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11 Best Restaurants in Lisbon Not to Miss!

11 Best Restaurants in Lisbon Not to Miss!

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No trip to the Portuguese capital can be complete until you’ve feasted at some of the best restaurants in Lisbon. 

When you think about what to eat in Lisbon, you may actually jump straight to pudding. Pastéis de nata are those iconic little custard tarts topped with cinnamon. They’re lovely for dessert but also perfect for breakfast or a snack in between the sights. However, serious sightseeing demands a tad more subsistence to keep your energy levels high. 

As Portugal’s principal and largest city, you will find a wide variety of European countries represented through restaurants. The Lisbon dining scene also takes influence from North Africa, Brazil, and the wider Mediterranean region.

Lisbon cuisine leans on traditional cooking techniques and also brings in modern Portuguese cooking. In short, you’re in for a treat.  

What to Eat in Lisbon

As is common in the Mediterranean, Portuguese food revolves heavily around seafood. The country is famous for its bacalhau (cod) and sardinhas (sardines) in particular and you’ll find dishes containing either in many Lisbon restaurants.

Look out for bacalhau à brás where shreds of salted cod are served with onions, fried potatoes, and eggs. It’s often topped with black olives and provides a tasty protein and carb hit. This is the dish to prioritize and will be served at most of the best restaurants in Lisbon. 

Sardinhas asadas is a plate of grilled sardines that have a smoky taste. This is usually served with potatoes or a salad. It’s the best food in Lisbon on a hot summer’s day in between activities. 

As a side note, remember to swing by the Fantastic World Of Portuguese Sardines. This kooky giftshop sells tins of sardines that are a fun souvenir. Just remember to leave space in your luggage when packing for Portugal!

Meat eaters can look out for bitoque. This is grilled red meat – beef, usually – served with fried potatoes and a fried egg. Hefty, but extremely tasty. Bifanas (pork sandwiches) are a lighter choice for lunch. 

Portuguese queijo (cheese) isn’t quite as famous as its cousins in France and Spain but it’s something to check out. Queijo fresco (fresh cheese) is a creamy, light cheese popular in Lisbon restaurants. Another one to watch for – queijo Rabaçal, from Rabaçal, is one of the more typical cured cheeses prevalent in the city. Queijo is the backbone of many Portuguese petiscos

Petiscos are small plates named after the verb petiscar – to snack. Much like Spanish tapas and other equivalents, these are designed to be shared and showcase a mix of fish, meat, and vegetables.

rows of pastel de nata inside a case at a bakery in lisbon portugal.

Pastéis de nata should not be missed while you are in Lisbon!

Top Lisbon Food Tours

Signing up for a food tour is a fun way to sample the best food in Lisbon while hearing more about culinary culture from a local guide. As a lot of the best restaurants in Lisbon require advance booking, this is a great way to avoid getting turned away or having to queue for ages. 

It also helps navigate menus – the best restaurants for local food in Lisbon may not have English menus. 

This three-hour Lisbon City Walking Tour with Food Tasting and Drinks concentrates on the Baixa neighborhood. You’ll share petiscos in lively spots favored by local residents while hearing about the history and nuances of Portuguese cooking. Nine food tastings and four alcoholic drinks are included in the tour. 

Alternatively, this four-hour Lisbon Traditional Portuguese Food and Sightseeing Tour balances eating and history. The tour takes you to major tourist attractions with restaurant stops in between. You’ll sample around 13 delicacies and complete the tour with insider knowledge of where to eat in Lisbon. 

Lisbon is a hilly city and taking a Food Tasting Tour by Tuk Tuk is one way to avoid getting sweaty and grumpy in your quest for ticking off the top restaurants in Lisbon. The route takes you through the Alfama, Graça, São Vicente, and Baixa quarters. In total, there are three food and wine stops. 

Best Restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal 

The best thing about taking a food tour is that you’ll gain insider tips on where to eat in Lisbon. If you decide to skip the tour – avoid the tourist traps by making a beeline for the best places to eat in Lisbon. 

1. A Taberna Do Mar

Catch the sunset at Miradouro da Graça and then sit down to eat at A Taberna Do Mar, one of the top Lisbon restaurants for casual fine dining.

The restaurant has a tasting value priced at a very reasonable €30 ($33) per person. This lets you try 10 dishes selected by the chef. These are Portuguese with a Japanese twist so you can expect to find some sashimi thrown into the mix alongside sardinhas and bacalhau. Otherwise, you can always order from the à la carte. 

Either way, bookings are essential at this compact and popular little tavern. 

Address: Calçada da Graça 20 B, 1100-266 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

2. A Muralha Tasca Típica Lisboa, Portugal

Located in Alfama near the cruise terminal, A Muralha Tasca Típica Lisboa, Portugal is one of the best casual restaurants in Lisbon. This place is focused on petiscos and traditional Portuguese cooking. You can also order from the à la carte if you prefer a larger dish but small plates are the way to go if you want to sample a bit of everything. 

The menu features lots of grilled fish, meat skewers, and seafood rice. Octopus is the star of the menu and you’ll want to try their specialty green wine. Vinho Verde is sourced from the verdant north of Portugal and pairs beautifully with Lisbon petiscos.

You can generally snag a table on weekdays but advance booking is suggested at weekends. This is when the restaurant hosts performances of fado folk music.

Address: R. Jardim do Tabaco 112, 1100-139 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

two people sitting at a table in front of an open window with lisbon rooftops and breakfast on the table.

There are so many amazing restaurants in Lisbon, it can be hard to choose just a few for your time in the city!

3. Restaurante O Tasco Do Vigário

Restaurante O Tasco Do Vigário is one of the best cheap places to eat in Lisbon. Located on a historic street in the east end of Alfama, this restaurant has a real hole-in-the-wall vibe and a relaxed vibe.

Portions are huge so you might want to split a couple of starters and mains. The oven-roasted octopus is delicious but you’ll find grilled salmon, tuna steak, cuttlefish, and sardines vying for equal attention. The meat menu is robust too, with dishes including veal, chicken, and pork steaks.

It’s the kind of nondescript place you could easily breeze past but you’ll be grateful you stopped!

Address: R. do Vigário 18, 1100-405 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

4. O Pitéu da Graça

Steps from the Graça tram stop, O Pitéu da Graça is one of the best places to eat in Lisbon for a traditional experience. The restaurant is a simple affair with beautiful tiling leading the way to the bar. 

While many of the restaurants in Lisbon focus on seafood, O Pitéu da Graça leans toward meat. The restaurant is best known for its pork dishes, with black pig pork chops being a firm favorite. The portions are huge and extremely well-priced – it’s no surprise that the place is usually full to bursting. 

O Pitéu da Graça only accepts national debit cards and takes no credit cards. Therefore, you’ll need to carry cash unless you have a Portuguese bank account. 

Address: Largo da Graça 95 96, 1170-165 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

grilled sardines on a plate with a cup of salad on the side.

Sardines are everywhere in Lisbon and are best when they are grilled (in my humble opinion!).

5. Cantinho do Aziz

Cantinho do Aziz is one of the best budget-friendly restaurants in Lisbon. This is a lively joint close to Martim Moniz Square where you’ll find out why Portuguese and African cooking works so well.

Much of the recipes are inspired by traditional Mozambique cooking and you can expect to find crab and prawn coconut curries alongside spiced lamb ribs and roasted cafreal chicken seasoned with cumin and ginger.

Time your visit around happy hour for the best deal – it also justifies a second round of caipirinhas. 

Address: R. de São Lourenço 5, 1100-530 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

6. Frade dos Mares

Frade dos Mares is one of the best places to eat in Lisbon for octopus. Located near the idyllic “Green Street” this restaurant has a great terrace for summer dining and an atmospheric dining room with exposed brick.

Polvo à lagareiro is the top dish, where octopus is drizzled with lashings of garlic and olive oil and served with potatoes. They also have octopus croquette and octopus salad as a starter – although you might prefer to follow these dishes with fish of the day or prawn risotto.

There is a small menu of meat dishes but the focus here is firmly on seafood. 

Address: Av. Dom Carlos I 55A, 1200-647 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

peach building with two umbrellas and three tables outside in the sunshine.

There are plenty of restaurants in Lisbon where you can dine al fresco!

7. O Gambuzino

O Gambuzino is one of the best restaurants in Lisbon for vegetarians. This cozy eatery north of the Graça neighborhood recreates Portuguese and international dishes using an entirely plant-based menu. 

That includes the chunky burgers, the Indonesian gado gado, the Korean bibimbap, and the creamy “cheesecake.” The cocktails are wonderful too and there’s plenty to tempt even the most resistant carnivores.

This is yet another Lisbon restaurant that fills up fast so you’ll want to turn up early to grab a table or reserve in advance. 

Address: Rua dos Anjos 5A, 1150-032 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

8. Cervejaria Ramiro

On the Lisbon dining scene since the 1950s, Cervejaria Ramiro is a laid-back eatery with indoor and outdoor seating. This is one of the best restaurants for local food in Lisbon, especially seafood.

The menu is gigantic, with the likes of sea urchins, garlic clams, scarlet prawns, and even barnacles (who knew these could be so tasty?). All fish is straight off the boat and you can choose your own lobster. 

It does get busy but the turnaround is pretty speedy and there’s ample seating inside and outside. 

Address: Av. Alm. Reis 1 H, 1150-007 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

white and yellow tram going up a hill on a cobbled street in Lisbon, portugal.

The tram is the best way to get around (and the most beautiful way to get around!).

9. Fidalgo

Fidalgo is a refined, family-owned wine bar with hundreds of Portuguese wines to sample alongside plates of petiscos. It’s one of the best restaurants in Lisbon for an elevated experience that isn’t pretentious. Basically, you’re getting Michelin-worthy ingredients and service in a fun environment.

Fidalgo is a great place to try different Portuguese cheeses. The rest of the menu is split equally across meat, seafood, and vegetarian plates. Of course, the wine is one of the main draws and you’ll appreciate the knowledge of the servers. 

Address: R. da Barroca 27, 1200-047 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

10. Claras em Castelo 

Claras em Castelo rests between the Castelo de São Jorge and Lisbon Cathedral. It’s one of the best restaurants in Lisbon to grab lunch in between seeing the main sites. This is a cute spot with a charming interior dining room and a scattering of patio tables.

The menu is small but with excellent options for different appetites and preferences. Definitely order a burrata to share and consider the cod ceviche as a second appetizer. The signature port wine sauce is served with fish and meat dishes. 

Address: R. Bartolomeu de Gusmão 31, 1100-078 Lisboa, Portugal, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours

alleyway with bright yellow buildings on both sides and balconies on the second level with bright blue skies above.

Lisbon has so many side streets and quiet neighborhoods where you can discover amazing restaurants (just be sure to have Portuguese downloaded on your Google Translate!).

11. Tasca Pete

Tasca Pete is a new opening that has already made waves as being one of the best restaurants in Lisbon. 

It occupies the same building as Tasca, an old tavern that has been on the scene since the 1950s. Tasca 2:0 is a hipster spot with exposed brick walls and an open bar with shelves almost buckling under the weight of the liquor bottles. Specials are chalked up on the board and scribbled on napkins pinned to the wall.

The concept is sharing plates served with house focaccia bread and natural wines selected by the sommelier. You’ll find traditional Portuguese dishes with an exciting modern twist. Bookings are required but you’ll need to plan in advance.

Address: R. Angelina Vidal 24A, 1170-113 Lisboa, Portugal

Check the latest opening hours