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7 Absolute Best Bars in Tulum Not to Miss!

7 Absolute Best Bars in Tulum Not to Miss!

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Escape normal city life and spend a vibey evening in one of the best bars in Tulum. Whatever your style may be, the nightlife in Tulum has it all. From crazy jungle parties to laid-back pubs, in Tulum, you will find a venue to suit all styles. 

Tulum has rapidly become a tourist and digital nomad hot spot in the Mayan Riviera.

Not only is Tulum known for its pristine beaches and blissful blue waters, but it also has a fantastic nightlife, shopping, and culinary scene to match. 

If you have visited another city in the Riviera Maya before such as Playa del Carmen or Puerto Morelos, your will notice that the vibe and aesthetic of Tulum are on an entirely different level.

Mayan culture, modern luxury, zen jungles, whimsical art, and city life have all combined to make this wonderful destination like no other. 

This article is your guide to many incredible nightlife spots and the best bars in Tulum. 

What to expect of Tulum Nightlife

There are two main locations where you will find Tulum nightlife. The “party zone” of the hotel zone, and in the puebla otherwise known as downtown Tulum. 

To find a more stylish and elevated experience you will want to head over to the Hotel Zone. This is a long strip of beachfront property filled with beach clubs, boutique hotels, restaurants, bars, and more.  The nightlife here is top-notch and is also home to some of the best restaurants in Tulum

In the downtown area, the nightlife scene is cool, laid back, and more budget-friendly than in the hotel zone. You will find travelers of all types looking to have a good time. 

A lot of the bars in Tulum are cash only. I recommend carrying Mexican Pesos as this is the local currency. Read more about using cash in Mexico here.

Most establishments will likely accept USD and sometimes even euros but you are guaranteed to get the best rate if you pay directly in Pesos. 

It is customary in Tulum to tip as you would in Northern America. 10% – 15% is standard depending on the service level. Always be sure to check your bill to see if a tip or “propina” (Spanish for tip) has already been added.

If a tip is added take caution to what amount. Feel free to agree, increase, or even dispute the added tip if the service isn’t to your standards. Read out guide to tipping in Mexico here.

bicycles lined up on a sandy road outside one of the best bars in Tulum.

Be sure to park your bike for the night if you head out to enjoy the nightlife in Tulum!

Safety for Tulum Nightlife

Tulum as a whole is a generally safe city and is very well known for its party scene. Tourists return every year to experience the festivals and nightlife of Tulum. Just as you would in any city you travel to, you will want to take the same precautions to keep yourself safe. 

Always keep your drinks in sight and be mindful of your alcohol consumption. 

I have never heard of pickpocketing here in Tulum the same way I have in Mexico City or many cities in Europe but I still recommend leaving your most precious valuables (including your passport) at your hotel.

Try to only carry the necessary amount of cash you plan to spend that evening. If you plan to use taxis for transportation, allow a little more room in your budget as taxi fares may increase in the busy hours of the night. 

No matter where go in the evening I keep an “emergency” low-limit credit card on me” just in case there happens to be a worst-case scenario situation.  

Lastly, do not be afraid of the ice. All the ice used in bars and restaurants is made from filtered water and is totally safe to consume. 

What to wear to the Best Bars in Tulum

Tulum has its own special vibe of trendy, jungle, boho chic. Full of photo-worthy spots you will surely want to be looking your best. The beach vibe still remains, but the style is elevated to suit the energy of Tulum. 

Before you head out to your destination check to see if there is a dress code. For example, some establishments won’t allow men to enter in tank tops or flip flops. Check out our Tulum packing guide here.

Best Bars in Tulum

Now onto all the fun details about the 7 best bars in Tulum.

1. Gitano

Gitano is easily known as one of the best bars in Tulum. With their growing popularity, they have expanded to three locations in Tulum. 

Gitano Tulum Jungle was the first location, located in the hotel zone of Tulum on the jungle side of the road. 

As you walk through the front doors it’s as if you are walking into a chic jungle disco. Trees, vines, and wooden tables fill the room. Accents of thatched roofing on bars, pottery, and potted plants are boldly on display. 

Soft candlelight, hanging light bulbs, and lanterns light up the room. They even have disco balls hanging from the trees all adding to that cool jungle party aesthetic.   

Dinner service starts at 5 pm and the DJ usually starts spinning around 11 pm. 

If you are a connoisseur of mezcal this is the place for you. They have an extensive list of quality mezcals and also incorporate them into many of their cocktails.

All of the menu items are pieces of art, served in vessels of coconuts, watermelons, and fine glassware. Made fresh to order and with local ingredients. 

Price points are on the higher end and reflect the quality of ingredients, atmosphere, and service standards. 

If you are planning a special occasion at Gitano, you can message them ahead of time and they will arrange a special surprise for you.

entrance to one of the bst bars in Tulum with statue made of tree branches.

Many of the bars in Tulum Hotel Zone will leave you speechless (and with a lot less dinero).


2. Nana Rooftop Bar Tulum

Drink, dance, and indulge in an evening at Nana Restaurant and Cocktail bar. This is a super trendy spot and one of the best bars in Tulum you won’t want to miss. 

Located in the downtown area of Tulum above the Maka Boutique Hotel, Nana brings you to the jungle level. Just high enough to enjoy the lush foliage but still low enough to witness the views of the city.   

The space is alluring with ambient lighting, chic sofas, tables, and chairs. If you are visiting at the correct time you can even catch a beautiful sunset over the Tulum jungle. 

Nana’s menu is creative and adventurous playing off of Asian fusion cuisine. They also offer a nice selection of vegetarian and vegan options. 

Cocktails are innovative and hand-crafted. Composed of fresh juices, seasonal fruits, herbs, quality liquors, and local ingredients. 

Nana is open every night except Tuesdays. 

Later in the evening, the music gets louder. Different DJs will be featured on the weekends. Grab your friend, order some cocktails, and spend your night dancing away in a rooftop jungle paradise. 

huts on the beach with lanterns glowing.

Beach parties are also common in Tulum by night.

3. Santino Tulum

Dance your night away at Santino and experience energetic local Tulum nightlife. 

Santino is the perfect place to go with a group of friends to get a feeling for a firey Latino party. 

Smoke machines, laser lights, disco balls, and dancing will be the theme of the night. 

Located on the main street in Tulum, Santino is hard to miss. Its vibrant colors and poppin’ music will have you wanting to come inside to join the party. 

Santino opens at 6 pm and closes at 3 am. The perfect place to sip on a margarita and dance the night away. 

Different DJs will play every night playing a variety of reggaetón, electronic, and top 40 dance music.  

Service is fast and friendly and prices are very reasonable. No need to dress too fancy either, you will probably break a sweat bustin’ a move on the dance floor. 

4. Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar

Batey Mojito is the talk of the town these days in Tulum. Located in the town center, this Cuban-themed Tulum bar will keep you entertained all night long. 

You will know the place when you see it because outside the establishment you find the bar’s mascot, a custom-painted Volkswagen Beetle.

The car is painted with bright colors and attached to the back is an old-fashioned manual sugar cane juice press. 

From this vintage machine, the staff hand-press the sugar cane to create the juice “guarapo” which is used as a key ingredient in their Mojitos.  

If you have ever tasted the juice on its own, it had quite a unique flavor, sweet like sugar and a tad earthy. Because it is direct from the sugar cane it is a good pick-me-up for energy levels, an au-natural Redbull.

The décor inside is cute, artsy, and simplistic chic with wooden tables and chairs and lights strung from above. In the back of the bar, they have a small stage where live performances take place. 

Batey is known for its incredibly fresh mojitos and lively atmosphere. They also have a fantastic food menu to match.

My personal favorite is the maracuja (passionfruit) mojito. For all of the mojitos on the menu, you are able to select your type of rum from about 10 different varieties, and they only cost 100 pesos ($5 USD). In my opinion, that is a fabulous deal. 

If you don’t fancy a mojito there are many other cocktails, beers, wines, and juices to choose from. 

Almost every night of the week you can find live music playing. Don’t be afraid to get up and dance and join the fun.

The service is great as well. Staff members are always happy to keep you satisfied, provide recommendations, and keep the drinks flowing.  

Please carry cash as this is the only form of payment that they accept.

man sitting on a netting overlooking the jungle

The setting at the Azulik hotel makes it Kin Toh of the best bars in Tulum.

5. Kin Toh

Step into and above the jungle and indulge in a night at Kin Toh. A Mayan jungle treehouse experience like no other.   

You will find Kin Toh on the property of the Azulik Hotel in the Hotel Zone of Tulum. Its architectural design and incorporation of nature are stunning and will leave you in complete awe. 

Kin Toh is a jungle-level bar at the height of the treetop canopy. The bar is cozy, classy, and inviting. Beautifully crafted wood tables and chairs fill the room with warm accents of lighting adding to the ambiance. 

Outside the bar are pathways leading to private dining nests. Perfect for a lavish group dinner, romantic date, and of course that Instagram-worthy picture. 

As well as private nests, Kin Toh features suspended nets where you can cozy up with your friends, sipping on your cocktail. 

The entire menu at Kin Toh is innovative and is much different than any other menu you would find in Tulum. Cocktails are artsy and made with fresh local ingredients and the food menu is full of many unique dishes and flavor combinations. 

Take a stroll into their wine cellar where you will find over 600 bottles from around the world. If you need advice deciding on a bottle, their in-house sommelier will be happy to guide you in the right direction. 

You will want to dress to impress to match the beautiful appearance of the bar. 

There is a minimum spend of $25 USD that you must spend to enjoy Kin Toh. This amount will be charged to you upon arrival at the bar. 

Service, quality, and ambiance at Kin Toh exceed 5 stars, therefore pricing will match. Kin Toh is quite expensive in comparison to other bars in Tulum. But then again, it is an experience like no other. 

I would say drinking, dining, and indulging in a luxury Mayan Treehouse is a rare but “worth it” experience. 

pink cocktail with mint sticking out of it.

The best bars in Tulum always have exceptional cocktails.

6. Caribe Swing

Look for the colorful lights, grab a swing and enjoy an easy night out in one of the best bars in Tulum. 

What makes Caribe Swing so cool is that they have actual swings as seats in the bar. Many people actually notice this bar because of the swings and decide to pop in for a drink. 

With its prime location on the main street of Tulum Centro and the allure of the swings, this bustling spot makes for a fabulous evening exploring Tulum’s nightlife. 

The swings are what bring people in but guests don’t tend to sit around too long. After a drink or two, people start to migrate toward the dance floor. Because of the exciting music playing and friendly vibe, Caribe Swing is a popular destination to dance the night away. 

Caribe Swing is a bar intended for locals and tourists. You will always find a lovely mix of people ready to make new friends and have a fun time.

You can’t beat the pricing either. Their happy hour features 2 drinks for 50 pesos ($2.50 USD)!  

cocktails on a table at the best bars in Tulum

Cocktails from the best bars in Tulum.

7. Confessions Tulum

To experience a true Tulum jungle party you surely won’t want to miss a night at Confessions

Hidden in the jungle in the Hotel Zone of Tulum, Confessions brings Tulum nightlife to a whole new level. 

The décor is rustic and plays off of the features of the jungle creating an atmosphere of magic, mystery, and music. 

Underground DJs will have you dancing by playing electronic and house music. 

The menu at Confessions is tapas style and created to be shared amongst your group. Quality, freshness, and innovation are represented in the cuisine. 

Don’t skip on trying a few different cocktails. They are all bold, crafty, sophisticated, and really delicious. There is a flavor for everyone on the menu, not to mention they are all served in really stylish glassware. 

Pricing at Confessions is comparable to most of the higher-end bars in Tulum’s Hotel Zone with cocktails costing 300 Pesos ($15 USD) and upwards. Of course, with this style of bar, the service is 5 stars. 

Surely you will want to look your best as you dance the night away under the stars at Confessions, one of the trendiest, most memorable, and best bars in Tulum.