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8 Best Restaurants in Puerto Morelos

8 Best Restaurants in Puerto Morelos

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Let’s talk about the best restaurants in Puerto Morelos. This article will have you covered with the best spots in town for a mouth-watering meal.

While visiting the Riviera Maya I would 100 % recommend spending some time in Puerto Morelos. Whether it is just a day trip or an entire week, Puerto Morelos is absolutely worth exploring. 

This coastal beach town had a friendly vibe that I really love, and that is much different than the surrounding major cities. 

Puerto Morelos is calm, laid back, and offers a family atmosphere.  There are so many cool things to do in the town to keep you busy and it tends to be less touristy and busy than its neighboring cities Playa del Carmen and Cancun

If you are looking for a wild party scene Puerto Morelos might not be the town for you.  Check out Playa del Carmen or Cancun for all your nightlife needs. But for a relaxing, tranquil, and beautiful vacation spot, Puerto Morelos is a must-visit. 

The city might be on the smaller side but that doesn’t mean that it lacks quality restaurants. After all, Puerto Morelos is an old fisherman’s village so you can be sure that you will find some incredibly fresh seafood along with many other options for cuisine. 

From fine dining to cheap eats, travelers on any budget can satisfy their hunger with things like classic Mexican food, seafood, Italian, tacos, American food, Asian cuisine, or sample different coffee shops or bakeries while you’re here. Puerto Morelos has it all. 

Dinner Time in Puerto Morelos

While most Mexican cities tend to have a late-night culture, especially around food, Puerto Morelos is much quieter and tends to close up earlier than you might expect.

Dinner time is normally around 6-9 pm in Puerto Morelos. A majority of the restaurants will close around 10:30 or 11 pm so be sure to head out earlier in the evening for dinner.  The last thing you want is to show up at the restaurant just as the kitchen is closing.

Now onto the tasty information. The 8 best restaurants in Puerto Morelos in my humble opinion.

Restaurants in Puerto Morelos 

1. Cocteleria el Sazon Jarocho

I was introduced to Cocteleria el Sazon Jarocho by a friend of mine because it was one of their favorite lunch spots in Puerto Morelos, and after eating there it became one of mine, too.  

This little seafood joint is the best spot for a fresh lunch, dinner, or even breakfast if you have a craving for fish since they open at 10 am. 

The Mexican Spanish word “Jarocho” designates someone or something that comes from the state of Veracruz in Mexico. You can guarantee that traditional flavors from Veracruz will be used in this restaurant’s cooking.

El Sazon Jarocho is located in the Joaquin Zetina Gasca neighborhood west of the highway.  

The restaurant is on a main road and is not hard to miss due to its blue ocean mural that is painted on the walls. 

They are open from 10 am – 7 pm daily and tend to remain steadily busy throughout the day. At peak dinner hours they fill up fast but I have never had to wait too long for a table. 

On the menu, you will find everything seafood related from ceviches to fish prepared to order, seafood cocktails, shrimp dishes, octopus, seafood soups, and more.

Portions are very generous and pricing is very reasonable. I recommend dining with a group of friends, ordering a variety of dishes, and sharing everything so you can indulge in all the flavors. 

The mixed ceviche, shrimp cocktail, and Veracruz fish filet are all super tasty dishes worth ordering. 

Your dish will only be complete if you have an Ojo Rojo to wash it all down. Ojo Rojo translates to Red Eye, which is just simply beer and Clamato juice (tomato and clam juice), and it is a favorite across all of Mexico. 

restaurant in puerto morelos mexico

El Sazon Jarocho restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating.

2. Las Micheladas del Semaforo

Las Micheladas is a fun place to visit if you are looking to quench your thirst.  Yes, there is delicious food on the menu, but as the name suggests this restaurant serves up some of the best micheladas in town. 

They have a fantastic location right on the Carretera Federal at the traffic lights as you drive through Puerto Morelos. With bright orange and red signage, it’s hard to miss. 

Las Micheladas is an indoor-outdoor pub-style restaurant with high-top, and bar seating. In the back of the restaurant, you will find a fussball table for you your enjoyment. 

Micheladas are the name of the game! But what is a michelada? The drink originates in Mexico and is made with beer, lime juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and other spices. The glass is normally rimmed with salt and garnished with lime. 

Las Micheladas del Semaforo takes their micheladas to the next level by infusing the original style cocktails with fun flavors such as mango, tamarind, or kiwi. 

If you aren’t in the mood for a michelada, they also have a selection of classic cocktails available for you as well. 

For food, they feature a good variety of pub-style appetizers like chicken wings, onion rings, and fries and larger plates like burritos and grilled meats. 

Service is fast and friendly and portion sizes are generous. Prices won’t break the bank either. You can easily enjoy a drink and meal for under $20 USD  

Insider tip: be sure to check their page on Facebook to discover daily specials and discounts. 

micheladas with two beer bottles and the beach in the background.

Micheladas at the beach are the best part of going to the beach in Mexico.

3. My Little Italy

After a day of lounging at the beach, My Little Italy is a great place to satisfy your appetite. In my opinion, it’s one of the best restaurants in Puerto Morelos for Pizza! 

Located on one of the main streets in downtown Puerto Morelos the restaurant’s location is easy to reach if you are staying in the area or just passing through. 

As you can guess by the name, My Little Italy serves up quality pizza, pasta, and salads with authentic Italian flavors. 

The restaurant is open-air with a wooden roof and wooden decor. The space is decorated with cozy hanging lights, plants, and classic checkered tablecloths line the tables.  

They are open from 3:30 in the afternoon until 10:30 pm and it fills up quickly around 7:30 pm. Head over a bit earlier to avoid a wait. 

All the portions are generous in size and can be shared family-style. 

I love the pizza here.  They actually serve one of my favorite pizzas in the Riviera Maya which is their shrimp pizza. Perfect thin pizza crust with huge shrimp, topped with garlic. The shrimp is tender and the added garlic is the perfect amount to enhance the flavor. 

The staff are genuine and always happy to have you at the restaurant which contributes to why they are so popular. 

shrimp pizza

Shrimp pizza from My Little Italy.

4. Lola y Moya

If you are wondering where to eat in Puerto Morelos, grab a table at Lola y Moya

This little breakfast cafe is the perfect place to start your day. As the menu states “This is not a restaurant, it’s grandma’s kitchen.”

The dishes are curated, cooked, and served with love. 

Lola and Moya were two grandmothers from Nayarit and Oaxaca. They created the restaurant to bring the traditional recipes, flavors, and care from their traditions into one eatery for the public to enjoy. 

That first sip of coffee is so important and Lola y Moya serves it up just right. Choose from cappuccinos, flavored lattes, French-press, and more. 

For breakfast, order from a selection of Mexican or American favorites. The menu is quite extensive making it hard to decide on what to order. 

I love hotcakes (like very thick pancakes) because they are so fluffy and a tad crisp on the top layer. 

Recommended by the service staff is the huevos motuleños. A traditional dish from Merida, it is a base of fried tortillas topped with fried eggs, then loaded with tomato sauce, ham, and peas.  It’s “grandma’s specialty.”

Lola y Moya won’t break the bank, either. You can enjoy a filling hearty breakfast and coffee for no more than 250 pesos (about $12 USD). 

two tacos with different toppings

Fish tacos taste better with a view of the sea.

5. Al Mare

Indulge in an upscale, yet casual dining experience with an evening at Al Mare. You can find Al Mare in the Fives Beachfront Hotel in Puerto Morelos. 

The restaurant is chic and inviting with ambient lighting, and concrete, wooden, and tile accents. They also feature a dreamy terrace with beautiful hanging plants, vines, and warm lighting. A lovely place to enjoy an after-dinner coffee or cocktail.

The Italian-inspired menu is creatively put together with beautiful flavor and the plates are like pieces of art. 

On the menu, you will find appetizers, pizzas, plates of pasta, soups, salads, grilled meats, vegetables, and desserts. 

The burrata bruschetta and mussels a la persille are absolutely worth ordering. 

You might want to save some room for dessert because the options are decadent. The semifreddo de praline is the perfect sweet treat to finish your meal. 

An extensive drinks menu is offered, including classic and house cocktails, wines, beers, liqueurs, juices, and more. 

The service level is above and beyond and pricing is very reasonable for this style of restaurant. 

I do recommend making a reservation ahead of time to guarantee a table. This can be done through OpenTable or by calling the hotel. 

The dress code is smart casual so please leave your flip-flops at home.   

6. The Diving Lodge Downtown

The Diving Lodge Downtown is a hotel, restaurant, and beach club all in one. 

If you are searching for where to eat in Puerto Morelos with a laid-back beach atmosphere this is absolutely the spot.  

As you walk through the front entrance you immediately feel that cool Caribbean vibe. Soft white sand covers the property all the way to the beach and super cute raised wooden pathways connect you from the cabins to the restrooms, the pool, the bar, and most importantly to the beach. 

The beach club has many palapa-style umbrellas surrounded by lounge chairs and small tables. Close to the bar is some table seating under the same style of palapa umbrellas. 

Lounge chair rentals are 100 pesos ($5 USD) for the day with operating hours from 11 am – 6 pm.

Quench your thirst with a selection from their extensive bar menu. Beer, tequila, rum, cocktails, wine, coffee, smoothies, and the list goes on. 

My favorite to order is a piña colada with added strawberry. It’s fresh, fruity, and delicious. 

You can choose from a selection of seafood, Mexican, and American cuisine on the menu. 

When I visit, my go-to order is always guacamole and chicken wings, the best beach snack to go along with an afternoon of swimming, socializing, and relaxing. 

The venue is family-friendly and people of all ages come to enjoy the beach in this area of Puerto Morelos.  Service is great and the staff are warm and friendly making you feel right at home.

You can even catch live entertainment on the beach or go for a snorkel out on the reef right off of the sand in front of the restaurant. 

lots of choices at a local mexican restaurant in Puerto Morelos Mexico.

Where to eat in Puerto Morelos Mexico.

7. Amor y Pez

To find some of the best seafood tacos in Puerto Morelos make your way over to Amor y Pez. 

Amor y Pez is a small restaurant but definitely does not lack quality, freshness, and big flavor. 

The restaurant is open-air, chic, and simple with only a few wooden tables and chairs. Look for their orange interior walls with funky fish-painted designs. 

Everything on the menu is super delicious. From the seafood empanadas to the fish tacos or the shrimp po boy sandwich, your tastebuds will be in delight. 

The portions aren’t too big but the prices are to match. At 45 pesos a taco (about $2 USD), it’s easy to order a few to sample them all. 

The seafood is seasoned perfectly and the vegetables on top of the tacos are always incredibly fresh. 

If you are dining with a larger group, the restaurant happily accommodates you by sliding some tables and chairs together.  

The staff are excellent and can speak a good level of English which can be helpful when you have menu questions. 

Dive shop with palm trees around it.

There are tons of great beach clubs and restaurants in Puerto Morelos to check out.

8. Mangata

Wake up, and wander over to Mangata for your first coffee of the day at one of the best restaurants in Puerto Morelos for a hearty breakfast. 

Mangata is located in the downtown of Puerto Morels only a few blocks from the beach. 

They are open all day from 8 am – 10 pm serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the breakfast here is my favorite. 

The cafe is open-air, spacious, bright, and trendy with hanging plants and cool wall art.

I like to start off with a smoothie. There are so many to choose from with fun flavor combinations.

For breakfast, you can find everything from sweet bread and pastries to granola bowls, eggs benedict, and fluffy waffles. The fruit served on the dishes is always so fresh, sweet, and juicy.

What is also great is that they offer vegetarian, gluten-free, and keto options.  

I recommend trying the benedictinos Mangata. A base of toasted bread topped with poached eggs, decadent hollandaise sauce, and chunks of tender roast beef. 

The service staff go above and beyond to make sure that you have great food and enjoy your time relaxing at their restaurant.