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What to Wear in Barcelona: A Packing List

What to Wear in Barcelona: A Packing List

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The world is your oyster when it comes to what to wear in Barcelona. 

This energetic, artistic city is populated by 1.6 million residents while the streets teem with tourists from all over Europe and beyond. Therefore, you can expect to see a wide variety of fashion on the street.

Stylish Barcelonians tend to be clad in casual or casual-smart clothing, with the seasons dictating exactly what to wear in Barcelona. 

Reading this guide will shed light on what to pack and what to wear in Barcelona as a woman in all four seasons. 

In general, if you already live in a moderately stylish city somewhere in the world, you probably already know exactly what to wear in Barcelona, because it’s not so different to what you wear at home. 

I always recommend wearing what you feel best in, what you feel most comfortable in, and what you love to wear.

Of course, you’ll be taking a few more photos of yourself in Barcelona than you probably do back home (or maybe not!) so what you wear matters a little bit more.

If you’re coming from somewhere cold and rainy, you’ll find slightly warmer temperatures here in Barcelona during the winter months and summer is sweltering, so be prepared with your beach clothes.

What’s the weather like in Barcelona?

Although Barcelona experiences all four seasons, the weather remains fairly mild all year round. 

August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 74°F (23.5°C). As this is the busiest time in the tourism calendar, you might want to check out dates in the shoulder season of May/June or September to get the best weather with fewer crowds. 

As October is the wettest month, what to wear in Barcelona in October requires preparing for guaranteed rainfall. 

Meanwhile, the coldest month in Barcelona is January, with an average of 49°F (10°C). 

While it’s not officially one of the warmest places in Europe in winter, Barcelona is still a good contender for a bit of winter sunshine.  

If you are going to take some day trips from Barcelona during your trip, be sure to factor in what you may need for the weather in those places as well. If you head to the beach or into the mountains, you’ll want some different options.

palm trees and a wide walkway in front of the beach in Barcelona

What to wear in Barcelona depends on what you plan to do while visiting and what time of year you are visiting.

What to Wear in Barcelona

As your packing list will be guided by the season, this guide is divided into what to wear in Barcelona in spring, summer, fall, and winter. 

Whatever season you visit, here are 3 items to add to your list – to suit any Barcelona itinerary

1. Comfortable footwear 

While in Barcelona, you can expect to walk a lot. The city is huge and one of the best things to do in Barcelona is to explore on foot.

After all, this is one of the best cities in Spain to visit for unique architecture and beautiful outdoor spaces. 

During the day, stick to reliable footwear that you know you can survive long hours of walking in. A good pair of sneakers will work with any season and during the day you needn’t worry about donning sportier styles. 

During fall or winter, you could swap to a pair of boots. While it rarely – if ever – snows in Barcelona, rain is typical in early fall.

Therefore, you should consider waterproof boots when planning what to wear in Barcelona in October. Chelsea boots are versatile to go with all your Barcelona outfits, plus they work equally well for day and night.

On the other hand, consider a pair of practical walking sandals for your summer packing list for Barcelona. These will cover you for the beach, parks, and urban attractions. 

2. Jeans

Jeans are another staple of what to wear in Barcelona as they work in all seasons.

In the cooler months, a pair of boyfriend, ripped, or mom jeans will keep you toasty while sightseeing.

On the other hand, slim or bootcut jeans paired with a camisole or shirt make an ideal outfit for an evening of dining on fideuà and sipping cava in Barcelona. 

two people standing on a balcony overlooking a plaza in barcelona

Your Barcelona packing list should look kind of like what your wardrobe looks like at home.

3. Jewelry

If you approach your packing list for Barcelona with a capsule wardrobe mindset, you can use jewelry to add variety to your outfits. 

During the colder months when you’re likely to be bundled up in a coat, wear big earrings to spice up an ensemble.

Alternatively, use stacked rings and bracelets to polish off a fun, boho look in summer. 

In fact, keep your eyes peeled: you may end up picking up a couple of new accessories from one of the city’s many jewelry stores during your trip. 

What to Wear in Barcelona in Spring

Temperatures in March and April edge toward the ’60s, with May seeing an average of 60°F (16°C).

Early mornings and evenings are cooler and temperatures do tend to fluctuate, with May subject to more frequent rain. Essentially, layers are crucial when it comes to what to wear in Barcelona in spring!

gaudi building with the lights on and the sky starting to get darker.

Barcelona packing list.

4. Scarf

Because spring is the most unpredictable month, you’ll need to account for Barcelona’s changeable weather. P

ack an oversized scarf that you can throw on over all your Barcelona outfits or slip inside your day bag when you don’t need it. 

You can also use this as a towel if you visit one of the beaches. Furthermore, if you plan any day trips from Barcelona, a scarf will keep you warm on an air-conditioned tour bus or train.

5. Romper

Playful, modern, and versatile; a romper or jumpsuit is a fun way to liven up your packing list for Barcelona in spring.

During the day, you can team a romper with sneakers and a light jacket and by night you can transform it with a change of footwear and jewelry to suit your destination. 

While a full-length jumpsuit will keep you a little warmer, you can always wear tights or leggings with a shorter style or slip a t-shirt under an overall-inspired romper.

6. Denim jacket

Once you’ve picked a couple of outfits, one thing you’ll want to wear in Barcelona in spring is a light jacket.

A jeans jacket is a trustworthy option, providing there’s enough to fling a sweater or cardigan underneath it in the evenings when temperatures are lower.

If you opt for a denim jacket, just remember to pop an umbrella on your packing list too. 

woman sitting on a colorful mosaic bench with sunglasses on.

Stick with comfortable walking shoes and lightweight fabrics when packing for Barcelona in summer.

What to Wear in Barcelona in Summer 

The sizzling temperatures of June, July, and August mean that your luggage will be far lighter! 

When choosing what to wear in Barcelona as a woman in summer, you’ll still need to account for visiting churches and museums as well as the beaches.

7. Swimwear

If you visit Barcelona between the months of May and September, you’ll appreciate having a bikini or two.

With water temperatures sitting between 68-75°F (20-24°C) in July and August, swimming is firmly on the table.

During the winter months and early spring, it’s too cold to swim but you can still look forward to sandy strolls or picnics.

Although, if you’re splashing out on a hotel for your trip, remember to check if there is a pool or spa on site. 

8. Colorful dresses

Embrace the warm weather and ample sunshine hours with brightly colored pieces of clothing. Dresses, skirts, and loose-fitting trousers paired with vests or tank tops are winners in regard to what to wear in Barcelona in summer. 

Remember that if you want to visit La Sagrada Família (only one of the top tourist attractions in Spain!) you’ll need to cover up from your shoulders to below the knee.

Therefore, having at least one long dress, skirt, or a pair of long trousers will come in handy.  

woman standing in doorway in front of a large green door.

Exploring Barcelona in your own personal style.

9. Shorts

Shorts paired with a cute t-shirt is an ideal choice of outfit for exploring Barcelona during the hottest months, especially if you’re exploring Montjuïc Hill or swinging by Tibidabo.

However, you’ll want a stylish pair of shorts when exploring the city attractions with a more casual option for beach days. Try to stick to natural fabrics such as cotton and linen for this hotter climate. 

A classic pair of denim cut-offs is an easy choice for your Barcelona packing list. This is another item that you can modify to suit a casual day look for sightseeing and re-wear in the evening with a different top or pair of shoes. 

What to Wear in Barcelona in Fall

October is the rainiest month in Barcelona, with an average of 20 days of rain. With average temperatures sitting around 64°F (18°C) and highs of 73°F (23°C) this is still a good time to visit the city.

You’ll just need to do your research when it comes to what to wear in Barcelona in October.

10. Waterproof jacket

Number one for what to wear in Barcelona in October: a waterproof coat or thick jacket! Ideally, you’ll pick a rain mac with a hood when traveling to Barcelona in the fall.

Pack something lightweight that you don’t mind carrying if you encounter warmer patches in the day.

Although, if you visit later in the fall you might want to upgrade to a warmer coat: this will depend on your travel dates and the weather forecast. 

woman with her back to the camera in a jean jacket and long hair looking at a monument.

What to wear in Barcelona.

11. Knitwear

Fall doesn’t call for chunky knits but you will want to veer towards cozier materials, particularly if you visit later in the season.

Expect to wear either jeans or fitted trousers or skirts or dresses with tights in fall. Pair these with knitted tops such as polo necks or a Breton sweatshirt.

With the season turning the parks of Barcelona all shades of gold and red, you might want to coordinate your knitwear to reflect the autumnal hues!

What to Wear in Barcelona in Winter

Barcelona temperature highs hover around 55°F (13°C) in the winter months.

Fortunately, wind isn’t an issue and the sun shines through December, January, and February. Rain isn’t so common in winter but it’s wise to prepare in case your trip clashes with a downpour. 

colorful mosaic benches with blue skies up above.

What to wear in Barcelona in winter.

12. Warm coat

Protect yourself from the nippier December and January weather conditions by sporting a warm coat. A chic woolen coat or parka with faux-fur trim will keep you warm while exploring the outdoor attractions. 

In terms of what to wear in Barcelona in winter, once you’ve chosen your coat and footwear you can coordinate your choice of clothing to work. 

13. Sweater dress

A comfy, warm jumper dress is a useful addition to your Barcelona packing list in winter.

You can team this with leggings or tights to suit your mood and on a warmer day, you might find it’s pleasant enough to leave your big coat in the hotel.

14. Winter Accessories

Although not essential, it is useful to chuck one or two winter accessories in your bag for Barcelona. 

While night temperatures generally see lows of 49°F (10°C), they can on occasion drop to a biting 39°F (4°C).

In those instances, a medium-duty scarf, hat, or pair of gloves will make you feel more comfortable while out and about at night.

However, you’re unlikely to need all three in one go unless you encounter a cold snap. 

woman walking in a park with a lot of green trees in front of her.

Barcelona packing list should include some fun dresses if traveling in winter.

 What to Wear in Barcelona at Night

When it comes to what to wear in Barcelona at night, this guide should have already given you some general guidance and inspiration.

As a general rule, you’ll want to steer clear of beachwear in the evenings and opt for something a little smarter.

That being said, the dress sense in Barcelona is pretty relaxed, so you can wear jeans, t-shirts, and non-running sneakers in the evenings. 

However, you’ll need a few dressier options if you’re planning on eating at upscale restaurants or wine bars. 

15. Dress

If you think you might want to dine out at a nice restaurant or visit a nightclub, pop a trusty LBD or cocktail dress or similar in your checked bag. 

This printed turtleneck dress works well with black tights and boots, heels, or pumps during fall and winter.

Otherwise, a looser fit dress in a floral print is ideal for warmer months – paired with a blazer, denim, or biker jacket and tights as required to suit the current conditions.

On the other hand, jeans and a top are generally fine for most of the places you’ll likely visit in Barcelona. Overall, adopt a smart-casual approach to your evening outfits in Barcelona. 

16. Espadrilles 

Fancier restaurants, bars, and nightclubs will generally impose a no sporty sneakers and no flip-flops rule.

When choosing what to wear in Barcelona at night, boots are the best fit for a casual look in the winter months.

Ankle boots are likely to be the simplest option when it comes to packing although a longer fit will offer an added layer of protection on those chilly evenings or on a rainy October night. 

In the warmer months, you could wear a pair of flat sandals or pumps out to dinner or drinks. Espadrilles are an easy option whether or not you feel like adding a bit of height with a pair of wedge heels or favor flat slip-ons

people riding bicycles in front of a large brick arch in the park in Barcelona

Packing for Barcelona.

17. Cross-body bag 

A small purse for the evening is essential for your Barcelona packing list.

To keep your belongings extra secure and avoid falling victim to pickpockets, choose a cross-body bag.

This will give you extra peace of mind while riding the metro or hanging out in crowded bars, nightlife hubs, or strolling along La Rambla.

Shahida Khatree

Sunday 16th of April 2023

So excited to visit Barcelona in May perfect weather for the clothing we wear in South Africa....Love the ideas of Jeans to dress it up with formal shirt and ankle boots. Thanks for the tips most interesting.