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The 15 Best Restaurants in La Paz Mexico

The 15 Best Restaurants in La Paz Mexico

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If you’re planning a trip to Baja California Sur and want to enjoy some seriously good food, this post will break down the best restaurants in La Paz Mexico that I absolutely loved.

La Paz is slightly more local and definitely much cheaper than neighboring Los Cabos and it’s packed with seriously good eats.

Head to Lad Paz for the incredible beaches, the island hopping and whale watching, and the food. 

In my opinion, the restaurants in La Paz are some of the best on the penisula. They have insanely delicious fish tacos. You’ll find fresh fish ceviche. At night you can go for juicy grilled steak tacos.

There are vegetarian and vegan cafes cropping up. The cafe scene is growing with locally roasted coffee beans. There are even a few craft beer bars around!

Never been to Mexico before or you want to get to know some more Mexican foods before your trip? Don’t miss out on my article about all of the authentic Mexican food that you’ll find in Mexico.

This list is a combination of seafood spots, street stands, cheap taco restaurants, and nicer restaurants. I’ve also thrown in a few of my favorite craft beer bars in La Paz so that you don’t miss out on some good watering holes, too.

It’s worth noting that seafood is more of a lunchtime thing here in Mexico. Most of the best seafood restaurants aren’t actually open for dinner. Do as the locals do and have your biggest meal around 2 or 3pm!

The Best Restaurants in La Paz Mexico

what to do in la paz mexico

Enjoying some ceviche at Playa Balandra in La Paz! Check out all of my favorite beaches in La Paz in this post.

1. Mariscos Toro el Güero

Corner of Mariano Abasolo and Sinaloa

Daily 10am-8pm

If you only have one day and you only have time for one meal, it should be at Mariscos Toro el Güero.

It is by far my favorite restaurants in La Paz and according to every local we spoke to, it’s the best seafood restaurant in La Paz. We loved it so much, we raced back to our Airbnb to check out early and eat here one last time before we left.

It’s all about the seafood here. I absolutely loved all of the shrimp dishes of which there are many on the menu.

They also made some of the most tender octopus I’ve ever had. We also tried the ceviche which was fresh and zingy.

If you don’t like seafood, there’s no real point coming here because there is very little on the menu that doesn’t have seafood in it.

the best restaurants in la paz mexico

Marlin burrito and a plate of octopus with a side of tortillas – this was one of the best meals I’ve had and I LOVED the octopus so much!

2. La Parilla Norteña

Mariano Abasolo 3045

Daily 8am-midnight

This is a great breakfast option if you love big Mexican breakfasts. We had delicious chilaquiles here one morning.

If you aren’t familiar with chilaquiles, it’s basically a plate of tortilla chips topped with salsa, onion, cream, cheese and a meat of your choice. I usually go for eggs, but Luke loves it with steak or pork.

They also have omelets, Mexican style egg dishes, and molletes. The coffee was very tasty and we got free refills for our whole meal.

They are actually open all day long, so if you want a nice lunch or a hearty dinner and enjoy grilled meats then definitely stop by here. The portions are huge and the prices are not huge!

3. El Autentico Super Burro

Corner of Mariano Abasolo and Manuel Encinas

Daily 10am-2am (until 7pm on Wednesdays)

These aren’t the burritos you’re used to back in the US.

Burritos in Mexico are usually only filled with meat and cheese. No rice, no guacamole. Sometimes there are refried beans inside.

You can of course, add any sauces, limes, or onions that you want. 

These burritos are indeed super. They’re huge and the meat is really nicely cooked, especially the asado. We also had a papa rellena here and it was one of my favorites mostly because it was equal parts cheese and potato. 

When it comes to late-night eats, this is definitely one of the best restaurants in La Paz for comida corrida.

where to eat breakfast in la paz mexico

Our huge plates of Chilaquiles that we had at La Parilla Norteña!

4. El Mangle Tacos y Mariscos

Mariano Abasolo 2865

Daily 9am-5pm

This place was right around the corner from our Airbnb and it was always busy for lunch. It’s one of the best restaurants in La Paz for fresh ceviche and other raw dishes.

They make really delicious ceviche tostadas as well as awesome fried fish tacos. I think it’s one of the lighter lunch options if you enjoy seafood. You can get grilled fish in your tacos or have a grilled fish with rice. It’s only open for lunch.

5. Taqueria El Paisa

Mariano Abasolo 2730

Open 24 hours

We stumbled upon this place (or perhaps we stumbled into it?) after having a few beers and we had truly some of the most delicious tacos I’ve eaten in Mexico. It is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in La Paz.

The tacos are grilled up fresh to order and there is a huge buffet of sauces and toppings to choose from which I loved.

There is also a popular dish which you’ll see on the menu at every taqueria around La Paz: Papas Rellenas.

It means stuffed potato and it’s basically a glorified baked potato but Mexican style. It has a crispy skin and a fluffy potato inside and is topped with cheese, a meat of your choice, and sometimes cream and onion.

Then you can bring it to the sauce buffet and top it up even more. They’re always served with piping hot tortillas so you can make potato tacos. It’s heavenly (even if you haven’t had a few beers beforehand).

my favorite seafood restaurant in La Paz

More seafood from Mariscos Toro Güero because it really was my favorite place on this list!

6. Asadero Rancho Viejo

Gral Manuel Márquez de León 228

Open 24 hours

This is one of the most famous places in the city to head for a taco. Every time we asked for a good spot for good tacos, locals sent us here. They aren’t wrong. The asado here is the best we had in La Paz. They also do great pastor and a very tasty papa rellena.

The thing that I also liked about this place was that it felt like a much nicer restaurant than most of the other taquerias that you head to.

So if you want to enjoy a few beers or cocktails, have a big plate of tacos and chat with your family over your meal then this is the best place to do that. It’s open 24 hours a day, so you can literally have your fill of tacos whenever the hunger strikes!

7. Taqueria “El Chino”

Belisario Domínguez 2735

Tuesday-Saturday 7pm-2am, Sunday 7pm-midnight, closed Mondays

I headed here on a recommendation from an expat who lives here and I really loved the asado.

It’s a stand that opens at night and serves tacos until the wee hours. There are a few plastic tables and chairs where you can sit and have a few tacos, but it’s not a place to spend a ton of time. They also serve sodas.

the best tacos in la paz mexico

for some really great tacos, be sure to check out Taqueria El Chino. Just look for this painted wall.

8. Mc-Fisher La Paz Mexico

José María Morelos y Pavón 965

Tuesday to Saturday 9am-5:45pm, Sunday until 4:45, closed Mondays

This is another place that everyone talked about. It’s the place that comes up the most when you search for good fish tacos and it’s the one that locals recommend if you want a traditional Baja-style fish taco (battered and fried fish fillet in a flour tortilla). 

It’s not just tacos though, as I learned when we ate there.

They also have lobster, shrimp, marlin (one of my favorite options in any taco/burrito spot in Mexico!), octopus, and even beef and chicken options. You can have these in empanadas, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, or even on a plate with some rice and tortillas on the side.

They have smoked fish options that I absolutely love as well. They have a smoked marlin taco which they cook up with onions and peppers to make a little guisado (stew). Inside a freshly made flour tortilla, it’s just about the most delicious fish taco I’ve ever had.

I also highly recommend the machaca-style fish. If you haven’t heard of machaca before, it’s dried and shredded beef. So the fish version of it is dried and shredded. It has a smokey taste, a wonderful texture, and goes perfectly with the Mc-Fisher salsas in a taco.

shrimp taco with salad and salsa on top

The shrimp taco from Mc-Fisher is one of my favorite shrimp tacos that I’ve ever eaten. The shrimp are so perfectly cooked. They have a slight char from the grill, but they are still juicy and have excellent tecture. 

9. Fruta Vita

Mariano Abasolo (across from El Toro Güero)

Monday to Friday 6am-3pm, closed weekends

For a healthy breakfast option, I highly recommend a smoothie or juice from Fruta Vita.

Coming from Mexico City where there are juice stands on every corner, I was surprised that there weren’t more healthy options around La Paz. If you enjoy smoothies or want something other than tacos while you’re visiting, then definitely head here.

She has fun options like Piña Colada smoothies made with coconut water and pineapple.

She also makes fresh ginger shots, celery juice, or simple banana smoothies. If you don’t like one of the options on the menu, she’ll make you one with whatever fruits and vegetables you want (as long as she has them)

10. Steinbeck’s

Carretera Pichilingue km 7.5

Everyday 6-11:30pm

Steinbeck’s famous novel, The Pearl, takes place in La Paz.

So to pay a little homage to him, the Costa Baja Resort in La Paz have named their very best restaurant after him. If you want a truly decadent and high-end food experience, this is one of the few places in La Paz to have it.

It’s definitely one of the more expensive options and you’ll want to bring a nice outfit to wear (and perhaps make a reservation during busy periods), but the seafood here is meant to be truly spectacular.

carne asada and pastor tacos

The juicy carne asada tacos and one of the pastor tacos all ready for toppings and eating at Monarca!

11. Tacos de La Monarca

Aquiles Serdan 2335

Sunday to Wednesday 3pm-3am, Thursday to Saturday 3pm-5am

I found tacos de la Monarca by accident. We were just walking down the street looking for a shop nearby and we saw how busy it was with locals.

I checked on Google and it looked like a good place for carne asada tacos, so I made a note for us to come back later for dinner.

They have a man outside at the barbecue and all night he cooks up fresh pieces of steak, pork, and chicken. Monarco use locally made flour and corn tortillas and toast them up to order. They have burritos, quesadillas, and papas rellenas.

My personal favorites were the papa rellena with carne asada and the pork with pastor seasoning. 

fish taco with salad on top

Is there anything better than a delicious fish taco?

12. “El Estadio” Tacos de Pescado

Independencia 1115

Daily 8am-12:30pm (noon)

El Estadio is a little street stall that has grown so much, they opened an indoor seating area beside it. 

This is the place to come for the traditional Baja-style fish taco.

They have to options, battered fish tacos or battered shrimp tacos. They serve them in flour tortillas that are quickly toasted on the grill. 

The batter here is light and fluffy. They cook it so perfect with a nice crispy crunch on the outside. The fish or shrimp (I recommend getting one of each) are juicy and tender inside. 

Take your plate over to the salad bar to get everything from spicy tomato and chili salsas to creamy cooling guacamole. They have pico de gallo and shredded cabbage. They have coleslaw slathered in mayonnaise and different mayo-based salsas that they make fresh daily.

13. Nomada Organics y Gourmet

Francisco I. Madero 1235

Daily 8am-4pm

Whether you want a big filling breakfast, vegan options, or something healthy, Nomada is the best restaurant in La Paz for breakfast.

They have a huge menu of everything from fluffy pancakes with locally sourced fruits on top to smoothie bowls and strong coffee.

You can get freshly made juices and smoothies. They have a nice selection of teas if you don’t like coffee.

The menu includes Mexican classics like chilaquiles and huevos rancheros. However, they also have yogurt with homemade granola on top. 

The owners of Nomada are all about locally-sourced organic food. Everything on the menu comes from farms as close as possible. This includes the eggs, the dairy, the fruits and vegetables, and the coffee beans, too.

They also have lunch options like sandwiches, salads, grain bowls, and pasta dishes.

a huge egg omelet with fruit, potatoes, and avocado stuffed with vegetables

This was the enormous omelet I had at Nomada. It was stuffed with grilled vegetables and served with a side of potatoes, avocado, and a small bowl of fruit. It was delicious and filling.

14. Cerveceria Paceña

Agustin Arriola M. 165

Tuesday to Thursday 6pm-midnight, Friday and Saturday until 2pm, closed Sundays and Mondays

For those that want to try some craft beer that’s actually made here in La Paz, you have only one option: Cerveceria Paceña.

Here you’ll be able to try whatever beers they’re currently brewing. You can simply have a pint or you can have a flight of beers. They were incredibly friendly here and let us try a few different beers before we settled on what we wanted to drink.

Just outside the restaurant is a food truck that is always parked there so that you can have a few beers as wells as some good pub food.

It’s mostly tacos, wings, and pizzas. I personally love the wings here and think they go perfectly with their beers.

They also do something that very few bars in Mexico do, they give you free snacks to have while you drink. They have a popcorn machine at the bar and they freshly pop some every few minutes to fill up in a bowl for you. Loved that.

taking in the sunset in la paz mexico

Enjoying the sunset from Harker Board!

15. Harker Board Co.

Paseo Alvaro Obregon 299

Daily 1-11pm

This is the best-located bar in La Paz. It’s right on the Malecon (boardwalk) and all of the seats are on the rooftop.

Head here for sunset to enjoy some craft beers and a little bit of pre-dinner food. I don’t recommend having dinner here – the food is a little bit overpriced and not that great. There are so many amazing options (as I’ve listed above!) that I wouldn’t waste a meal here. 

The pizza is a good option if you’re here with a couple of people and want to order something for everyone to share. They do have a nice selection of pizza toppings to choose from.

The beers are definitely worth your time. The majority are from nearby Cabo San Lucas with a few other draft options from around Mexico. They also have bottles of beer and a very small wine selection. Try to get a seat facing the waterfront for the best view of the sunset.

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the best restaurants in La Paz Mexico


El Checky

Tuesday 11th of July 2023

Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I am officially starving and twice as excited for our trip this weekend. You are awesome!


Monday 18th of April 2022

Next time you are here, give Claro's Fish Jr. a try. I walk right past Mac-fisher and go there (not that I don't like Mac-fisher, but Claro's is better).

Laura Bronner

Tuesday 19th of April 2022

I've been to a few Claro's around the peninsula, the tacos are good, but Mcfisher's edges it for me!


Sunday 17th of November 2019

Thank you for these recommendations! My family are cruisers and just arrived here in La Paz on our sailboat. We plan on making La Paz our base for the next couple of months while we explore and it's great to have some suggestions for places to eat when we don't want to cook for ourselves! We already found and enjoyed Super Burro last night. On to the next suggestion!

Laura Bronner

Tuesday 19th of November 2019

That's awesome! So glad you enjoyed Super Burro, it's so good!