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Shopping Online in Mexico: Home Delivery in Mexico

Shopping Online in Mexico: Home Delivery in Mexico

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Shopping online in Mexico is easier than ever.

A few years ago, the only real options available were Amazon and some of the local department stores.

But now, the options for online shopping in Mexico are overwhelming. The chances are, if they have a website, they will deliver. This is especially true if you live in Mexico City where many of the smaller shops use delivery services like Rappi.

Whether you’re looking for pet food, furniture, clothing, or groceries, it’s all available online shopping in Mexico.


Where You Can Go Online Shopping in Mexico

These are a few of my most frequently used websites for online shopping in Mexico.

Some of them are Mexican-based companies while others are international companies that ship to Mexico. More and more brands are shipping to Mexico, especially to Mexico City, so be sure to check your favorite fashion websites if you’re concerned.

1. Amazon

Amazon has its own website in Mexico, and there are plenty of great things on there from companies around Mexico and the US. However, I’ve actually had more success using and simply shipping to my address here in Mexico.

If it’s sold by Amazon, they will ship it to Mexico and as long as you’re not purchasing expensive items like cameras and TVs (I do not recommend online shopping in Mexico for electronics), then you won’t pay high import fees.

where to go online shopping in mexico

2. Mercado Libre

I love Mercado Libre. It’s like the Mexican equivalent of eBay and Craigslist sort of rolled into one. Individuals can sell things on here and so can companies.

It’s best for homewares – furniture, lamps, kitchen stuff. But they also have books, toys, sports equipment, and electronics.

It’s like an online departments store (except they don’t really do clothes). The prices are incredibly reasonable and the shipping costs are minimal.

If you’re moving to Mexico and you want to kit out your new home with some cheap, but nice looking furniture and accessories, I highly recommend checking out Mercado Libre first.

3. Liverpool

No, not the city in the UK. Liverpool is a popular mid-range department store here in Mexico and pretty much everything that you can find in-store, you can also find on their website.

They have clothes for everyone – kids and adults. They have shoes, handbags, cosmetics, perfumes, toys, video games, furniture, and jewelry.

If you want to get your fashion fix on Mexico’s equivalent of Nordstrom or Lord N Taylor, then Liverpool is where you should do your online shopping in Mexico.

Note: Many have said to avoid ordering things like furniture or other larger items online for delivery. There is very little customer service, so if you have trouble with these larger-ticket items, it can be nearly impossible to get someone on the phone to get your money back/return things.

how to create a kindle book on amazon

4. Asos

Oh, the relief when I discovered I could still shop online at Asos while living here in Mexico.

I probably don’t shop with Asos that much anymore simply because the returns don’t work the same as they do back in the US or UK (posting things is a huge hassle around where I live), but if I’m planning a beach vacation, I’ll always grab a few pieces on Asos to take with me.

Something to note about using Asos here in Mexico is that it will take much longer to arrive than it does in the US and the UK.

I live in the metropolitan area of Mexico City and when I order something off of Asos it takes between 6 and 8 weeks. I know, insane.

However, I have friends that live in the center of Mexico City and it only takes 4 weeks (haha only).

They have never had a package not arrive. Other friends who live in the Yucatan get it even quicker, so it really depends on where you live and what your local postal service is like.

Note: friends in Mexico City have told me that they have had experiences where their packages from Asos simply do not arrive. 

5. Sephora

Sephora is growing its presence around Mexico with stores in most large cities around the country not. But if you don’t have one near you or you don’t want to brave your local mall, they ship all over the country. has pretty much all of the same makeup as they have at US-based Sephora and it’s roughly the same price.

It usually takes 10 days or less for things from Sephora here in Mexico City, which I think it pretty quick compared to other experiences I’ve had online shopping in Mexico.

shopping online in mexico

6. Borderfree for shopping online in Mexico from other countries

This is a cool website which I’m pretty sure works in several other countries around the world.

With Borderfree, you basically choose the country that you want to have things delivered to (in the top right corner as of last use) and then the website calibrates all of the brands that can ship to your location.

It’s mostly a fashion website with designers from around the world selling clothing and shipping it as though there are no borders, hence the name.

It allows you to track your orders, which is huge here in Mexico (things always seem to lose their way for me!). It also helps you cover all import taxes when you place your order so there are no surprise fees later on.

7. Ingredienta

I recently discovered this gourmet/organic food service and am totally in love.

I’m not 100% certain if they deliver to other places besides Mexico City and the metro area, but I can speak for this area of the country – it’s amazing.

Ingredienta have grass-fed and organic meats.

They have superfood powders that I otherwise struggle to find (cacao, maca, matcha, acai, etc). They have different types of tea and flours for those that are avoiding gluten.

It’s definitely not cheap compared to buying the regular stuff at the grocery store, but I don’t eat much meat anyway, so the stuff I do eat, I’m happy to make sure it’s the best it can be.

online shopping in mexico

8. iHerb

I have been using iHerb since I was living in South Korea in 2015.

Friends of mine introduced me to it and I haven’t looked back. They deliver to tons of different countries around the world and they are also some of the cheapest for what they sell.

I love to get my health foods from here like natural nut butters, different types of non-dairy milk, natural deodorants and toothpaste and I even buy my bamboo toothbrushes from here sometimes.

It’s also a popular place to get vitamins that you maybe won’t be able to find in regular shops around Mexico. If you are used to a certain brand, it is likely you will be able to find it or something very similar to it on iHerb.

9. Green Corner

Green Corner has been my go-to for groceries during this Pandemic. It’s a bit of an upscale supermarket, so the prices definitely reflect that, but the quality they offer is some of the best around.

If you live in Mexico City or the metro area (so most of Estado de Mexico as well), then you can get anything on their website delivered including fantastic quality meats, fish, fruits and veggies, kombucha, locally produced cheese, house-made kefir, and vegan options as well. 

If you live in another part of Mexico, you can still use their delivery service, but they don’t deliver perishables like meat and dairy outside of the Metro Mexico City area. 

That means you can still get their natural soaps and deodorants, their chia seeds and maca powders, their quality coffee, and plenty more of the other things available in the store that don’t need to be refrigerated.

shopping online in mexico through green corner's website

10. Soriana for shopping online in Mexico for Groceries

Soriana is one of the biggest grocery chains in the country. They don’t delivery everywhere at the moment, but they do deliver to most metro areas around the country. So if you live in or near a big city, you should be able to get anything on their website delivered.

The easiest way to check and to shop is by using their App. You can download it for iPhone or Android and then enter your postcode to check if they deliver to your area. Then you can just start filling your cart and shop to your heart’s content.

Other grocery stores that I have seen delivering around Mexico recently include Costco and La Comer as well. 

11. Rappi/Uber Eats/ Didi Food/ SinDelantal

There are so many delivery services around Mexico these days, but the most popular that I’ve seen are Rappi, Uber Eats, Didi Food, and SinDelantal.

They are all apps that you can download onto your phone and as soon as you create a login, you can see if they deliver in your area.

The reason I put this on here is not only because they are great apps for order food from local restaurants, but many also offer services for the grocery store or at least a local convenient store like Circle K.

During the quarantine, I have used Uber Eats to order beer from local stores as well as to get a few groceries from the local supermarket picked up. They have really turned into fantastic services, especially in the Mexico City metro area.

shopping online in mexico using walmart's website

12. Walmart

Walmart stores are all over Mexico and for the last few months have been some of the best when it comes to delivery.

Whether you are looking to buy food, beer, clothes, shoes, video games, a mattress, or pretty much anything else they sell at Walmart, you can have it delivered right to your door.

Their website is one of the easiest to navigate and shop through, but you can also shop through their app.

They don’t ship absolutely everywhere, but if you live less than an hour from a large city then you are likely to be able to get anything from that local Walmart delivered.

13. Petco

If you have pets, then you’ll likely need to get a few things for them now and again. Living in a big city without a car like I do, often means you don’t want to be lugging big bags of dog food or animal crates around the city in an Uber.

Petco has locations all over the country and they’ll ship directly to your door. 

14. Cornershop App

Cornershop has been recommended to me dozens of times as a great option for getting all of your groceries in one delivery.

The app only works in some parts of the country, but if you live in Mexico City, there are tons of shops available to you and they promise delivery in under an hour. 

When I enter in my postcode, I have access to more than just local grocery stores, but beauty supply stores, Petco, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, and even freshly ground coffee beans from local cafes. 

This website and app have without a doubt become my most used website for shopping online in Mexico.

15. Linio

Shopping online in Mexico for things like furniture and electronics can be tricky, but I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about Linio.

They ship around the country and you can find good quality office chairs, TVs, mobile phones, speakers, dining room tables, and more in this online mecca of home entertainment goodness.

Almost every week they have a different sale as well, to keep you coming back and seeing what you can get for a bargain. 

shopping online in Mexico with coppel

16. Coppel

Coppel is one of the most popular stores in Mexico for home goods and appliances. I also happen to think that they are one of the best stores for online shopping in Mexico.

The selection is much wider online than it is in-store. At my local Coppel, I can get kitchen appliances, pots and pans, and things like cell phones. However, there are no bicycles or sport’s equipment.

However, online there are tons of different things available. You can get bicycles, sport’s helmets, and gym equipment. They have washing machines and dryers. Shopping online in Mexico also offers the chance to pay on credit for things, a rarity in Mexico.

Just a quick scroll through their selection and you’ll be able to see that pretty much anything dealing with your home can be purchased online at Coppel in Mexico. 

Don’t Speak Spanish?

If you’re still learning the language and don’t feel confident making the purchase in Spanish, many of the websites allow you to switch into English in their menu bar (or near the bottom).

If you don’t see those options, open the website in the latest version of Google Chrome.

You will then see a popup asking you if you want the website to be translated. This will translate it into English (or whatever language you set Chrome to). The translations are literal and sometimes aren’t the best, but it should be good enough for you to make your purchase with confidence.

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if you're going to be in mexico for a while, you'll want to know where to do the best online shopping in mexico. These are the best places to go shopping online in mexico for expats!


Sunday 11th of September 2022

The issue I have faced is going through to place orders online to be told on Mexican Credit cards can work on many of these sites, no US or Canadian cards. So it's a dead end for many charges heafty fees to ship here, won't work most of the time with a US card. Similar to ETN, Costco and other Mexican companies. On another topic... There is a large Sephora in Antea mall in Queretaro, and, soon to be a Lulu Lemon too!


Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

@Tammy, I do both and with a US card without issue.


Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Hey I'm looking for some advice. I live in UK and looking to order some artisan cheese for my daughter in Mexico. Can anyone recommend a good website? Thanks.


Saturday 11th of July 2020

Hey! Love this article it is super helpful! Just an FYI there is a Sephora in Querétaro!


Monday 6th of July 2020

There’s Sephoras posted everywhere in Mexico. Quintana Roo’s was the last one I remember walking into a while back.

Patricia Albarran

Thursday 28th of May 2020

Hi I’m looking for a wallet of Santo toribio Romo ? Where can I buy that