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The Best Hotels on Isla Holbox

The Best Hotels on Isla Holbox

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While some of you may know that I didn’t totally love my time in Isla Holbox, I did love the hotel on Isla Holbox where we stayed.

One of the greatest things (in my opinion) about a growing tourist destination is the effort and love that small hotels pour into their business. It’s obvious all over the island that each B&B, townhouse, luxury rental, and budget backpacker spot are hoping you’ll tell your friends about how much you loved your stay.

It’s also really important to note that if you are planning on coming to Holbox during the summer months to see the whale sharks, you’ll need to book your accommodation WAY in advance, like at least six months in advance. It’s no joke how busy it is here.

On a side note, you’ll also want to book your tour well in advance, because those sell out quick. You don’t want to get to the island in July only to discover all the boats out to the whale sharks are sold out!

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Where We Stayed on Isla Holbox

I loved our hotel on Isla Holbox. It was called La Catrina and they had two buildings, one with hotel rooms, and one with apartments.

We scored one of the last apartments (we’re not so good at booking in advance) and it was perfect for four people. It had two double beds in separate rooms, one bathroom and a nice sized kitchenette that we didn’t use at all.

Our apartment was fully kitted out with towels for the shower, separate towels for the beach, plenty of soap and shampoo in the bathroom, and all you could need to cook a few meals in the kitchen.

The best part about La Catrina, besides its location (a short walk to the beach, grocery store and all the bars), was the staff. There were people there that spoke English, Spanish, Italian and I think I heard someone speaking German, too! They couldn’t help us enough with finding good spots to eat and drink. They were easily contactable and check-in and check-out were a breeze.

Most places on Holbox are somewhat expensive. We booked our accommodation through and paid $111 USD per night. That was for the Family Room and was split between four people, so it wasn’t terrible. We also went during the Easter holidays so it was definitely a high season rate.

Book La Catrina Here.

Budget Accommodation on Isla Holbox

There aren’t a ton of budget option on Holbox. From my experience, the island doesn’t cater much for the backpacker crowd. There are a few hostel and budget hotels around though. And if you’re willing to camp or sleep under the stars on a hammock, you can make your money last a bit longer.

Just be aware, you’ll definitely want to book far enough in advance for these places, because they’re usually the first to sell out.

Tribu Hostel

This hostel is really cool and I would have really loved to stay here, but it was totally booked up when I went to book our trip to Holbox. They have 10-bed mixed dorms, 10-bed female dorms, or six-bed mixed dorms. There’s not a huge price different between the two, about $2 cheaper to go for the 10-bed.

This place seriously books out quickly. I checked today for beds in October and they’re already totally sold out. It’s one of the cheapest places to stay on Isla Holbox, with a bed going for just over $10 a night. If you’re traveling solo or just with another friend and you’re looking to meet other travelers, this hostel will likely be your best bet for a bit of social interaction.

Book Tribu Hostel Here.

Ida y Vuelta

I kid you not when I say that this place is basically booked out for the next 365 days with intermittent dates free in between. If you want to go to Holbox and you know you’re quite far in advance that you’re going to be there, I highly recommend calling this hotel directly. They offer hammocks to sleep in, tent sites (you have to bring your own tent), family rooms with a few beds, bungalows with double beds, and mixed dormitories.

Like Tribu, they are one of the cheapest places on the island. When we booked our hotel a few months ago, there were still some hammock spots left for our dates, but none of my other travel partners were into it.

Your stay includes breakfast which, from the reviews, seems like it’s pretty excellent and caters to a lot of different tastes. All I think is, there’s a reason other than price that keeps this place fully booked all the damn time and I kind of want to experience for myself why.

Book Ida y Vuelta Here.

Hotel Los Arcos

I came really close to booking this place as it was one of the only other budget options left when were booking our trip. It is totally basic and is pretty much a glorified motel. A basic double room is about $40 during the low season.

It’s in a good location right on the main street of the island. You’re a quick walk to the beach and all the bars and restaurants. But there are no other amenities like kitchenettes or shared spaces for cooking or eating. It’s just a hotel room.

If everything else is booked up and you’re on a tight budget, it’s still a perfectly nice place to stay. I’d definitely book here rather than spend another $30 just to have a fancier place to stay.

Book Hotel Los Arcos Here.

Mid-Range Hotels on Isla Holbox

There are definitely plenty of mid-range hotels in Holbox to choose from. Again, you’ll definitely want to check in advance and when you see somewhere that you like, book it, because it might not be there tomorrow.

Hotel Arena

Hotel Arena is a really cool and funky, somewhat small hotel right in the center of town. It has a little rooftop pool, a bar, and a few double rooms that are really reasonably priced (about $60 a night).

It’s also one of the few places on the island that’s pet friendly, so if you’re bringing your four-legged pal along, you’ll definitely want to check this place out.

The reviews are all really positive and tout Hotel Arena as being a really social place where people end up chatting to other guests. Even from our short visit it was easy to see that this place had a busy rooftop bar with live music most nights.

Book Hotel Arena Here.

Eco Hostel Casa del Agua

One of the things that I was really looking forward to seeing on Isla Holbox was the eco-friendly vibes I’d read so much about. Unfortunately, I didn’t really find them. Maybe I should have stayed at the Eco Hostel Casa del Agua.

The name is deceiving because it’s not really like a hostel. The more I travel Mexico, the more I realize that this word has a bit of a different meaning here. This place doesn’t have dorm rooms, and it’s not that cheap compared to the other budget options on the island. A single room is about $40 a night and a double room is about $60 a night.

Casa del Agua is a really cool place with tons of different bungalows to stay in. There’s no wifi, the bathrooms are shared, and the rooms are pretty basic, but if you’re looking for an escape on Holbox, a place to totally disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty (in an eco-friendly way) then this is definitely the place for you.

Book Eco Hostel Casa Del Agua Here.

La Chaya Holbox

This hotel is so cool and would definitely be one of my choices for places to stay if I ever return to Holbox. They have rooftop yoga, a funky on-site bar, and a cool, laid-back vibe.

Every booking includes breakfast which, according to the reviews, sounds absolutely amazing. It’s really centrally located in the town with tons of other bars and restaurants around. They have bikes that you can rent directly from them which is awesome since we had to go out and find a place that rented them on our own.

If you want to splash out, some of the rooms face the ocean so you can get a sea view as well.

Book La Chaya Holbox Here.

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High End and Luxury Hotels on Isla Holbox

Casa del Alux

This AirBnB spot is exactly where I would have booked if only Luke and I were going on this trip. It’s a little bit glam, but not super expensive. It looks like a nice romantic spot. It’s a whole bungalow all to yourself for just over $100.

Nowhere is a bad location on Holbox, the town is so tiny, but this location is really nice and away from the noise of the downtown area. They give you free bikes, air conditioning, wifi, and space for up to four people.

If you’ve never used AirBnB before, sign up through this link and get $35 off your first stay. That makes this place even more affordable!

Book Casa del Alux Here.

La Palapa

This is a really beautiful beachfront hotel that we actually hung out at when we went to the beach one day. There’s a bar on the beach where those that aren’t guests can rent a chair and have a few drinks, which we definitely took advantage of.

This hotel has rooms with views of the ocean and if I was willing to spend $200 a night on a room for Luke and I (I wasn’t on this trip), I definitely would have booked a night here.

La Palapa is adult only, so if you want a nice spot for you and your significant other with absurd views, a nice pool, an onsite restaurant and bar (their margaritas were divine), this is where you should head.

Book La Palapa Here.

Hotel Casa Takywara

Hotel Casa Takywara is by far one of the most beautiful hotels on Isla Holbox. While many of the hotels on the island have stuck with the simple bungalow, beach-chic style, Casa Takywara has taken it up a notch.

The whole place is impeccable with perfectly white linen, views of the beach, private beach access, indulgent breakfasts included each morning, and yet it still manages to keep the eco-friendly vibe with its decor.

If you’re looking for a place to really indulge while you’re on Isla Holbox, nab yourself the Penthouse King Suite and settle in for a few days of pure bliss.

Book Hotel Casa Takywara Here.

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What to Know About Booking a Hotel on Isla Holbox

  • BOOK EARLY. Isla Holbox is growing really quickly. In my experience speaking with other Mexico expats and visitors to the island as well as the people running some of the hotels there, there are definitely way more visitors than there are hotels. That’s why so many places get booked out so far in advance.
  • Not Everywhere is Eco-Friendly. I already had a rant in this post, but if you are looking for a place that is truly eco-friendly, be sure to do your research.
  • Most Places are really simple. As of early 2017, most hotels in Isla Holbox are still pretty simple. There are a lot of bungalows, a lot of small boutique hotels with only a few amenities, and tons of places to camp. The luxury end of things is just starting to be constructed and while I have no doubt that it will be there very soon, it’s still a very laid back, hippie-style beach town.
  • Don’t come here expecting good wifi. If you’re a digital nomad, location independent worker, blogger, or freelancer of any kind and you think you’ll be able to get any work done on this island, think again. The wifi at most places was glacial at best.  

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