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A Luxury Guide to Mexico City

A Luxury Guide to Mexico City

Looking for a little bit of luxury in Mexico City? You’ll definitely find it here. There are so many fantastic high-end restaurants, beautiful luxury hotels, and world-class cocktail bars that you won’t want to leave.

I used to think that luxury travel in Mexico was reserved for the resorts in Cabo or Cancun, but there is so much more luxury to experience. That’s especially true in Mexico City.

Luxury Hotels in Mexico City

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Mexico City where you can rest your head in style and comfort, check out these top class options. I’ve left out most of the chain hotels, opting to share some of the independently owned hotels alongside the bigger boys, but if you’d prefer it, you can stay at the St. Regis or the W Hotel for luxury that you’re familiar with.

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is my favorite luxury hotel options in the city. I know it’s a bit of a big chain hotel, but they’re just doing it right here in Mexico City. They have seriously great restaurants inside, a spa, a pool, a concierge who will organize anything you need for your trip, and of course, the rooms are plush and lovely. It’s also a great location right next to Chapultepec Park. You can walk out of the hotel and straight into the lush greenery of the Western Hemisphere’s largest city park. Rooms start at $350.

Book a stay at the Four Seasons here.

Las Alcobas

Choose Las Alcobas if you want to be in the middle of the most luxurious neighborhood in Mexico City, Las Alcobas is one of the best options. The spa here is renowned as one of the best in the country, there’s a beautiful rooftop pool, a car available to you whenever you want it (with a driver, of course), and there’s a classy bar and restaurant on-site, too. It’s along Mexico City’s Fifth Avenue, Rodeo Drive, or whatever other fabulous strips you love most in the world. Rooms start at $280.

Book a stay at Las Alcobas here.

boutique hotel in mexico city

Nima Local House

Subdued, stylish, and totally chic, Nima Local House is one of my absolute favorite luxury boutique hotels in Mexico City. It’s a four room hotel in a beautiful old mansion in Roma Norte. Each of the rooms has a totally different feel, but each offers a huge bed, big fluffy pillows, and big bright windows out to the streets of Roma. All rooms include a cooked breakfast. The De La Lama is my favorite room with the bright doors out onto the balcony. Rooms start at $250.

Book a stay at Nima Local House here.

Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico

The Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico is one of the most iconic hotels in Mexico City. It’s located right in the Zocalo, or the main square, in Mexico City. It’s old-school luxury. It has stunning stain-glass ceilings in the lobby, an iron elevator, it has a great bar, and the interior of the hotel was in the James Bond film, Spectre. Rooms start at $120.

Book a stay at Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico here.

luxury guide to mexico city

Top Restaurants in Mexico City

Most of these restaurants allow you to easily book a table on OpenTable. You don’t have to be in the country to make a reservation. Others require you to make a booking through their website. Some even ask that you leave credit card details because they have so few tables at the restaurant, that you have to guarantee your booking by leaving a deposit (you get it straight back when you show up for your reservation).


It doesn’t get more famous than Pujol. If you haven’t watched Chef’s Table on Netflix, I highly recommend finding the episode where they follow chef Enrique Olivera around for a few days. He is the head chef of Pujol and indeed the grandfather of Mexican fine dining. Pujol is where a lot of the below restaurants’ chefs got their start. It’s all about the degustation menu here with the unchanging mole as the star. No matter when you visit, you’ll be able to try the aged mole and young mole together on a plate with handmade tortillas.

They’ve also recently added a taco degustation to their repertoire. You can sit at the bar and enjoy a set menu of different tacos done to utter perfection. Wash it down with one of their seriously good cocktails.


Quintonil, also located in Polanco, not far from Pujol, is a totally different experience. It’s also a tasting menu here, but the food is lighter. There are a lot of seafood options, not as many heavy sauces, but still plenty of flavor and variety. I recommend if you have time, trying both Pujol and Quintonil. They are very different, but both deliver a truly fantastic luxury experience in Mexico City. Book your table well in advance (we’re talking a few weeks at least).

Maximo Bistrot

One of the first real farm-to-table restaurants in Mexico City, this is a seriously busy bistrot. Chef Eduardo Garcia has really made a name for himself (try his brunch spot Lalo which is just across the street from Maximo – it’s fantastic!). It’s all Mexican flavors, local Mexican ingredients, but done in such a wonderful and unique way. This is another spot you should book well in advance. If you forget to book, you can simply wait for a table, this is a better option during the week when it’s not quite as busy.


This is one of my favorite special occasion restaurants in Mexico City. There are only about 5 tables in the whole restaurant and they only offer a tasting menu, but they really know how to turn dining into a whole experience. The kitchen is completely open, so you can see everything being carefully prepared throughout the meal. There wasn’t one dish on the degustation that I didn’t absolutely love.

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Sud 777

It’s a bit of a trek to this restaurant in the south of the city, but it’s worth the Uber fare. Book a table if you’re coming on the weekend and enjoy either the a la carte menu (you have to have the pork!) or go for the seasonal degustation menu. The chef, Edgar Nuñez trained at the famous El Bulli in Spain, and the creativity he learned there is evident in every dish on the menu. Their wine selection is also top class. Try a red from Baja.


Another top-class restaurant in Mexico City, Merotoro doesn’t get nearly as much press as it deserves. I consistently find that this is some of the best food in Mexico City. It’s slightly more casual than the other restaurants on this list, but you still need to make a reservation at least a week in advance. It’s all about fresh seafood in their delicate aguachile and the sauces they use for their slow-cooked meats. The cocktails and wine menu are also outstanding. Try to get a seat by the window so you can enjoy the cool breeze in the evening and watch the world go by in Condesa.

best bars in mexico city

Best Bars in Mexico City


I love this rooftop bar in Roma Norte. It’s down a tree-lined street and you could easily walk past this spot without ever knowing what existed behind the big black doors. Head up the stairs to enjoy what I think is one of the most luxurious rooftop bars in the city. They make all of the cocktails tableside at the cocktail cart and it’s a little kitschy, but mostly fun.


This bar is rated the #1 bar in Latin America and the #13 bar in the ENTIRE world. Their cocktails are outstanding. The vibe of the place is chill and classy. I highly recommend trying their mezcal and tequila cocktails, but they also have really tasty gin, vodka, bourbon, and rum cocktails, too. If you prefer shorts or you want to try the alcohol straight up, that can be arranged.

best bars in mexico city


This spot is similar to Limantour. It’s a dark and cozy bar with really delicious cocktails. It draws a slightly younger crowd than Limantour, especially on Saturday nights. They also serve really great food. I’ve been told this is the best place in the city for a juicy burger.

Fifty Mils

Head to the Four Seasons to enjoy this popular cocktail bar. All of the bartenders are absolute artists. They can make anything on the creative menu of cocktails, or you can ask for something to be created just for you depending on your tastes. They serve really delicious bar snacks here, too.

Luxury Day Spas in Mexico City

Las Alcobas Hotel – Aurora Spa

If you only book into one spa day, it should be at the Aurora Spa. It doesn’t get more luxurious than a day of treatments at the Las Alcobas Hotel’s spa. It is one of my favorite places to have a relaxing massage, it’s also well-known for its amazing staff that are very knowledgeable about skincare and wellness. If you suffer with skin sensitivity, definitely book onto a facial here and speak to one of their facialists about your issues.

best spas in mexico city

Hela Spa

Also located in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City, Hela Spa is inside the Intercontinental Hotel. You don’t have to be a guest here to enjoy their spa treatments (the same is true of Aurora, you just need to make a booking). This is a great place to head if you’re traveling with a group of girlfriends or you want a romantic day out with your partner. They do group massages with spa pools in private rooms and the also have couples massage rooms available. If you are getting ready for a fancy or fun night out and you want someone to do your hair and makeup, Hela Spa also offers these services.

best shopping in mexico city

Shopping in Mexico City

I’ve mentioned shopping in Mexico City in other posts on my website. If you want to find some cute boutique shops in Mexico City, check out this post. If you’re interested in what sort of souvenirs to buy, check out this article.

If you want to shop at some of the most exclusive places in the city, head to Presidente Masaryk in Polanco. This is the Fifth Avenue of Mexico City. Here you’ll find Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Gucci. I also recommend checking out the shopping mall in the same area called Palacio de Hierro. It has even more designer stores and a few Mexican designers, too.

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A luxury guide to Mexico City - the best boutique hotels in Mexico City, the best spas in Mexico City, where to go shopping in Mexico City, the top restaurants in Mexico City and the best bars in Mexico City to splurge on a trip!

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