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14 Best Beach Clubs in Tulum

14 Best Beach Clubs in Tulum

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There are so many amazing beach clubs in Tulum, that it can be hard to figure out which are the best. 

In this list, we break down our absolute favorite spots in this beautiful beach town and help you decide which is the best beach club in Tulum depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Tulum is a true gem and there are so many wonderful things to do, restaurants to enjoy, and cenotes to check out.

What to Expect from Beach Clubs in Tulum

The first thing to know about visiting any beach in Mexico is that beaches are public spaces. No one can own the beach. There is no such thing as a private beach in Mexico. So if you just want to pack a towel and a cooler and sit on the beach anywhere in Tulum, you are free to do that.

You do not have to got to one of the Tulum beach clubs if you don’t want to. However, they are a really fun way to enjoy a day at the beach and they don’t have to cost an absolute fortune (although some do).

Minimum Spend & Cover Charge

Most Tulum beach clubs have a minimum spend that is required. Basically, you need to eat or drink enough to cover this charge. If you don’t they will still charge you this minimum amount. It is usually anywhere between $50-150USD (they will likely quote you in dollars, but you will be charged in Pesos if you are paying by card).

Some places not only have a minimum spend, but they also have a cover charge. This is something you should ask up front, because it’s not usually something that they tell you until your bill comes and there it is on the receipt.

This is just like any cover charge that you would pay at a club or bar in the US. It can be anywhere from $2-10 per person. Sometimes they have a cover charge, but they don’t have a minimum spend. This is a nice option if you simply want to enjoy the beach chairs and umbrellas without having to order any food or drinks.

The way around a lot of these minimum spends or cover charges is to stay at a beachfront hotel instead. Many of these Tulum beach clubs are also hotels, so it’s worth checking that out. 

Tipping Included in the Bill

The last thing you’ll want to pay attention to at beach clubs in Tulum, is the added “service charge,” aka the added tip. Some places will automatically add a 15-20% tip to your bill. It’s worth double-checking when your bill comes as you don’t want to tip twice.

follow that dream sign

The most famous sign in Tulum.

What to Wear to Beach Clubs in Tulum

Beach clubs in Tulum are pretty casual, bus some towards the southern part of the main Tulum beach are also pretty hip and stylish.

You can of course, simply wear your bathing suit and hang out on the lounge chairs making relays to cool off in the Caribbean Sea. Some places also have pools that you can use as a customer.

Flip flops or sandals that you can easily slip on and off are a great option and then a light coverup for when you want to pop to the bar or the bathroom.

Check out my full Tulum packing list here.

Awesome Beach Clubs in Tulum

There are two beach areas where you’ll find Tulum beach clubs – the northern beach of Paraiso, Las Palmas, and Gitano and the main Tulum beach which is further south on the other side of the archaeological zone.

The north beaches are smaller and quieter. The beach clubs here are a bit cheaper, but also tend to have fewer options for food and drink. This is closer to the archaeological zone, so there aren’t quite as many beach clubs or guests.

The main beach is where you have the longer beach, more restaurants, hotels, boutique shops, and beach clubs in Tulum.

I will mention for each beach club whether it is located on the north beach or on the main Tulum beach. I will also link to each of their locations on Google.

best beach clubs in tulum have plenty of shade like this palapa

Shaded palapas or wooden umbrellas like this are popular at beach clubs in Tulum.

1. Taboo

Best Tulum Beach Club for great food.

Taboo Beach Club in Tulum is one of the chicest, most stylish places to head for a day at the beach in Tulum. They have a full restaurant just off the beach if you want to sit at a table for a meal or you can enjoy one of their daybeds on the beach.

They also have a great pool to cool off in and lounge chairs around the pool if you want to get away from the busy-ness of the beach during Spring Break.

The food at Taboo is absolutely exceptional and the prices match. It’s definitely one of the most expensive Tulum beach clubs on this list, but if you want to have a really high-end beach club experience, this is the place to go. You can expect to pay at least $10-15 per plate of food and for fresh seafood or steaks, upwards of $30.

Taboo also offers massages for about $50 for half an hour and shisha to smoke either at the beach in your lounge chair or in the bar area next to the restaurant if you would prefer that.

If you are visiting during the high season (basically any time between November and April), then you should definitely reserve a chair through their website here. They will likely be booked up if you simply show up on the day.

See the location of Taboo on Google.


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2. Mía Restaurant and Beach Club 

Best Tulum beach club for Insta-worthy photos.

Mía Restaurant and Beach Club is one of the most Instagram-famous beach clubs in Tulum. This is where the nest-chairs are and the large wooden tunnel to enter the beach club are.

If you want to enjoy a stylish spot that has great drinks, good food, and nice seats along the beach, this is a great option for a Tulum beach club. There is also a pool and plenty of unique spots to enjoy the shade while still having a great view of the Caribbean Sea.

It is located along the main Tulum beach and you can either access it from the beach road or directly from the beach. Just like with Taboo, you will want to make a reservation to grab a chair or table at Mía on their website.

The breakfast options here are actually some of my favorites. If you are looking for a place to grab a healthy smoothie bowl, fruit with homemade granola, or some traditional Mexican options, you can dine here in the mornings for under $10 per plate. 

For lunch and dinner options, you’re looking at prices more like $15-25 per plate with dishes like quesadillas, tacos, aguachile, and ceviche available on the menu. 

See the location of Mia Restaurant on Google here.


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3. Ziggy’s

Best Tulum beach club for vegans.

Ziggy’s has a hefty $50 minimum spend per person if you want to sit on one of their cool couches on the beach, but it’s not all that hard to spend that with their delicious drinks menu.

The food is probably some of the best along this strip of beach clubs in Tulum. It is located almost right in the middle of the main Tulum beach and the staff really go above and beyond with their service. 

You can spend that $50 across the entire day, so it’s a good option if you want to spend the whole morning or afternoon (or entire day!) at the beach. You can easily order a few drinks (their cocktails are really delicious) and then lots of plates to share.

The food ranges anywhere between $5-25 per plate. They have salads, big bowls of freshly made guacamole, ceviches, burgers, tacos, and some seriously delicious grilled Mahi Mahi. 

They also have a really nice selection of vegetarian and vegan options and tons of alcohol-free mocktails and sodas to choose from. 

See the location of Ziggy’s on Google here.

tulum beach clubs from above

The beaches in Tulum are some of the most beautiful in the entire Yucatan peninsula.

4. RosaNegra

Best Tulum beach club for luxury.

RosaNegra feels a bit like you are lounging on the beach at a private resort. It has a luxury feel to it and a luxury price tag too. This is perhaps the most expensive Tulum beach club on this list, the food and drink experience is also some of the best in the entire town.

The pool here is the best place to hang out during the day with a few beers or cocktails. The lounges and chairs are so comfortable and the staff couldn’t be friendlier.

I think this is the best option for a group of girlfriends that want to have a fun luxury day out at the beach.

I do not recommend heading here for the big parties or DJ nights, especially as a group of women. It has started to have something of a reputation for trouble after dark, but during the day it’s a perfectly fine place to hang out and enjoy great food.

See the location of RosaNegra on Google here.

wooden sculpture of a man pulling open his chest to walk through

This beautiful entryway takes you to several different restaurants and bars, one of those being Raw Love.

5. Raw Love Beach Club

Best Tulum beach club for healthy options.

Raw Love Beach Club is well known for its cool wooden sculptures around the property. It’s a popular spot for photos, but is also a really chill place to go for lunch.

While I think it is a great beach club in Tulum, I also think it’s worth skipping out on the fees and just heading inside to the restaurant to enjoy brunch here after perhaps a little too much fun the night before.

They make delicious fresh juices, smoothie bowls, yogurt and fruit bowls with granola, and the best avocado toast I’ve had south of the border (and that’s saying something when you’ve had breakfast in Mexico City!).

It’s a totally vegetarian restaurant with several vegan options available, too. Whether you eat meat or not, it’s a great healthy option amid a beach full of burgers and fried fish restaurants.

Raw Love is also where you’ll find several great yoga classes offered throughout the day. 

See their location on Google here.

nighttime on the beach with the stars

Evenings on the beach in Tulum can be a fun time, but with recent problems, it’s best to make sure you are not out alone or not drinking too much.

6. Mistico Beach Club

Best Tulum beach club for chill vibes.

The perfect Tulum beach club, this place has comfortable beds on the beach, cute curtains to offer a big of privacy and shade, and props all over the beach in front of the restaurant for fun photo-opps.

This place definitely gives off seriously Tulum beach club vibes with a barbecue right on the beach, music playing all day long and DJs playing at night. The food is decent and the drinks menu is pretty good, too. 

There is a lap pool to take a dip in and swings to have some fun on. The whole place just has such a relaxed, laid-back vibe compared to a lot of the other more expensive or higher-end spots.

See their location on Google here.

swimming pool with two people in it

A lot of the beach clubs in Tulum have pools that you can enjoy while you are a customer.

7. Dune Tulum Beach Restaurant

Best beach club in Tulum for casual lounging.

This place is one of the cutest beach clubs in Tulum with a little bit more fun and colorful decor than the artistic high-end spots along the beach. It’s located on the main Tulum beach area.

The restaurant itself is well worth visiting at some point during your trip to Tulum, but the lounge chairs and drink menu make this one of my favorite casual beach clubs in Tulum.

The tacos are pretty excellent here as well. You can get three large steak tacos (cooked perfectly on the barbecue!) for $11. 

See their location on Google here.


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8. Cinco Tulum Beach Club

Best Tulum beach club for lounging in the shade.

Cinco Tulum is a beautiful hotel right on the beach which also happens to have a restaurant and beach club in Tulum.

They have cute little bean bag chairs and lots of umbrellas to shield from that strong Caribbean sunshine. The food and drink selection here is pretty fantastic as well. They also have the cutest little canvas tents on the beach which are a perfect shady spot to have an afternoon nap.

Located along Playa las Palmas in the northern part of Tulum, Cinco Tulum has great chill vibes and is a much quieter alternative to the busier Tulum beach clubs on the main beach.

A plate of three tacos costs roughly $15 and cocktails start at about $12. Beers are a reasonable $3 for a bottle. 

See the location of Cinco on Google here or book a stay at their beautiful boutique hotel here.

pink cocktail on top of a bar

Cocktails are a popular option on most menus around Tulum and they don’t come cheap. But many are absolutely delicious.

11. Beach Club Bar

Best Tulum beach club for the budget-conscious traveler.

This is without a doubt one of the most (only?) reasonably priced beach clubs in Tulum. The minimum spend is only 400 pesos per person, which is about $20 USD. The minimum spend does depend on what type of chair or table you want on the beach.

Located on one of the most northern beaches, this Tulum beach club is on Playa Paraiso. They have cocktails for as little as $6 (a bargain in Tulum) and meals for anywhere between $7 and $20 depending on what you want to eat. They have fish tacos, grilled seafood, salads, quesadillas, and burritos. They also have a few vegetarian options.

It’s worth noting that this place is cash only, so be sure to have enough Pesos on you (there are ATMs all over the downtown area). They add a 15% service fee to all bills, so be sure to make note of that on your bill before leaving any additional tip.

See their location on Google.

wooden balcony with view of the ocean

Beach clubs in Tulum all have the best location – right on the beach in this beautiful part of the world.

12. Nomade Beach Club

Best beach club in Tulum for exceptional food.

Nomade is one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Tulum and is also home to a pretty chic beach club in Tulum.

The food here is really exceptional, especially the whole grilled fish or the grilled lobster topped with plenty of spicy salsa. The cocktails here are tasty and unique and the beers are ice cold.

They have nice lounge chairs and beds out on the beach with plenty of options in the shade or sunshine, although choose well because it gets busy and you won’t be able to just swap spots when you get too hot.

The minimum spend here for the day is a whopping $100 USD per person. 

See their location on Google here or book a stay at their stunning 4-star boutique hotel here.

breakfast bowl

A lot of beach clubs and restaurants in Tulum actually do amazing breakfast options as well. It’s not all about parties and drinking, you can also just chill with a fresh juice and a smoothie bowl, too.

13. Papaya Playa Project Tulum

Best beach club in Tulum for partying.

The Papaya Playa Project is one of the best beach clubs in Tulum and like Nomade, is a very cool boutique hotel as well. 

Papaya Playa Project is actually an eco-hotel and is located just north of Tulum beach right near the archaeological zone. That doesn’t mean it’s much quieter up here though. People go out of their way to come to Papaya Playa Project because they know it’s one of the best beach clubs in Tulum (and they throw a great party).

During the week the minimum spend is $50 and on weekends it is $100. It does tend to get very busy on the weekends because they almost always have a DJ or live band playing throughout the day.

This part of the beach really comes alive. Be sure to reserve a spot on their website here if you are planning to come on the weekend. They recently did some renovations and have reopened to be even bigger and better than before.

See their location on Google here or book a stay at one of their beachside bungalows here.


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14. Vagalume Tulum Beach Club

Best beach club in Tulum for a unique experience.

Vagalume is another very cool Tulum beach club that you won’t want to miss. From the Instagrammable path over the pool with hands reaching up out of the water to the incredible food and great music, they really get it right at Vagalume.

Throughout the week they have DJs, bands playing, and live shows (think acrobats over the pool and belly dancers near the bar). Check their Facebook page for events.

Even when an event isn’t going on, this is just a great place to hang out on the beach and enjoy great food. You can prebook a table by sending an email to make a reservation:

They have created a bit of a reputation for themselves for getting bills wrong or adding drinks to people’s tabs that they didn’t have.

This is especially common if you have had a fair few drinks and perhaps aren’t paying attention to your receipt or if the bar is really busy and they just make a mistake. It shouldn’t dissuade you from checking it out as it is mostly just hearsay or accidental during a busy shift. Either way, be sure to double-check your receipt at the end of the day.

See their location on Google here.


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