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The Best Websites For Planning Your Travels

The Best Websites For Planning Your Travels

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Planning your travels, whether it’s only a week long or it’s one that spans months, can be a bit overwhelming. I know how hard it can be to figure out where to even begin the process of planning. After more than six years of booking flights, finding nice places to stay, and figuring out all the best places to see (and eat), all while sticking to a budget, I think I’ve got it down to a science.

These are all the websites I use to plan any trips I’m going to take. This is also the order in which I do everything. First I book my flights, then I find accommodation, then I start thinking about what I activities I want to do and learn what sites there are to see. Then, just before I leave for my trip, I get myself some travel insurance.

I hope you find these resources as helpful as I do, and if you have any questions about planning your travels, as always, please feel free to get in touch.

For Flights

Skyscanner – Skyscanner used to be the one and only site I ever used to book flights. Even when I checked other websites, they always listed the cheapest one. I love the features that allow you to search for an entire month or an entire country. It’s really the best website for price checking. I often start my searches with Skyscanner and then use that information to find the same or similar flights for cheaper elsewhere.

Google Flights – I only started using Google Flights recently, but it’s actually proven to be really useful. It shows some seriously super-duper cheap options if you’re willing to take one or more connections. Connections sometimes make me nervous, but not as nervous as overpaying for flights makes me.

For Accommodation

Trusted Housesitters – Housesitting has definitely become one of my favorite ways to travel. Hang out with a lazy cat, walk a funny dog, see an entirely new city or small town that I never would have dreamed of visiting – now THAT’s the way to travel. I wrote a full post about how much I love Trusted Housesitters here or simply sign up here with this link and get 20% off your first year.

housesitting in paris

We had SO much fun with the dog that we housesat for in Paris.

AirBnB – If I’m going to pay for a place to stay these days, it’s going to be through AirBnB. I love having my own apartment or sharing with the owner, of feeling like a local in a new place. I love how I can cook for myself with local ingredients and how reasonably priced it is compared to hotels. I’ve used it in Australia, Japan, the US, the UK, and in Mexico. Each and every time I’m so happy with the choices I’ve made. Use this link to get 35% off your first trip.

Agoda – If you’re looking for bungalows, hotels or just a comfortable and clean bed anywhere in Asia, I recommend using Agoda. It’s how we booked most of our accommodation throughout Korea, Japan, Bali and even parts of Thailand. It consistently has the largest selection and the best prices for this region of the world.

For Train & Bus Travel

Rome2rio – I love this website. It is SO helpful when it comes to traveling by public transportation in different countries. You know when you get somewhere and the public transportation just seems too damn overwhelming AND you don’t speak the language? Enter Rome2rio. It is so easy to use and even helps you to figure out where you’re meant to get off or change. It also gives approximate pricing and allows you to compare the journey to flying or driving yourself, which I find really helpful.

how to get over the pre-travel jitters

I definitely would not have had any idea where I was going in Thailand if it wasn’t for Seat 61

Seat61 – If you’re going to travel by train somewhere in the world, this is the only website you need. How all of this information could be in one place blows my mind, but there you go. I used this so much while we were in Asia. I genuinely don’t know what I would have done in some situations if I didn’t find this website. It explains how to get to different cities, how much things should cost, how to get to the stations, what border crossings will be like by train and so much more. I can’t rave about this site enough.

For Travel Tips

Travel Fish – If you’re going to South East Asia you’ll want to have this site saved to your favorites. Everything from hostels, hotels and guesthouses to sites to see, places to eat, ways to get around and how not to be scammed. This is THE go-to site for South East Asia travel.

Trover – I only recently discovered Trover, but I’m already slightly obsessed. Simply type in the city you’re going to be visiting and scroll through the images. See one that catches your eye? Click to read more about how you can visit that place, too. The site allows people to post about places they’ve found on their travels that they think other people might like too. I’ve found so many cool places in Mexico City using this. I’m looking forward to using it for my next trip! – Want to know the best restaurants, hotels and sites for the city you’re visiting? is an honest review site that showcases the opinions of real people. I really like the layout of the site. I also like that each city has “guides” that have been created based around different themes. I’ve found some really great restaurants, yoga studios and unique sites that I would probably not have found otherwise.

Eternal Expat – Sorry, shameless plug. But if you are looking for travel tips, savings advice, working holiday visa information, want to know how to teach abroad, or what it takes to move to a foreign country or simply want some help planning your next vacation, my Eternal Expat Membership page is a great place to start. #sorrynotsorry

30 day vietnam itinerary

We ended up on this boat in beautiful Tam Coc thanks to Travel Fish

For Travel Insurance

World Nomads – There is nothing else in my opinion. I’ve used it on every short and long-term trip I’ve taken since 2010. I’ve insured my body and my belongings. Although I’ve thankfully never had to file a claim for either one, I know World Nomads is good for it. It allows you to select different levels based on what activities you’ll be partaking in or what countries you’ll be visiting. It has not only the best coverage, but also the best price.

What are your favorite websites for travel planning? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

This post contains some affiliate links, but these are all websites that I love and use all the time when planning my travels. 

Agness of eTramping

Sunday 12th of February 2017

I see this post coming in very handy; thanks for the great info!

Mike Merchant

Monday 6th of February 2017

I typically use Boltfare for cheap flights - they found me a flight from Toronto to New Delhi for ~500 roundtrip! :O

Laura Bronner

Tuesday 7th of February 2017

Great tip! I've never heard of it but that sounds like a really amazing fare! Will definitely be checking it out! Thanks for sharing Mike :)


Saturday 21st of January 2017

So nice to see an article that has more than just the usual suggestions - air bnb and skyscanner are ubiquitous but its great to see some other options! I'm definitely going to check out Trover, it sounds awesome. I'd also say for transport - Facebook rideshare groups can be really great in certain places, like australia, where public transport ain't all that cheap!

Laura Bronner

Monday 23rd of January 2017

Thanks Ellie! Trover is so great! Glad you found the post helpful :)


Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Great resources! I adore Skyscanner and Rome2Rio - they've helped me save so much over the years!