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Sayulita Hotels & Airbnbs for All Budgets

Sayulita Hotels & Airbnbs for All Budgets

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Wondering where to stay in Sayulita on your next trip? This is a list of the best Sayulita hotels as well as the bests options that Airbnb Sayulita has to offer.

After exploring this beautiful Pueblo Magico and plotting a much longer return trip, I feel like I’ve gotten to know several of the different places to stay around town.

Getting to Sayulita

Getting to Sayulita is relatively easy, especially if you plan to rent a car and drive to this nearby Mexico Magic Town

The nearest airport is Puerto Vallarta International Airport. As of early October, all domestic flights have resumed to this airport and most flights from the US have also resumed to their regular schedule.

Once you arrive at the Puerto Vallarta Airport, you can either take a taxi to Sayulita, hire a driver to pick you up before your arrival, or you can rent a car at the airport and keep it for the duration of your stay. 

Understanding the Layout of Sayulita

Sayulita is a relatively small town. It’s incredibly walkable, and for the few places that you may want to get to that are slightly further away, golf carts are available to rent at several different places around the center of town (near the main plaza).

The town is split into two parts, the north and the south. The division of these two areas is the river that runs from the jungle into the ocean. There is a footbridge that you can cross that runs along the main street.

There is also a little area closer to the beach where you can cross the road on foot where the water is very shallow and you can hop across on sandbags that have been put there. 

The south side of Sayulita is the main downtown area and where you’ll find the majority of the Sayulita hotels, especially the beach front options or those that are in the center of town near all of the bars and restaurants.

However, the north side is still being developed. It’s all dirt roads. It’s incredibly quiet, especially at night. It’s away from the bars and restaurants and home to more birds than people.

If you are looking for an escape while you’re in Sayulita, you may want to consider staying on the north side of the river.

The Best Sayulita Hotels

The best Sayulita hotels depend of course on what you’re looking for. But it’s best to know upfront that this isn’t a resort town.

If you’re looking for big all-inclusive resorts, it’s best to stay in Puerto Vallarta.

However, if you love a small boutique hotel with upscale services and easy access to the beach, you’ll find plenty of those hotels in Sayulita.

Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas

Hotel Siete Lunas is located just out of town on the southern edge of town. It sits on the punta Sayulita and allows you to sit by the pool and look out over the entire bay.

Rooms are little cabanas, most of which have views of the ocean with balconies to take in the sunsets each night.

It’s a short walk into town or you can rent a golf cart to get between the hotel and the rest of town. Chances are though, you won’t want to leave this little slice of paradise while you’re there.

Your stay includes an incredible cooked breakfast of your choice and their coffee is seriously delicious, too.

Rooms start at $120 USD per night. Book a stay at Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas here.

Standing on the beach near tons of Sayulita hotels

Don’t forget sun protection like a bit old hat while you’re at the beach in Sayulita!

Hotel Ysuri Sayulita

Hotel Ysuri Sayulita sits just above the main beach in Sayulita with stunning views back over the bay. It’s located in the southern side of town with very easy access to the restaurants and bars in the center of town.

There are several room options at Ysuri including private cabanas, entire apartments, or single rooms closer to the main building depending on your budget.

There is a large pool outside and plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy a meal or simply sit out in the sunshine by the pool area.

Rooms start at $110 USD. Book a stay at Hotel Ysuri Sayulita here.

Hotelito Los Sueños

This is probably my favorite Sayulita hotel on this list. 

Hotelito Los Sueños is tucked away in the northern side of Sayulita just off of the main street and away from all of the noise and partying of the south side of town (not that I didn’t also partake in those things while visiting!).

In addition to the location, I love the layout of the hotel which makes each room feel completely private. But most of all, I love the yoga room upstairs where you can take part in daily classes or even yoga retreats in Sayulita with the resident yoga instructor, Audra in the Rose Room Yoga studio.

Rooms at Hotelito Los Sueños start at $75 USD per night. Book a stay at Hotelito Los Sueños here.  

Doing yoga in one of the Sayulita hotels

Doing yoga with Audra at the Rose Room was truly one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever taken! (photo credit: Lost Boy Memoirs)

Boutique Hotel Oz

This is one of the hotels that I would say is closest to being a resort simply in the sense that it’s got an amazing pool, stunning rooms of varying prices, and really incredible customer service.

They also have a spa and wellness center on the premises, which means in-room massages whenever you feel like it!

I also love the little poolside cabanas where you can spend the day in the shade hopping in and out of the pool and of course, grabbing a drink from the poolside bar. 

Boutique Hotel Oz is one of those Sayulita hotels that you’ll want to book if you’re looking for total relaxation.

Rooms start at $160 per night. Book a stay at Boutique Hotel Oz Sayulita here.

The Best Sayulita Airbnb

There are so many great Airbnb options in Sayulita to choose from. If you are traveling as a couple or with some friends, getting a Sayulita Airbnb is definitely the best option for staying together and saving a bit of money. 

There are several houses and condominium options around Sayulita offered by Pacifico Property, which is who we stayed with on our first trip to Sayulita. It’s also a great company to speak with if you are considering buying a property in this region of Mexico.

Villa Robalo

This villa located in the gated community of Villas del Palmar is where I spent the majority of my time while in Sayulita. It was utter perfection for a big group of friends and the villas themselves are set up perfectly for enjoying the best of Sayulita.

The compound has a communal pool which was big enough to always be able to find a quiet side to take a dip. It has beach access so that you can go straight from your room to the sand with minimal effort.

You can also simply sit by the pool and still order food from all of the different beach vendors, which was a personal favorite activity of mine while I was in Sayulita.

This is the link to rent the entire villa, but you can also rent by floor if you contact them directly. 

lounging in my Sayulita Airbnb

Working from my Sayulita Airbnb wasn’t the best because of the WiFi, but I still managed to get plenty done during down time.

Boho Rooftop Studio The Perfect Sayulita Airbnb

This is the perfect place for a single or couple who want to spend most of their time outdoors and enjoying the incredible food scene in Sayulita.

It’s a little cabin with a stunning view and indoor/outdoor living. It’s affordable and fun. It just wouldn’t work during the very hot months. 

It’s in the southern end of Sayulita close to all of the bars and restaurants and only a few blocks away from the beach. It’s a quite affordable for Sayulita at only $50 per night as well, so you can’t go wrong!

Book a stay at Boho Rooftop Studio here.

Boho Studio Suite

This is a gorgeous little hotel room right in the center of town. It’s stylishly decorated, full of natural light, and has a big comfortable bed. It’s the perfect place for one person or a couple.

You can walk absolutely everywhere in town. Outside of the room, there is a huge shared balcony. You can sit out here in the evenings and people-watch or enjoy your morning coffee up here. 

Priced at only $40 per night, it’s one of the more affordable hotel options in town. You get a lot for your money with this spot compared to other more budget options in Sayulita.

Book a stay at the Boho Studio Suite here.

The popular Instagram flag street in Sayulita

Most Sayulita hotels are only a short walk from this famous flag street in the southern side of town!

Downtown Surf Shack Sayulita Airbnb

This little casita is utter perfection for those that love the beachy-vibe in their Airbnbs. It’s perfect for one person or a couple because it’s not very big, but you’ll be spending all your time at the beach anyway, right?

It’s one of the closest Sayulita Airbnb options to the beach without having to pay a ton to be inside a gated community. 

It has a small kitchenette so that you can self-cater for breakfast or light meals. There’s also a small patio space with a table and chairs where you can sit outside.

It is currently $70 USD per night. Book a stay at the Downtown Surf Shack here.

sayulita sign

Right in the plaza is one of the best places to stay if you want to enjoy the nightlife around the centro and catch a sight of this Sayulita sign!

Budget-Friendly Hostels in Sayulita

Sayulita is a party town that draws in both domestic and foreign tourists for the nightlife. That means there are also plenty of affordable places for you to stay while you’re here.

Selina Sayulita

Selina Sayulita is without a doubt the most famous hostel around Mexico. It’s known as the place to head for a good after-party (or a good pre-party or just a really good party).

It’s always beautifully decorated and the hostel in Sayulita is not different.

There are private rooms that wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique hotel and there are dorm rooms with plush bedding and comfortable mattresses. 

It’s not the cheapest hotel in Sayulita, but it’s a nice place to come if you are traveling solo and want safety and socializing to be your top priorities. A dorm bed starts at $25 USD.

Book a stay at Selina Sayulita here.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself over to Sayulita and stay at one of these amazing Sayulita hotels right now! I can’t rave about this little town enough. Hope to see you there!


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