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Eternal Expat in Mexico City

I once wrote a book when I was in Kindergarten about how when I was older I was going to play with kangaroos. Who knew 20 years later I’d be so right.

Seven years ago I packed my life into a backpack and hopped a one-way flight to New Zealand.

It was only supposed to be for a year.

I naively thought I would spend a few months working in New Zealand before I had enough money to travel Australia and South East Asia for the rest of the year.

Instead, I spent over a year living and traveling through New Zealand. Then, I moved to Australia for two more. Then there was the year I taught English in Korea.

It took five years of saving before I finally made that trip around South East Asia.

Now I’m trying to make my way as a digital nomad so that I can live anywhere there’s wifi. For now, that wifi spot is Mexico City.

The world is a big place and I find that living, laughing, and eating my way around it makes me happiest.

If you feel that way too, this blog is for you.

Want to learn how you can earn money and travel at the same time? I’ve got you covered.

Want to learn how you can make your money last longer on the road? I’ve got you covered.

Want someone to give you some brutally honest, straight up talk about how you can make this happen? I’ve definitely got you covered.

If you ever have any questions about places I’ve been, how I’ve managed to stay on the road for so long, how I make money as a digital nomad, or life wonderings in general – send me an email, I’m here to help.

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Want to Know More?

My favorite things are food, books, and the sun on my face.

I feel most at home when I’m near the ocean.

I like the idea of hammocks, but every time I lay in one I feel a little bit motion sick.

I used to think yoga was for people who hated exercise. Now I do it almost every day.

I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad, when I’m hungry, when I’m angry, when I’m nervous, and pretty much every time I read a book.

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