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The Best Craft Beer in Tijuana: The Top Tijuana Brewery

The Best Craft Beer in Tijuana: The Top Tijuana Brewery

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Tijuana is literally a beer lover’s paradise.

They scatter the main street of Avenida Revolucion and there’s even a cool place called Plaza Fiesta, which used to house a bunch of clubs, but is now home to lots of tiny little craft beer bars.

There’s a nice variety of beers and a lot of the brewers are really playing with flavors which I really loved.

If you are thinking about heading to Tijuana, check out my post about safety in Tijuana and then hop in the car and head south Ensenada which is, in my humble opinion, home to the best seafood in Mexico.

My Favorite Tijuana Brewery

My favorite Tijuana brewery is officially my favorite Mexico brewery: Border Psycho. They have a bar right on the main street of Avenida Revolucion as well as a spot inside the popular craft beer spot, Plaza Fiesta.

I highly recommend a visit to this brewery and keep your eyes peeled for their beers on your travels around Mexico. Their IPA is one of the best I’ve EVER had (ever!). They also have a few nice amber and dark beers to finish off the night with.

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The Best Craft Beer in Tijuana

The rest of these are brewery bars or bars that serve a nice selection of craft beer.

Most of them are located on or close to Avenida Revolucion, however many of them also have locations at Plaza Fiesta. I also really recommend checking out the brewery and bar at Telefonica Gastro Park.

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Cerveceria Insurgente

10021 Juan Cordero

This is one of the most widely distributed craft beers in Mexico.

You’ll see it in most craft beer bars around the country, and for good reason. The beer from Cerveceria Insurgente is really delicious. I didn’t actually stop into their brewery bar because I’ve had their beers so many times in Mexico City. I wanted to give the other, smaller breweries a chance.

However, if you’ve never heard of them and never tried their beer before, it’s definitely worth a visit. I really like their Tiniebla beer. It’s a citrusy pilsner, but tastes more like a light pale ale and goes down well on a hot summer’s day.

best tijuana brewery

Madueño Brewing Co

Paseo de los Héroes 9415

This brewery was completely new to me. I’d never even heard of it before coming to Tijuana, so I was excited to try it out.

Madueño brewery bar is located in Plaza Fiesta near the entrance along Paseo de los Heroes. The beers were absolutely delicious and if we didn’t have a flight to catch, we would have stayed for more than one.

The only thing I didn’t love was that all of the beers that they had on draft were very strong.

We’re talking at least 6.8% and higher. The IPA that I had was over 7%. Maybe at different times of the year, they have more session-style beers, but when I went they only had crazy strong beers on the menu.

La Justina

Av. Revolución 930

La Justina is a restaurant and craft beer bar that focuses on pairing beers with your food.

It’s such a great spot to try a few of the different craft beers from the area all in one place while also enjoying some seriously good food. It’s a fine-dining style menu with beautiful plates of food, but it is very reasonably priced and you only really need to make a reservation if you come on a Saturday night.

Most of the dishes on the menu include seafood. They have shrimp on pizza, octopus tostadas, and fish tacos. But it’s not that “simple.” Their flavor combinations here will blow you away.

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Azteca Craft Brewing

Calle Salvador Díaz Mirón 8219

This is slightly confusing as the beer is called Azteca Craft brewing, but the brewery bar where they serve their beer is called Mexica Cervecería Artesanal.

The beers here were some of the cheapest along Avenida Revolucion. They were really busy on the Friday night we were there and they played some great music.

They also have a resident cat who likes to come and see what you’re eating and a dog who just wants to sleep on the stairs. It seems like they have new beers on draft almost every night. It’s also worth noting that it’s a cash-only bar, so be sure to bring enough Pesos.

Mamut Brewing Co

Carrillo Puerto y o Tercera 8161

This was one of my favorite Tijuana breweries. I loved the upstairs, out-of-the-way bar.

I loved how busy it was even though it was hard to find.

Mostly though, I loved how good the beer was. They had a nice selection of their own beers on draft when we went, so we sampled their IPA, their Ambar beer and then we shared one of their dark beers and they were all really delicious.

If you only have time to visit a few breweries in Tijuana, I really recommend adding this one to your list (after Border Psycho, of course).

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Cerveceria Norte

Calle Salvador Díaz Mirón 8178 – 4th floor

This was another bar that was a challenge to find. You actually have to go into a parking garage which you get to through an alleyway off of Avenida Revolucion. Then take the elevator to the top floor and you come out at Cerveceria Norte.

Head here for sunset if you want to take in a nice view. You can even see into San Diego from here.

I really liked the beer and they also had a nice selection of bar snacks. You can get a flight to sample all of their most popular beers or you can just have one or two pints of their different beers. I liked their pale ales and IPAs.

It’s a small bar that filled up really quickly after dark, so if you want a table, get there early-ish.

is tijuana safe?

Teorema/Lúdica Co-tasting Room

Av. Revolución 1332

This is another absolutely fantastic brewery bar in Tijuana. It has both Teorema and Lúdica beers on draft.

Both are very small-batch craft breweries in Tijuana and in an effort to save some money, and therefore deliver great beer to you at a low price, they have teamed up to serve their beer in the same bar.

This is a great place to get a flight of beers because there are SO many on draft. A flight is the best way to sample a fair few of them in one visit. They don’t serve food here, but they do have a huge collection of games and giant Jenga to spice up your night a little bit.

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The best tijuana brewery - there are tons of great breweries in Tijuana, Mexico. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Mexico's border city, Tijuana.

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