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The Best Boutique Hotel Chihuahua: Central Hotel Boutique Review

The Best Boutique Hotel Chihuahua: Central Hotel Boutique Review

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Chihuahua is a cute little city with plenty to explore, so you’ll want to find yourself the best boutique hotel in Chihuahua to base yourself.

I recently stayed at Central Hotel Boutique which is about as central as it can get and about as luxurious as it gets in Chihuahua as well.

Fear not though, the prices aren’t insane even if the comfort of the beds and the size of the bathroom are.

Best Boutique Hotel Chihuahua Location

Located just beside the city’s main square and cathedral, tucked away from the noise of the busy streets but still within walking distance of everything is the best hotel I’ve stayed in throughout my travels in Mexico.

There are two entrances to the hotel – the main front entrance which brings you out to a pedestrian street and where you can walk straight to the main square. The other opens up to a parking lot where you can park your rental car if you grabbed on from the airport (or if you drove across the border with your own car).

This takes you out onto one of the city streets where you can head to a few of the different nearby restaurants.

Unfortunately, we visited in late 2020 when many of the restaurants and shops were closed, but if you’re visiting when things are back open, you can walk absolutely everywhere from the hotel.

If you would rather not, you can head to the front desk and they’ll grab a taxi for you from around the corner.

located right in the center of the city of Chihuahua is the best boutique hotel in Chihuahua

Housed in a Historical Building

One of the biggest draws to booking this hotel for me was its historical significance.

One of the biggest draws to booking this hotel for me was its historical significance.

Central Hotel Boutique is housed in Casa Trías, the oldest complete Finca in Chihuahua. It was built back in 1845.

What is a Finca I hear you ask?

A Finca is another word for Ranch or country estate.

This one, however, is not only the oldest and most complete, but it’s also uniquely designed in a much more avant-garde style than you’ll find elsewhere in the city of Chihuahua.

I like the little touches around the hotel that remind you that you’re in an old restored building. Inside our hotel room was a chimney from the 1800s with a small plaque to tell us more about it.

Check out more about the hotel and book here.

comfortable bed in central hotel boutique chihuahua

Huge Comfortable Rooms

The room was my favorite part of this stunning boutique hotel in Chihuahua.

Each room is named after different famous poets and ours was Baudelaire.

We had a huge and comfortable bed, a desk where we could do some work in the evenings, a big television, a mini-bar fridge, and an absolutely enormous bathroom.

The thing that stood out most to me, after having stayed in several other small boutique hotels in Mexico (like this one and this one), was the attention to detail.

The room was impeccably decorated, but not so overdecorated that you didn’t notice the beauty of the building itself.

The bathroom was perfectly clean, the shower was powerful, and there were even little toothbrush and makeup-remover kits in case you forget to bring yours.

Rooms start at $135 USD. Book a stay here.

bathroom inside our room at central hotel boutique chihuahua

Onsite Bar, Rooftop, Courtyard, and Restaurant

Another thing to love about Central Hotel Boutique is that it’s the sort of place you don’t even need to leave if you don’t want to.

At the entrance to the hotel, you’ll find a bar where you can sit and enjoy a cocktail or craft beer.

Pass the check-in desk and head out to the courtyard where you can dine al fresco for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The restaurant itself feels incredibly high-end while still sticking to its roots and serving local dishes from around Chihuahua.

Head upstairs to the rooftop where you get absolutely stunning views of the cathedral and surrounding square. There’s a bar up here too so you can sit back and relax. It’s definitely the best spot in the city for sunset.

See all of their amenities here.

bar inside central hotel boutique chihuahua

Friendly and Bilingual Staff

Last, but certainly not least, the staff at Central Hotel Boutique really blew me away.

From the moment we booked our stay, they went out of their way to make sure we were having a good time, not only in the hotel but during our entire stay in Chihuahua.

The people at the front desk spoke both Spanish and English. The staff in the restaurant were friendly and helpful. They called us a taxi first thing in the morning.

They even packed up breakfast-to-go for another group that was leaving early so that they didn’t miss out and could still fill their stomachs before their journey to Copper Canyon.

Overall Rating

I barely scratched the surface on my quick trip to Chihuahua. I will without a doubt be back to this city to explore more and when I do, I will definitely be staying at Central Hotel Boutique. 

I truly can’t rave enough about the people working here, the stunning architecture, the delicious food, the comfort of that bed, and the perfect location for exploring the downtown area. 

See for yourself more about the rooms and book a stay here.