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We’re Moving Again

We’re Moving Again

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I’ve been keeping my cards close to my chest lately. We wanted to make sure everyone close to us knew before we told the rest of the Internet.

Luke and I are moving to a totally new country, a totally new city, learning a new language, and plotting out all the best places to eat all the new food.

We’re moving to Mexico City.

In less than a month. In less than three weeks actually. I’m starting to get that freak-out excitement going. You know, where you know you have loads you need to do, but OMG I’M MOVING TO MEXICO!!!!

I’ve been making not so subtle hints to Luke about wanting to move to Latin America for almost three years now. I really want to gain fluency in Spanish and I want to live somewhere warm where I don’t have to wear a coat and a hat and a scarf and still be cold for months on end.

And so the adventure begins. Spanish immersion and Spring weather 365 days a year, with the added bonus of some of the best cuisine in the world.

Watch this space.



Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Congratulations! That's so exciting - can't wait to follow along!

Kate |

Laura Bronner

Thursday 23rd of June 2016

Thanks, Kate!