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The 6 Best Burgers in Mexico City

The 6 Best Burgers in Mexico City

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The best burgers in Mexico City are a hotly contested topic. It depends on what type of burgers you like, how much of a rush you’re in, and what neighborhoods you want to hang out in.

I love tacos, tortas, and tequila as much as the next gal, but when you live somewhere, you want variety.

My weekends often include some combination of fish tacos, pambazos, pizzas, and/or burgers. Thankfully burgers in Mexico City are in large supply. There are so many great restaurants and food stalls cooking up seriously delicious burgers.

After much trial and error (not much error, I mean, it’s a burger after all), these are my all-time favorite burgers in Mexico City.

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Best Burgers in Mexico City

1. Soul Burger – Roma Norte

Soul burger is without a doubt one of the best and busiest burgers in Mexico City.

The beef is juicy and great quality. The bread is like a brioche, always slightly toasted and the perfect size for the patty.

The toppings are outrageously good. It’s definitely more of a gourmet-style burger and the price matches, but the quality and ambiance of this spot make it one of my favorite places to grab a burger in Mexico City.

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2. Burger Bar Joint – Roma

This is the fail-safe place we almost always end up at on a Sunday night after a few beers. It’s really well located on Alvaro Obregon in Roma and their selection is the largest of all of the burger restaurants on this list.

A few of my favorites are the Blue Cheese burger, the BBJ, and the Old School burger. They also serve one of my favorite Mexican craft beers on draft, Hercules. They also have a pretty big selection of vegetarian and vegan burgers and the chips come with your burger, you don’t have to get them separate.

Be sure to try their house ketchup, too, it’s top class. It’s made with tomatoes, cilantro, and jalapenños.

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3. Chimi Burger – Roma

There are actually a few Chimi Burger food trucks scattered around the city (there’s one outside Bicentennial Park), but this is a stand inside the Lucerna Comedor food hall. It’s one of the best char-grilled burgers that I’ve had in the city and the portion is perfect.

If you want a drink you can order a burger, fries, and a soda. If you don’t want a drink you can just order a burger and a separate portion of fries for the same price. If you do it this way, you get a WAY bigger portion of fries.

Inside the food hall is also a bar, a seafood place, a pizza place, and a hot dog place. The burgers are what most people order. They have a veggie “burger” but I was pretty disappointed by it. It was basically just cooked veggies that sort of tasted like water. The beef burger, however, is absolutely delish.

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4. Hamburguesas Mataleon – Roma

This boxing-themed bar and burger joint only has a few outdoor picnic tables and a few tables inside, so it can get pretty busy around dinner time.

It’s worth it though. This burger is enormous. You basically just choose your base – beef, chicken, or vegetarian, then you can add whatever you want: avocado, barbecue pulled pork, eggs, chili con carne, chorizo, and even pig tongue!

You do have to order your fries on the side, but they come in a huge bowl (it’s a dog bowl actually, which is weird), so one order is more than enough for two people, especially considering how large the burgers are.

Although the restaurant is a little out of the way from my usual jaunts, it’s worth the walk for this burger. It’s one of the cheapest too at only 90 pesos. They also have draft beer, just the usual domestic brands, but still nice and reasonably priced.

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5. Butcher & Sons – Roma & Historic Center

There are a few different Butcher & Sons around the city, but the ones in Roma and in the Historic Center near Alameda Park are the two that I’ve tried. There’s also one in Mercado Roma which is really popular, too.

One thing I love about Butcher & Sons is the different sort of gourmet options. The pulled pork burger is divine and they do a really great vegetarian burger (so much ooey gooey cheese). I also love their gin and tonic menu. The cocktails are really flavorful and unique.

Things I don’t love about Butcher & Sons: the price and the size. It’s one of the most expensive burgers on the list and also one of the smallest. It’s so delicious and you can tell when you eat it that it is seriously good quality meat. BUT almost $10 for a hamburger that doesn’t even come with fries is a little bit crazy in Mexico City. The cocktails are pretty steap too, although not too much more than you’d spend on a cocktail in a bar around Roma.

Overall, if you love a gourmet burger that is really excellent quality and want to try some unique flavors and combinations, definitely go for a burger at Butcher & Sons.

6. BurgerFi – Juarez and Condesa

BurgerFi feels a little like a fast-food burger chain, but it is so much better than your average McDonalds or Burger King, I promise.

The quality of the meat is what makes it stand apart from your average fast-food spot. They are making their own patties and the meat is cooked to perfection and cooked to order, not just sitting under a heat lamp waiting to be served. 

They have a burger called the CEO which is made with beef brisket and it is utterly delicious. The meat is so tender and the cheese perfectly melted. It’s topped off with a truffle mayonnaise that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. 

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