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Here are the most popular posts on the blog separated into categories. Plus some that I just really love.


How I Left home with $2,500 and Traveled the World for Six Years

When You Feel Like Giving up on Your Dreams Because It’s Kind of Hard

On Being an Expat

Thoughts on 8 Years Abroad and What Home Means

Is My Quality of Life Better Abroad?

My 2018 Travel Wishlist

My 2019 Travel Wishlist

Money Talk

How I Make Money as a Digital Nomad/Blogger (A Monthly Series)

How I Save $10,000 Every Year to Travel

How I Afford to Live on the Road

How I Stayed in Europe for $2.80 Per Night

How to Save Money While You Travel

Two Years as a Digital Nomad: The Good, the Bad & What’s Next

Travel Planning

How to Handle to Pre-Travel Jitters

The Best Websites for Planning your Travels

What I Use to Keep Traveling

What to Do Before, During & After a Long Haul Flight to Avoid Jet Lag

Travel Packing Hacks

Work Abroad

How to get a Job Teaching English in Korea

Working Holiday Visas 

How to Get a Summer Internship in Europe & America

12 Ways to Make Money While You Travel

A Moving Abroad Checklist from a Serial Expat

Working to Travel: The Best Online Jobs for Travelers

Love and Travel

On Long Distance Love

Seven Years Ago

How to Travel with Your Boyfriend and Not Kill Each Other

Travel Stories

A Day out at the English Seaside

A Story of Cambodian Hospitality

Staying with a Hmong Family in Sapa, Vietnam

It all Started in Osaka

Why Osaka Felt Like Home

The People We Meet 

Digesting Five Months of Travel

Sailing in Luxury with Halong Imperial Cruises

Photo Essays

The Best Things I Ate in Japan

The Best Things I Ate in Saigon

The Best Things I Ate in Taiwan

10 Photos of Tulum that Will Make You Want to Visit Right Now

24 Photos of Japan That Prove It’s One of the Most Magical Places on Earth

Living in Mexico City

Life as an Expat in Mexico City (a monthly series)

How Much Does it Cost to Travel Mexico City

A Guide to Moving to Mexico City

The Best Neighborhoods in Mexico City

A One-Week Mexico City Itinerary

Is it Safe to Travel Mexico City?

Free Things to do in Mexico City

The Best Burgers in Mexico City

What to Wear in Mexico City (no matter what the season!)

A 5-Day Mexico City Itinerary

Day of the Dead in Mexico City

Mexico City for Foodies: The Best Restaurants in Mexico City