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10 Photos of Tulum That’ll Make You Want to Visit ASAP

10 Photos of Tulum That’ll Make You Want to Visit ASAP

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Tulum is beautiful. It’s every shade of blue you could possibly imagine. The water is this monochromatic blue rainbow that changes as the clouds roll by throughout the day. Crystal clear by the shore, incredible turquoise in the middle, and it deepens into this absurd shade of deep, dark navy as you look out into the horizon.

The sky is blue all day. From the moment you’re awoken by the heat until the moment you pass out from an exhausting day in the sun it shows off it’s nearly cloudless baby blues.

You’ve got the beach, the town, the food, the beers, the cenotes, the historical ruins. It’s literally packed with joy everywhere you turn.

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite photos of the Tulum ruins. If you haven’t already been, you’ll want to book yourself a flight here ASAP.

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I think about my trip here often. It’s one of my favorite places that I’ve been to in Mexico. It somehow effortlessly mixes tropical paradise with hippy commune. The beach is chic. The hotels, bars, restaurants, and boutiques that line the resort area are expensive, stylish, and madly sought after.

The town on the other hand felt like somewhere that, if I was passing through as a traveler, I’d accidentally never leave. As it was, we only meant to stay in Tulum for three days, but extended our vacation so we were there for almost a week.

Tulum town is laid back. The bars have swings. The hostels have hammocks. There are fresh juice bars and yoga studios right beside 2-for-1 happy hour bars (happy hour is every hour).

It’s oppressively hot. The clouds barely give any respite from the burning sun. I think it’s the heat that lends the laid back vibe that I love so much. It’s too hot to worry about anything. Too hot to rush anywhere. Too hot to do much else besides drink fresh juice and a few ice cold beers.

We skipped out on the yoga. It was too hot.

This post is sponsored by Travel Yucatan, but as always, all love for Tulum and its many shades of blue are my own.