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Best Boutique Hotel in Cabo San Lucas: Los Milagros Hotel

Best Boutique Hotel in Cabo San Lucas: Los Milagros Hotel

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I have always heard so much about Cabo San Lucas. I’ve been living in Mexico for almost five years now, and it took me this long to finally take the plunge and check out what all the hype was about.

I headed to Cabo for a long weekend for my 33rd birthday. I wanted somewhere we could chill out, sit by the pool, walk to the beach, and enjoy a few tipples from the local bars (it is Cabo after all!). I wanted to be close to the action, but far enough away that we could close out the chaos of the party town and relax.

I found that little slice of paradise at Los Milagros Hotel.

Why I Chose to Stay at Los Milagros Hotel in the First Place

It started with my usual search, “best boutique hotels in Cabo.” 

There were lots of expensive all-inclusive options that came up, but one small, family-run place stood out.

I headed straight to the Los Milagros Hotel website and read their story. 

Ricardo, the owner, had ridden his bike from Tijuana all the way down to Cabo San Lucas.

the courtyard of los milagros hotel cabo san lucas

The courtyard in Los Milagros

This was back before the chain hotels had arrived. Back when there was only one paved road from the top to the tip of the peninsula. Although the area looks much different in 2021, it wasn’t really that long ago that Cabo was a small town with only about 2,000 residents (it now has over 200,000 residents!).

Ricardo fell in love with the contrast between the desert and the ocean. With the mountains behind you as you face the rough Pacific on one side and the calm waters of the Sea of Cortés on the other.

“Me too!” is all I kept thinking as I read more about what drew him back to this part of Mexico.

Besides our mutual love for this incredible landscape, it’s also a small hotel with a stunning courtyard and a price tag that I really got behind (most rooms are under $100 USD per night).

Check out all the room options and prices for Los Milagros here.

Best Boutique Hotel in Cabo for Location

los milagros hotel cabo san lucas

Flours are everywhere in this beautiful place!

Los Milagros Hotel is right in the downtown area. It’s a five-minute walk to the marina. It’s about a 10-minute walk to the main beach. In five minutes in any direction, you’ll find great tacos, good breakfast spots, and great nightlife.

The tourist zone of Cabo San Lucas is relatively small and walkable anyway, but I absolutely loved being able to head out in any direction and find different places to enjoy.

We stayed out late one of the nights we were there enjoying some live music at Cabo Wabo and five minutes after we left the bar, we were tucked up in bed back at the hotel.

It’s an incredibly safe neighborhood and as soon as you walk through the main gates of the hotel, it is completely and utterly silent. There aren’t any music noises from the nearby clubs, no dogs barking, no shouting neighbors. It’s truly an oasis in the middle of Cabo San Lucas.

Comfortable Beds and Amazing Water Pressure

the hotel room at los milagros in cabo san lucas

Our room at Los Milagros had two double beds and plenty of natural light!

The hotel rooms themselves are spacious and clean. While I think they could do with a little bit of updating, like newer TVs or more stylish touches in the bathroom, overall the rooms are incredibly comfortable.

The bedding was brand new and the room had a beachy-vibe to it that made you feel like you were staying at a beach house rather than just a generic hotel. We slept well and from our room, we had stunning views of the nearby hills.

Luke and I always joke that we have three main priorities when it comes to ranking hotels, the comfort of the bed, how quiet it is at night, and how good the shower is.

los milagros hotel outside one of the suites

Outside one of the junior suites which feels more like a casita than a hotel!

Los Milagros delivers on all fronts. The water pressure in that shower was superior. It can be hard to get good water pressure around Mexico, but as soon as you turned on the water you could hop straight in and enjoy what felt almost like an overhead rain shower. It got hot almost instantly and we never ran out of hot water.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Wi-Fi here is some of the best out there. If you are planning to keep up with work while you’re in Cabo, you can sit outside at one of the spots in the shade and easily get work done thanks to the quick WiFi.

I did this while I was here and it took me less than a minute to upload a 10-minute long video! That’s quick!

The Perfect Boutique Hotel in Cabo to Relax

relaxing on the terrace at the hotel in cabo

Relaxing on the terrace at the hotel.

We spent a lot of our time at Los Milagros Hotel simply lounging around on the different patio areas and in the pool. 

There is a rooftop terrace which was right outside of our room and where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine the entire day. We sat out here in the evenings with a few cold beers and watched the sunset. 

When we wanted some shade, we headed down to the main courtyard where there are some comfortable chairs underneath a huge umbrella. This was the perfect spot for reading during the height of the sun when we could still be warm in our bathing suits, but didn’t want to get burned.

Between the two is a small and refreshing pool. Like most pools at small hotels in Mexico, it’s not heated, so you probably don’t want to hop in if it’s not sizzling hot outside. But after a morning walking around in the heat of Cabo, it was exactly what we wanted. It was so refreshing to swim a few short laps back and forth in this pool and then sit in the sunshine on the terrace to dry off.

the swimming pool at los milagros hotel

The swimming pool where we relaxed after hot mornings walking around and exploring Cabo!

The other thing I loved about the communal areas of the hotel was how many plants and flowers there were around. Besides being a quiet place to relax, it also felt like we were constantly surrounded by green space. The bougainvilleas poured down the side of the white building, there were cactus and palm trees to get shade behind. It was a true oasis.

The Friendliest Staff in Cabo

Ok, I can’t be 100% certain that they are the friendliest because we didn’t stay anywhere else in Cabo, but Ricardo and his team really went above and beyond.

Ricardo is at the front desk most days and he gave us absolutely awesome tips about where to eat (Los Claros and Gardenias being the standout spots!). He told us where to get the cheaper boats around Land’s End (the main beach), and he told us where we could get rapid Covid-19 tests if we needed them before leaving town (American Medical Center on Lazaro Cardenas).

courtyard in los milagros hotel

This is the shady spot where we spent time relaxing when we didn’t want to be directly in the sun or I wanted to work for a little while and actually be able to see my screen.

When he wasn’t around, the other staff that worked there answered questions we had about the area, helped us with our luggage, and were just generally nice to chat to. 

Prices and How to Book a Stay at the Best Boutique Hotel in Cabo

A standard queen room starts at $65 before taxes on and you can get a junior suite that includes a small kitchen from $95 a night. It’s not just a kitchenette, it’s genuinely good enough to cook in for a few nights or even longer term. Contact Ricard directly if that’s something you’re interested in.

Have a look at more photos and select your dates here.

Take a Virtual Tour

While we were staying at the hotel, I recorded and edited a video review so that you can see what it looks like in real-time. Have a watch on my YouTube channel (along with several other videos about Cabo) or simply click and watch it below.


Saturday 16th of April 2022

Great review. This is exactly the kind of place that I wanted to stay when I went to Cabo last year.... but didn't know about it. I will plan another trip and definitively stay here when I return. Thanks!

Laura Bronner

Tuesday 19th of April 2022

It's such an amazing spot and the owner is simply wonderful! Enjoy it :)