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7 Epic Sayulita Yoga Retreats + Sayulita Yoga Studios

7 Epic Sayulita Yoga Retreats + Sayulita Yoga Studios

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If you are looking for great yoga studios in Sayulita or you want to find the best yoga retreats in Sayulita for an upcoming trip to the Nayarit coast, this list will help you plan your adventures.

Sayulita is one of the most beautiful beach towns in Mexico and it has quickly become one of the most popular as well.

This sleepy coastal town just north of Puerto Vallarta is known for its surfing and laid-back attitude and it attracts all types of tourists from around the world looking to catch a wave.

Many of the retreats on this list include both yoga and surf classes and many of the yoga schools in Sayulita have connections with some of the local surf schools for a build-your-own adventure if you don’t want to go on a retreat.

If you are looking for a place where you can have a luxury yoga retreat, you’re better off checking out what’s on offer in Tulum.

But if you want to have a combination of great food, fun things to do in the beautiful natural beauty of Sayulita, and enjoy the sea and sun salutations of a yoga retreat, then this is the place for you.

Sayulita Yoga Schools

One of my favorite places to take a yoga class in Sayulita is at the Rose Room. This yoga studio is located on the rooftop of the Don Bonito Hotel and offers different types of classes each day.

The instructors are expats living in Sayulita as well as locals who speak excellent English. The classes vary in difficulty, but the setting is always incredibly peaceful.

Paraiso Yoga is another yoga institute in Sayulita where you can take individual lessons or contact them to organize a yoga retreat of your own.

If you are happy to sort out your own accommodation in Sayulita, then you can take both yoga classes and surf lessons organized through Paraiso Yoga.

group of people doing yoga at the rose room in Sayulita

Yoga at the Rose Room in Sayulita.

Sayulita Yoga Retreats

While it is certainly more affordable to organize your own yoga classes and hotels on a trip to Sayulita, it is also more work.

If you are after community, connection, and the ease of signing up for a retreat that someone else is organizing, than check out these awesome yoga retreats in Sayulita.

Some of the retreats are available throughout the year and some are only offered once or twice a year.

Be sure to sign up to receive emails for each of the different retreats that sound most interesting to you so you don’t miss out on getting a spot on the one that you really want to check out.

A lot of the yoga retreats in Sayulita include accommodation for the duration of your retreat, at least one meal a day, as well as two or more yoga or meditation classes a day.

All of the details can be found on the websites that are linked to each specific retreat below.

surf boards up against the side of the beach in sayulita.

Combine surf lessons with yoga for the ultimate Sayulita retreat.

1. Surf and Yoga Retreat – 8 Days

This is an 8-day yoga and surf retreat in Sayulita. Run by Yantara Retreats, this is a full-body retreat in Sayulita.

The retreat includes yoga classes, hiking trips, and five surf lessons with unlimited use of surfboards for extra practice.

It includes seven nights of accommodation and two meals per day as well as afternoon snacks. The price of the retreat also includes airport transfers to and from Puerto Vallarta airport.

The retreat also includes surf trips to nearby beaches that you may not otherwise discover without guidance from locals.

The accommodation is set in a beautiful villa with a swimming pool, air-conditioned rooms, a kitchen for self-catering, free WiFi, and laundry facilities.

The basic price of the 8-day retreat $2,650 USD which is a private double room with a private bathroom in a shared villa. Check all of the prices and availability for this retreat here.

photo of a boat

While you are in Sayulita you have access to great diving or boat trip options as well.

2. Yoga and Surf Camp – 8 Days

This 8-day retreat in Sayulita is more surf-focused than yoga focused, however, it offers both. The camp strongly believes that yoga and surfing go hand-in-hand.

The price of the course includes unlimited yoga classes with the Rose Room yoga studio as well as two surf lessons with video and photo analysis, and three surf expeditions which last four hours each.

The price also includes seven nights of accommodation, daily breakfast and lunch, and pick up and drop off at the airport.

The starting cost of this yoga and surf camp is $1,199 USD. This is the price for bed in a shared dorm room. You can have your own private room for $1,349 USD.

The nice thing about this yoga and surf camp in Sayulita is that you can start it whenever you want.

This is a self-paced camp and you can come any time of year that suits you. Check all of the price options and book here (there are discounts if you are traveling with two people).

people doing yoga with a few leaves blocking the way.

Yoga lessons are available all over town in Sayulita.

3. Haramara Yoga Retreat Sayulita – 8 Days

Haramara Yoga Retreats are well known around Mexico for their quality and care.

If you are only interested in yoga on your retreat in Sayulita, then this is the one you should choose.

The yoga retreat at Haramara includes daily yoga classes, coaching workshops, three meals a day plus morning snacks before your first yoga class, seven nights of accommodation and a free shuttle to and from the airport.

You will take both yoga Nidra and Hatha yoga classes while you are at this retreat. There are also meditation sessions and opportunities for different outdoor adventures during your time at Haramara.

The 8-day retreat at Haramara costs $2,300 USD. This is for a bed in a shared dorm. The retreat is offered a few times a year, so be sure to check the website for the next chance to join one of the retreats.

4. Mind, Body, & Soul Wellness Retreat – 5 Days

For a shorter retreat, this five-day option is perfect for those that want to combine a mind and body yoga practice on their retreat.

This wellness retreat in Sayulita includes daily yoga and meditation practices, breathwork and massage sessions, and like coaching workshops.

The aim of this 5-day retreat is to get away from the noise of our daily lives, disconnect from the outside work and reconnect with your inner peace.

Accommodation is inside a beautiful beachside villa with a saltwater pool, a roof deck for yoga or relaxing, and air conditioning in each bedroom.

The price of the retreat starts at $2,964 per person. The price decreases the more people you can book with. Check all prices and dates on the website here.

cliffs by the sea in sayulita mexico.

The best part about being in Sayulita for a retreat is that you have time for hiking and swimming at all of the cool nearby spots.

5. Yoga and Surf Holiday in Sayulita – 8 Days

This yoga and surf holiday is a slightly cheaper version of some of the other surf-yoga retreats listed above.

The retreat includes unlimited yoga classes at the Rose Room, two surf lessons, and two surf expeditions. You have access to a surfboard all week to practice in your free time.

The price also includes daily breakfast and lunch, transfers to and from the airport, and 7 nights of accommodation.

The base cost of this retreat is $1,149 USD. If you plan to come on the retreat with more than one person, you can get a discount on additional guests. Check out all of the details and prices here.

three people doing yoga in sayulita.

Yoga classes in Sayulita are often run by people who have trained all over the world and speak multiple languages.

6. Yoga Holiday – 8 Days

This is without a doubt the best-value yoga retreat in Sayulita.

It includes unlimited yoga classes (up to four a day!) as well as a free surf lesson and one surf expedition.

It also includes seven nights of accommodation and daily breakfast and lunch. This Sayulita yoga retreat is only available for women at the moment as the accommodation is a women-only hostel.

The hostel has a heated saltwater pool and a beautiful outdoor area for barbecuing and hanging out outside. It’s a great place to meet like-minded travelers.

Like many of the retreats on this list, you can start the retreat whenever you want. It’s the perfect getaway at a very affordable price.

The retreat starts at a very affordable $699 USD which means that for less than $100 per day you get a place to sleep, two meals a day, and unlimited yoga. What a bargain. Book that retreat here.

colorful building with a whale on it for a yoga retreat in sayulita.

Many of the best yoga retreats in Sayulita are organized by local yoga studios and they rent villas in town to accommodate everyone.

7. 200-Hour Teacher Training Course

If you are looking for more than just a retreat, this 22-day course could be the thing for you.

At the end of the 22 days, you will receive your 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate. It includes 18 days of practice, two yoga classes per day, daily guided meditation sessions, philosophy and anatomy workshops, and 21 nights of accommodation.

Whether you want to become a yoga teacher at the end of the course or you are looking for a yoga retreat that will really deepen your yoga practice, everyone can get something out of this type of yoga course.

This is about more than just the physical aspects of yoga. It will teach about the breathwork, the spiritual side of yoga, and the ancient science behind the practice.

The cost of the teacher training in Sayulita starts at $2,888 for a bed in a shared double room. If you want a private room, you can pay slightly more. Check out all of the options and availability for the next teacher training here.