon. 

Prices are incredibly reasonable with an order of chilaquiles starting at just 70 pesos ($3.50 USD).  A Tulum breakfast that won’t break the bank.

plate of eggs at the bar of a restaurant serving breakfast in Tulum.

Best breakfast in Tulum.

6. Casa Maria

Make your way to the hotel zone of Tulum and enjoy a zen breakfast at Casa Maria. 

You will find Casa Maria in the hotel Diamante K, located beach-front in the archeology zone in Tulum’s hotel zone.

The property is tranquil and chic, and the restaurant sits beachfront. They offer indoor and outdoor seating all with beautiful views of the Caribbean sea.

Enjoy that 1st sip of coffee as you listen to serene waves breaking against the shore. 

The menu, which you can view here, features eggs, omelets, toasts, healthy bowls, classic Mexican dishes, and more. 

Try the mole enchiladas. It includes a classic mole sauce (a Mexican staple), tender pulled chicken, plenty of cheese, and sour cream on top.

Mole is a dish you must try while in Mexico and their recipe here is delicious. Packed with flavor, warm with spice, and a tad chocolatey as it should be. 

Prices at Casa Maria are a bit on the higher end but you can still enjoy a full breakfast and coffee for around 310 pesos. That’s just $17 USD for a delicious breakfast with an incredible view. 

breakfast bowl at a table with milk and a chair in the background.

Best breakfast in Tulum.

7. Suculenta Tamaleria

Jump on the tamales train and enjoy a delicious vegan breakfast at Suculenta Tamaleria. 

I am not a vegan myself, but sometimes my stomach cries for a hearty grain and plant-based meal. 

What I love about finding a good vegan restaurant is that their dishes are cleverly creative and always loaded with flavor. 

Suculenta Tamaleria is just that. A cute little outdoor restaurant in the downtown of Tulum. With a few tables and chairs and lots of greenery, this is a great place for breakfast or brunch in Tulum.

The feature of the menu is Tamales. They are made with homemade corn dough, stuffed with local vegan ingredients, and wrapped to then be cooked in a banana leaf. 

All of the tamales on the menu are delicious but my favorite is the Mole Tamale. Packed with flavor and stuffed with mushrooms.

Tamales are only 50 pesos. That’s just $2.50 USD, a super budget-friendly breakfast in Tulum. 

The green juice is fantastic and the coffee is great as well. 

I have not returned for dinner but a lot of people rave about the oyster mushroom grilled tacos. 

plate of chilaquiles for breakfast in tulum

Chilaquiles are a must-try for breakfast in Mexico.

8. DelCielo

You will not be disappointed with breakfast at DelCielo. The food is colorful and delicious and the menu has so many options to choose from. Your eyes and stomach will be in awe. 

You can ask a lot of locals and they will tell you that this is the spot you must try for the best breakfast in Tulum. 

With a great location in Tulum downtown, this trendy restaurant is the place to start your day. 

The restaurant is beautifully minimalistic with sleek wooden tables, benches, and chair seating. Wooden and artsy accents fill the space while plants and vines surround the exterior.  DelCielo is bright and airy, creating a warm and welcoming environment. 

Of course, you will want to start your meal with a coffee and maybe even a juice or smoothie. 2 drinks at breakfast is always the way to go!

The Coco Matcha Latte is a favorite of mine, crafted with steamed homemade coconut milk, matcha, and honey for just the perfect amount of sweetness. 

On the breakfast menu, the opinions are endless. You might find it challenging to decide what to order. 

You will find pancakes, eggs, breakfast bowls, platters, tartines, sweet treats, and more. 

Dishes are created and plated beautifully as if you were about to eat a piece of art.  They are full of flavor using local and organic ingredients.

As well, all of their menu items are made from scratch, all the way down to the marmalades and butter.  How cool and original!

Any choice off of the menu won’t leave you disappointed. My favorites are Papa Benedict and Superbowl. 

Due to the popularity of the restaurant tables do fill up fast. Weekdays are of course quieter than the weekend so if you aren’t tied to a schedule I recommend making your visit during the week.