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10 Best Restaurants Holbox Island

10 Best Restaurants Holbox Island

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If you’re searching for the best restaurants Holbox Island has to offer, look no further.

For a small Island, Holbox sure is serving up some big taste. 

Sit back, relax, and let your taste buds wander as I take you through a culinary journey of the best restaurants on Holbox Island. 

Holbox Island, located off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, is a hidden gem that offers so much more than just pristine beaches and turquoise waters.

Enjoy your day beachside with a coconut in hand devouring a fresh ceviche. Or wander into town at night and find some fantastic tacos. Whatever your craving may be Holbox Island is sure to have it. 

Even though Holbox is small in size, the island offers an extensive range of dining options. 

From cute beachfront cafes to upscale gourmet restaurants, Holbox Island serves up a serious culinary scene.

Be prepared to feast on some incredibly fresh seafood direct from sea-to-table. Or Indulge in classic dishes to experience the true flavors of Mexico

Holbox Island is also home to several international restaurants that offer culinary styles from around the world. 

Whether you’re in the mood for Italian cuisine, classic American, Mediterranean, or even sushi, you’ll find it all here. These restaurants often feature creative menus that showcase the island’s abundant seafood, paired with a colorful array of international flavors.

Pro Tip: Due to the smaller size of Holbox Island many restaurants don’t accept cards as a form of payment.  It’s a good idea to carry sufficient cash with you for the duration of your stay. You can find ATM machines on the island but at times they can be unreliable. Be sure to check out our guide to dealing with cash in Mexico and have enough Pesos before boarding the ferry.

As the island develops I see more and more restaurants beginning to accept cards but do check with your server before you sit down if you don’t think you’ll have enough in Pesos.

Now on to the juicy information; the 10 best restaurants Holbox Island has to offer.

Map of the Best Restaurants in Holbox

1. Las Hamacas Beachfront Restaurant

Relax the day away at Las Hamacas Beachfront Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Holbox to truly indulge in vacation mode. 

Whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner this beautiful beachfront establishment has you covered. 

Las Hamacas serves as a great beach club as well as a restaurant. You can enjoy beachfront sun loungers for easy access to the ocean and an irresistible view. Or place yourself inside the boho chic restaurant for table seating. 

The Holbox sun tends to get really strong so the beachfront seating offers an ample amount of shade provided by big sail shades.  

Inside the open-air restaurant, you will find beautiful wooden furniture with clean chic ocean-inspired accents and ambient lighting. 

Menu options will dazzle your tastebuds. My group ordered a variety of dishes to share and I can say that every dish left us impressed. 

All of the ingredients used are incredibly fresh and the flavor profiles are spot on. You can observe that the chef prides himself on the quality, flavor, and presentation of the dishes. 

Choose from a wide variety of seafood dishes, tacos, ceviches, pizza, pasta, and more. Be sure to ask about the catch of the day. 

The shrimp quesadillas and seafood risotto were two of my personal favorites from the menu. 

Apart from fabulous food, Las Hamacas has an extensive cocktail, spirit, and wine list. I recommend the “Heaven and Hell” cocktail. Simply refreshing on a hot beach day.

ceviche on the beach in a large glass at one of the best restaurants in holbox.

Enjoy seafood with a view at pretty much all of the restaurants in Holbox.

2. Barba Negra Holbox

Make your way to Barba Negra Holbox for some of the best tacos in town. In my opinion, Barba Negra is one of the best restaurants on Holbox Island.

This trendy taco shop offers a fun dining experience that combines delicious food, a chill atmosphere, and great service.

The restaurant is known for its tacos, seafood dishes, and fresh ceviche. 

The chef takes pride in sourcing most of his ingredients locally, working with the fisherman of the island to bring in the freshest fish. 

The tacos on the menu are innovative and full of flavor. There are even vegan and vegetarian tacos available, so meat lovers and vegans alike will find something to love at this local spot. 

Choose from tacos of fish, shrimp, octopus, steak, chicken, chorizo, cauliflower, and mushrooms. 

The diabla-style shrimp taco is my personal favorite. Served on a purple corn tortilla with just the right amount of spiciness. 

If you aren’t in the mood for tacos, you can find a variety of other delicious seafood options like lobster pasta or shrimp with chipotle sauce.

Apart from serving fabulous dishes, Barba Negra offers a welcoming and chilled-out atmosphere.

The restaurant is situated in a cozy, open-air space right in the center. Its pink neon signage is sure to draw you in. With wooden tables and a laid-back beachy vibe, it’s a great spot to unwind after a day of exploring. 

Staff members are friendly and attentive and happy to help with all of your needs.

Due to popularity, it tends to fill up quite quickly around dinner time so head over early to grab a table or call ahead and see if you can book something a few hours beforehand. 

tacos on a plate with someone holding the plate.

There are tons of great places to enjoy a taco around Holbox, be sure to try them all to find your favorites.

3. Luuma

Luuma is a very popular restaurant in Holbox that I would definitely recommend checking out. They class themselves as a tapas bar, bringing Spanish flavors to Mexican shores.

From the minute you walk through the entrance you will find yourself in a  sophisticated and elegant space. 

In the evening, the open-air room is dimly lit with ambient candles and lighting. The smell of Copal fills the air which compliments the aromas of the food. 

Copal is a type of incense made from tree resin. The Copal incense is very spiritual here in the Riviera Maya and is used to energetically cleanse spaces, protect against negative energies and repel mosquitos.

The menu is tapas style with international-inspired flavors, so order a bunch of small plates to share with the table and enjoy a lot of great dishes at once.

On the cocktail list, you will find edgy infusions that have been crafted by the talented bar team—also a fair selection of local and imported craft beers, and of course wine. 

Luuma is the perfect spot for date night or a fun night out with a group of friends. 

Because of the beautiful atmosphere, fabulous food, and crafty cocktails, Luuma has easily become one of the best restaurants on Holbox Island. 

ceviche on a plate with two tostadas on the side and a pink cocktail drink to the other side.

The best ceviche I ever had was on Holbox Island.

4. Salma

Follow your nose to the aromas of Salma. Where the jungle meets lost pirate vibes, a night at Salma is one you will surely remember.

Salma is very attractive in its aesthetic, food, and cocktails, making it one of the best Holbox restaurants.

Vines and foliage fill the space between the wooden tables and chairs. In the evening a warm glow from candles and neon signage illuminate the space.  

A live DJ plays house music as the chefs grill on an open flame, and the bartenders mix up their specialties. 

The smell of copal fills the air as it wards off bad energies and pesky mosquitoes.

On the menu, you can find grilled meats (all cooked over a fire grill), tacos, tortas, pasta, seafood, salads, and desserts. 

The truffle tuna tartar, smoked beets, and shrimp mac and cheese are all a must-try. 

Don’t skip on ordering a cocktail or two either. They are created with skill and passion and presented as art. It’s certainly one of the nicer places to dine in Holbox.

Price points are on the higher side at Salma but the quality, flavor, and ambiance compensate for that. 

They are also one of the only late-night destinations on the island so you can be sure to catch after-dinner cocktails and dancing well into the wee hours. 

tacos piles up next to each other with meat, onions and cilantro on top at one of the best restaurants in Holbox.

You can never go wrong with carne asada or arrachera tacos in Mexico.

5. Tuch Holbox

Located just steps away from the sandy shores of the main stretch of beach on Holbox Island, Tuch Holbox is the perfect stop for a bite to eat before heading to the beach to witness the dreamy sunsets of Holbox Island. Tuch is the Mayan word for belly button. Maybe they named it that because it’s not much bigger than a belly button!

When I arrived at Holbox it was later in the afternoon and I was tired and hungry from my day of travel. One of the top things on my list of things to do in Holbox was to catch as many sunsets as I could. 

So wandering aimlessly towards the beach I stumbled upon Tuch, so I decided to pop in for some arrachera tacos and drinks. 

The aesthetic of the restaurant is what first caught my attention. 

A welcoming sign with a brightly painted orange half-wall. The back side of the wall serves as bar seating so you can have a view and people-watch as you enjoy your meal. 

This open-air restaurant isn’t too big but the flavors and vibes make up for the small space. 

On the menu you can find tacos, guacamole, nachos, and of course margaritas.

The tacos are packed with flavor and are budget-friendly. You can easily dine for under $15 USD including a drink. 

The charming energy of the owners makes your experience all the more personal.  You will be sure to feel warmly welcomed during your visit. 

ice coffee in a plastic cup with the milk not fully mixed in yet.

There are a few fantastic coffee shops in Holbox, but Clandestino is the best.

6. Clandestino Coffee Shop Holbox

Start your morning off right with your coffee at Clandestino Coffee Shop

Due to popularity, they have two locations on the Island. And since the island is so small, it means you’re never too far from a delicious cup of coffee. 

Conveniently located in the center, both locations have indoor and outdoor seating.  The wifi connection is strong just like the coffee, making a nice workplace for all you digital nomads out there. 

Clandestino Coffee is one of the best Holbox restaurants for an easy morning. 

You will find all your classic coffee favorites: Americano, latte, cappuccino, cortado, flat white, and the list goes on. They have a nice selection of dairy-free milk to choose from as well if you want to keep it plant-based. 

Curb your hunger with a healthy smoothie bowl, open-face toast, or bagel. All of the bread and bagels served are baked fresh daily in-house. 

A few of my favorites are the yogurt parfait and the goat cheese and honey toast. The menu is packed with healthy options as well as a few delicious indulgences. You’re on vacation after all!

7. Arte Sano

Color meets creativity at Arte Sano Holbox

This vegan restaurant combines clean eating with everyday favorite dishes leaving you loaded up on your daily vitamins and nutrients. Whether you’re a vegan or just looking for something lighter while enjoying island life, this spot is one of the best restaurants in Holbox.

The owners of Arte Sano take care to provide a friendly dining experience free of animal cruelty. They love to use the freshest ingredients from the earth to design their dishes. 

You can find all your Mexican favorites on the menu such as chilaquiles, tacos, tostadas, ceviche, and enchiladas.

Instead of meat, they use soy, lentils, chickpeas, hibiscus flowers, and mushrooms. Portion sizes are also nice and big so you definitely won’t leave feeling hungry. 

I personally love lentil burgers and the one here is without a doubt one of the best I’ve ever had. 

pizza with cheese and arugula on top at one of the best restaurants in holbox island.

Grab a delicious pizza at la Pinsa.

8. Pizzeria la Pinsa

Head over to Pizzeria la Pinsa, one of the best restaurants on Holbox Island to enjoy pizza night. 

Pizza is one of my favorite foods and needs to be done just right, and you will find that here at La Pinsa.

The restaurant is quite cute with a thatched roof and open-air seating. You will find pizzas, pasta, burgers, and a few light salads on the menu. 

The pizza is made in true Italian style. A fluffy and pillowy thin crust that has the perfect crispness on the bottom. Loaded with classic toppings like cheese, meat, and fresh vegetables.

Of course, because we are on a fisherman’s island you will find a good variety of seafood pizzas as well. You can’t go wrong in ordering a pasta dish either. The Carbonara is creamy, flavorful, and filling. 

To accompany your dish choose from a selection of wines, cocktails, beers, and sodas. Finish it all off with an order of tiramisu to complete your Italian experience. 

9. La Gelateria de Holbox

Cool off from that hot Mexican heat with a scoop of Gelato from La Gelateria de Holbox

Their location is perfectly nestled in the center with an open glass case displaying all of their different flavors of gelato. 

Choose from classic vanilla or strawberry or mix things up with fancy flavors such as taro or caramel with pretzel. Do yourself a favor and ask for two scoops because it’s just that good!

10. The Cold Brew Coffee Cart Holbox

Not a restaurant but a perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up, the Cold Brew Coffee cart. 

Be sure to catch the Cold Brew Coffee Cart strolling the main beach of Holbox Island. The cart strolls the beach from about 10am-6 pm, serving Nitro Cold Brew coffee poured direct from the tap. 

You might recognize the bold energetic flavor of the coffee, sourced from the local favorite coffee shop on the Island, Clandestino Cafe. A great way to cool down and caffeinate yourself on a hot beach day.