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My 2019 Travel Wishlist

My 2019 Travel Wishlist

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Back to work and back to planning another year of travels. I love that there are another 12 months to pack full with different adventures both near and far.

In my 2018 Travel Wishlist post, I talked about how I wanted to add in a ton more international travel for the year, and I definitely did. 2018 was the most I’ve traveled, both internationally and around Mexico in a very long time and while I didn’t get to some of the places on that list, I did end up in a ton of new-to-me places which I loved.

things to do in guadalajara
Enjoying the views in Guadalajara during a November long weekend

I had trips through Colombia, Italy, Germany, the UK, the US, and Mexico. I spent a total of four months out of 12 traveling outside of Mexico City. That’s insanity now that I think about it!

This year, I want to spend probably the same amount of time in the road, but I think it will be slower. I plan to spend more time in fewer places really soaking things in and enjoying the ability to work wherever I am. I want to study Spanish more, visit other parts of Central America, and maybe I’ll finally do that yoga teacher trainers course I keep talking about. Here’s where I’m hoping to get to this year!

where to travel in 2019
Strolling through the vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe – our final trip of 2018!

Pacific North West

The one and only trip I am certain of is a trip to the Pacific North West to visit one of my good friends whose living up there. I’m flying into Oregon and then we’re road tripping along the coast and up to Seattle.

It’s a region of the US that I’ve never been to and have been wanting to check out for such a long time. I’ve also got a super long full-day layover in San Francisco, another new-to-me part of the US, so it should be a great trip (any and all tips would be amazing!).


Panama has been on my radar ever since we went to Costa Rica a few years ago. Luke and I are hoping to spend a week or two in Panama this year exploring Panama City, Bocas del Toro, and time (and money) permitting, San Blas.

I’m thinking this will either be during the Easter holidays that Luke gets or this summer.

bacalar mexico
I could do with some more waters like this!

Puerto Rico

This trip is depending on a few other factors, but the country is doing a lot to try to bring tourism back after the hurricane there and I’d love to go.

Some of my family are from Puerto Rico and I went back when I was a tiny little babe, so I don’t really remember it at all, but it would be cool to reconnect with some long-lost cousins and check out a few different parts of the island.

best beaches in puerto escondido
Beaches are my happy place (this is from Puerto Escondido back in April!)


The first destination on the list that doesn’t start with a P, Belize is definitely on the radar for this year. Luke and I are really interested in doing some intensive weeks of Spanish during the summer to finally get out of this sort of intermediate-beginner phase of our Spanish.

There are a few places in Belize that look absolutely beautiful, including the Caribbean coastal island of Caye Caulker. Luke and I both agreed we didn’t spend nearly enough time by the beach in 2018, so in 2019 there will be a lot more sun and sand on the itinerary.


This is basically contingent on whether or not we go to Belize. I’d really love to see some of the Mayan ruins that are down in Guatemala near Flores and around the border with Mexico. It would be interesting to see how different they are from other parts of the country.

Best Boutique Hotels in Cartagena
A trip to Cartagena was a great way to kick off the year’s international travel


I only spent a week exploring Colombia in 2018, so as Luke and I start to plot where we want to study Spanish this summer, Colombia comes up again and again. I would really love to get back and explore Medellin, perhaps the capital of Bogota, and head back to the coast to show Luke how stunning Cartagena and the surrounding area really is.

Copper Canyon – how AMAZING does this place look?!

Copper Canyon

This was on my 2017 and 2018 travel wishlist and here it is yet again. I’m really hoping that THIS year is the year that I finally get to ride the train through Copper Canyon and explore the different areas in this region.


This is one of the few major cities left in Mexico City that I haven’t been to and I’ve heard a lot of great things about the food there. You guys know I love me a good foodie city. So if there’s a long weekend at some point in 2019, we might have to head up and check it out!

what to do in venice
My summer trip to Italy seems so long ago now!


This little slice of paradise in the south-eastern tip of Mexico looks so stunning. My plan in general is to work our way from Bacalar, to Chetumal and then by boat over to Belize. I’m not exactly sure when this will all happen, but it sounds blissful to me! Most people call Bacalar “the Maldives of Mexico” because the water is crystal clear and there are little huts right on top of the water where you can sleep.

Mexico City

I mean, um, obviously I live here. But I want to spend more time getting to know the city. I want to visit more restaurants, I want to go to neighborhoods that I don’t usually visit. I want to have some “stay-cations” where we book a nice hotel somewhere in the city and eat at new restaurants and visit new museums. The city is so huge and even after almost three years here I’m still discovering new things every week. I’m looking forward to spending some more time in Mexico City this year.

expat in mexico city eternal expat
I spent a lot of time exploring the city in 2018, yet I still feel like there’s SO MUCH to see!

Thoughts on Travel in 2019

In general, I want to take a slower pace in 2019. I want to spend more time working on my blog, on my business, and on myself.

I spent so much time on the road last year, and while I absolutely loved every minute of it, every time I came back to Mexico City, I was so happy. I was happy to get back to my routine of healthy eating, of exercising every day, of sleeping well in my bed that I love.

The travel that I do in 2019 is going to be more intentional. It’s going to be slower, it’s going to be more laid back and less fast-paced than the cram-packed weeks I spent traveling in 2018.

I need to learn how to take better care of myself when I’m on the road. Since moving to Mexico, I’ve gotten really good at staying healthy, both physically and mentally while I’m at home. But when I leave to travel it’s like EAT! DRINK! DO EVERYTHING AND SLEEP LATER!

I just can’t keep up with myself anymore and by the time I get back home I’m so exhausted and dehydrated and, well, overweight, that I have to start the whole process of getting healthy again from scratch. I don’t want to do that this year.

We finished off the year with a week in Puerto Vallarta and we walked for miles along the beach, we swam in the ocean everyday, we ate healthy breakfasts and light seafood lunches. I felt really good and I want to start doing more of that when I’m on the road. It was nice to prove to myself that it’s possible to have indulgences and enjoy myself with a few craft beers while also keeping up with exercise and feeling good (the good weather and amazing seafood helped a little!).

Here’s to a fun and travel filled 2019. Where are you hoping to travel to this year?

Diego Valdez

Sunday 16th of February 2020

We love your blogs. Love reading about your adventures. However, I am glad you are not my daughter. I would spend countless nights worrying about you. Best of luck and if you find yourself in San Miguel Allende, let us know. We have an extra room and would love to hear your stories. Judy and Diego

Rosie Wong

Saturday 1st of February 2020

I love reading your blog! I'm going to Mexico next week and the information is very concise and easy to follow.

I hope you made it to the PNW last year. I'm from Seattle and love it here. Though I travel quite frequently, I am always happy to come home.

George Cars

Monday 21st of January 2019

Great post. Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring to travel

Laura Bronner

Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Thanks so much! Glad you found it inspiring!

Keith Van Sickle

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

Four months on the road, wow, that does take it out of you. It's great but it's also nice to be back home and in your regular routine.

This year's travel will be springtime in Provence and a side trip to Berlin, where my wife and I have never been. A friend lives there so we''ll have a local who can point us to all the good places. Then a trip in the fall but not sure where--last year was Greece and we just loved it.

Bon voyage!

Laura Bronner

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

Yea - it wasn't all at once - but over the course of the year it was still pretty exhausting! haha Berlin is incredible! I really enjoyed it; there's so much history there!