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16 Best Bars in Riga

16 Best Bars in Riga

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If you are in search of the best bars in Riga, whether that’s cocktail bars, clubs, sports bars, or local craft beer bars, Riga has a little something for everyone.

The city is a very popular destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties for people around Europe thanks to the direct flights to the nearby Riga Airport and how cheap hotels and bars are around the city.

How Much is Riga Nightlife?

Riga is certainly not as cheap as it used to be, but it is still a much more affordable night out than say a weekend in London or even a fun night out in Germany’s party capital of Hamburg.

In Latvia, they use the Euro. €1 is roughly equivalent to £0.86 GBP or $1.08 USD at the time of writing. For the best and most up-to-date exchange rates, check with Wise.

If you want to have a cocktail at a chic rooftop bar in Riga or you are planning to spend your nights at brewery bars making their own craft beer, you’ll certainly pay more than at a smaller grunge bar in the city center.

You can expect to pay anywhere from €8-15 for a cocktail. Craft beers range from €5-8 for a small and up to €10 for a pint in some locations.

If you plan to visit more local bars that serve bottled beer or lager on draft, you can expect to pay €3-5 for a beer and up to €8 for a double mixed drink.

Most clubs are free entry. If you do get charged at the door, it usually includes one drink.

woman sitting in a bar with a beer in her hand.

Enjoying all of the bars around Riga!

Go on a Pub Crawl

If you want to take the guesswork out of organizing a night out in Riga, you can simply sign up for a pub crawl and let the guide take you to the best bars in Riga.

This pub crawl stops at three bars and finishes the night at a nightclub. It promises to be a good time with a fantastic guide and a group of fun strangers.

The price includes a beer or a shot at each of the four destinations, so at under €35 is a pretty good deal.

The tour starts at 9 pm, so you have plenty of time to explore all of the different things to do in Riga during the day before hitting the tiles by night. Book this pub crawl here.

Best Bars in Riga

1. Bike Bar

One of the most popular bars in Riga for tourists is the bike bar that you can travel around the city with.

This is something you need to organize beforehand, but if you are visiting in the shoulders season, you can easily book it just a day or two in advance. If you are visiting during the summer, be sure to book the bike bar at least a week in advance.

There are only a few of them in the city. So if they are all booked out, you won’t be able to do it.

Essentially it is a little bar cart on wheels. There are seats for up to 12-15 people. At each of the seats, there are pedals. You sit facing the inside of the cart and pedal in order to move the wheels forward.

The bike has beer, prosecco, and cider on board as well as other types of alcohol depending on what you request (and how much you want to pay!). You will get a little bit of a tour of the old town from the bartender/guide. It is a fun way to explore the city with a group of friends.

Check out the pricing and book the bike bar here.

inside of a bar with name of the beers on a board and taps below.

Inside one of the many bars in Riga.

2. Alus Celle

The beer cellar is just below street level in the newer part of the city and is one of the best bars in Riga if you want to enjoy beers from around the Baltics.

The cellar is packed wall-to-wall with shelves and refrigerators that are full of different types of beer. They also have cider, sparkling wine, and regular wine available. There are a few taps with rotating craft beers on draft.

The staff are friendly and can help you choose a few beers that are to your liking. It’s the best place in Riga to come if you want a big selection and you want to try beers that you probably won’t find anywhere else on your trip.

3. Alus Muiža

This is my personal favorite bar in Riga. Located in a local neighborhood about a 15-20 minute walk from the old town, this is where to come for a session with a few friends or your spouse.

They have up to 10 beers on tap at any time, all of them usually local Latvian or at least Baltic beers. There are also beers in the fridge as well as ciders available.

The interior of the bar is rustic with most tables quite close together. The volume of chatter increases as the night goes on. There are a few snacks available to purchase like bags of chips or beef jerky. 

This is also where you will find some of the most affordable craft beer in Riga. Prices for beers start at about €3.50. If you want to enjoy some craft beer back at your hotel or Airbnb, you can purchase bottles of draft beer in 1-liter, 2-liter, or 3-liter bottles for a very affordable price.

taps of a bar with a chalk board above it.

Choosing the beers at Alus Muiža.

4. Labietis

One of the city’s most famous breweries, Labietis has a taproom that attracts locals and tourists every night of the week. 

They have a large indoor space with tons of tables as well as a decent-sized outdoor area for when the weather is nice and the sun stays up past 10 pm in the summer.

All of the beers on draft are made by Labietis. The bar staff are very knowledgeable about the beers. You can sample the different beers before purchasing a pint. 

I recommend taking a Bolt taxi (like Uber) out to the bar. It’s about a 30-40 minute walk from the old town to the bar and it can be a little bit confusing to find since it’s located in a courtyard of an old warehouse building. 

two beers on a table one light and one dark.

Beers at Labietis.

5. KwakInn Belgian Beer

Located in the old town, this is a fun beer bar that focuses more (as the name suggests), on Belgian beer.

It is the sort of bar that makes everyone happy because they have a really nice selection of beer, but they also have other drinks like cocktails, wine, and prosecco by the glass to keep the entire group happy.

They also have a huge food menu, which makes this a great place to start the night. You can get a couple of plates to share with the table. They have chicken wings, fries, ribs, fried bread, and charcuterie boards.

Or you can opt for single plates where everyone orders their own meal. There are a few vegetarian options alongside delicious juicy burgers.

6. Kakis Maisā

One of the few craft beer bars in Riga that is located right in the old town. This is one of the best bars in Riga Old Town for beer lovers.

It’s located right near the Swedish Gate. It has some nice seating along the pedestrian street outside as well as a good amount of seating inside. So if you are a big group, you can still find plenty of places to enjoy a beer.

One of the best things to do at this bar is to get a flight. This is a selection of different beers that you can sample to get your night going. They have hundreds of cans and bottles as well as a nice selection of beers on draft.

Most of the beer on draft here is brewed in Riga or nearby in other parts of Latvia.

outside of a bar with tables on a patio.

Peter’s Brewhouse.

7. Peter’s Brewhouse

This is one of the original breweries in Riga and is now one of the coolest and biggest bars in Riga.

Located right in the center of the old town, this is a must-visit on any bar crawl around Riga. They have their own beer on draft as well as a huge selection of craft cocktails and wine.

The interior is stylish, but the best place to sit is out on their terrace, especially on a sunny afternoon.

They have a really nice selection of food as well. The menu is packed with traditional Latvian dishes like pork leg, barbecued meats, and mushroom soup. But they also have pizzas and burgers, too.

8. Ala Pagrabs, Folkklubs

One of the coolest bars in Riga, this is a must-visit bar in the evening.

Located in an old cellar, this bar gets absolutely packed with locals and tourists at all times of the year. 

They usually have a live band playing or several different bands playing across the night. They have beer, wine, cocktails, shots, and plenty of hearty food to keep you going all night.

If you are visiting on the weekend, be sure to call ahead and make a reservation. Especially if you are coming with a group of more than two people. Many people reserve a table and stay for most of the night, so it can be hard to grab a table after 7 pm.

patio area with lights above it and people drinking beers outside.

Bars in Riga.

9. Limonāde Bārs

If you forgot to make a reservation at Ala Pagrabs, head across the street to the city’s best grunge bar, Limonāde Bārs. 

This is where to come for cheap shots and mixed drinks. There is a huge shots menu here and most cost about €2-3. They also have beer available.

This is the sort of place where you head when everywhere else is closed. On the weekends, the bar stays open until 6 in the morning. Even on a Thursday, you can throw back shots until 3 am.


If you’re looking for something a little bit more stylish, a little more grown-up, then is the wine bar for you.

The decor is modern and clean. The wine menu has a selection of over 20 wines from around the world. 

They also have cocktails and shisha available for the ultimate relaxing evening. You can purchase some glasses of wine by the glass, but most of the nicer wines are only available if you plan to purchase the bottle, so come with a few people so that you can really enjoy it.

There is some food on the menu, mostly focusing on sushi and other Japanese-fusion dishes. I recommend coming after dinner for a few glasses of wine and perhaps some shisha. Later in the evening is when the ambiance is best.

outside of a bar with people sitting outside.

Bars in Riga.

11. Salons MyBeer

As the name suggests, this place is all about beer. There is nothing else on offer here, so wine lovers will have to stick to But if you want to chat to other beer lovers in a casual setting, this is one of the best bars in Riga to do that.

The bar is packed to the brim with beers from around the region and even other parts of the world. There is beer memorabilia, but not in a kitschy kind of way. 

It is family owned and operated and is one of the coolest places to come in Riga for a few drinks. I came here just to check it out and ended up staying for most of the night.

They have amazing charcuterie boards with local meats and cheeses to nibble on while you enjoy your beers.

12. Distillers Republic

The Distillers Republic was the first distillery to create a tasting room and bar on the same site as their distillery. Locally run by a family that wanted to share their deliciously distilled gins and rums with more people. You can take a tour of the distillery before you grab a stool. 

In addition to their own rum and gin cocktails, you can also sample craft beer, and wine here.

They have a bar menu with some spectacular snacks like chicken wings, spicy poppers, venison burgers, beef burgers, and even veggie burgers. 

beer on a table with image of a viking on it.

Best bars in Riga.

13. Klubs “Depo”

One of the longest-standing underground clubs in Riga, this is also one of the best spots for great nightlife in Riga. It is completely independently owned and gets lots of fantastic local bands in each week.

There is a stage here where there is almost always a live band playing. Especially on the weekends. 

The drinks are cheap with one option for draft beer, a few bottled beer options, two wines (white or red), sparkling wines by the bottle, and a comprehensive shot menu. Shots and beers cost between €3-4.

On the weekends, the club is open until 5 am. 

14. Miezis & Kompānija

Located right on the edge of the old town, not too far from the train station. This is a fantastic craft beer bar that has 20 different taps with local and international craft beers. Many of the beers come from Latvia or nearby Lithuania and Estonia.

The bar is modern with high tables and stools as well as lower tables to have your beers at. There weren’t any outdoor tables at the time of writing, but this is a nice cozy place to visit during the colder months.

They have a nice selection of board games and card games to choose from. You can have a few beers and a fun night of games. The bartender speaks excellent English and has a good knowledge of the beers on draft.

If you get hungry, they have a small snack menu of bread chips, cheese, olives, and cured meats. 

two beers on a wooden table.

Miezis and Ko beers.

15. Greenwood Bar

Greenwood Bar is the best place to come for a fun night with friends. They have a huge menu of cocktails and shots to choose from. Cocktails cost between €5-6 and most shots cost under €3.

This bar has some of the best prices in town, especially when it comes to happy hour. It’s the sort of bar that, thanks to its prices, is busy all night long. Come at happy hour for cheap drinks or return later in the night for great music and a fantastic lively atmosphere.

The bar is open until 5 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

entrance to a bar with a red sign outside at one of the best bars in Riga.

Two More Beers entrace.

16. Two More Beers

Located in the center of the Old Town, this is one of the best bars in Riga for great food, a nice setting, and delicious drinks.

As the name suggests, it focuses mainly on beers. They also have ciders and cocktails on offer.

The food menu here is one of the best for bar food in Riga. They have venison burgers, soft shell crab burgers, blood sausage, and plenty of vegetarian options as well. 

One of my favorite things about this bar besides the food and incredible beer selection is the terrace. There is a huge outdoor seating area where you can enjoy beers in the sunshine, one of the best things to do in Riga in summer!


Riga Nightlife

The nightlife in Riga is fantastic. Whether you are looking for chic cocktails, craft beer (my personal favorite!), or a cheap and cheerful spot to have a fun night out, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in Riga.

The majority of the bars in Riga are centered around the Old Town. If you plan to stay in this area, you can easily walk everywhere and not have to worry about getting a taxi.

Riga is a very safe city and you don’t have to worry about walking around the city at night, even if you have had perhaps a few too many drinks. Your biggest concern may be the cobbled streets and how hard it is to walk on them when you’ve had a few too many cocktails. 

Be sure to wear shoes that are easy to walk in. It’s a very casual city, so leave your high heels at home.

If you want to visit some of the other bars outside of the city center, then you can either walk, use the public transportation system, or download the Bolt App and call a taxi.