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A 2-Week Costa Rica Itinerary

A 2-Week Costa Rica Itinerary

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Two weeks in Costa Rica is a perfect amount of time to do some exploring. You can pack tons of places in if you want to move quickly. I prefer to spend more time in fewer places, which is what this itinerary does.

This two-week Costa Rica itinerary covers exactly how I spent fourteen days in this beautiful country and what to do in Costa Rica on your next trip here.

I visited three main places – San Jose, Manuel Antonio, and Puerto Viejo. I used public transportation to get around the country and stayed mostly in Airbnb places during my trip not only to save money, but also to experience the country in a more local way.

One of the things I loved about Costa Rica, which I didn’t really know about before visiting, was how dedicated to eco-tourism they are. The country seems to be doing a lot to look after its natural beauty and (most) tour operators are equally as concerned about the environment as they are about their wallets. Sustainable tourism in Costa Rica is definitely a great thing to support on your trip to the country.

If you want to know how much I spent on my two-week trip to Costa Rica, you can read that here:

How Much Does it Cost to Travel Costa Rica

A 2-Week Costa Rica Itinerary

hiking manuel antonio

San Jose – 2 Days

I spent two days in San Jose and could have easily spent two more. It’s a really funky city with awesome restaurants. The shopping is seriously good. There’s plenty of street art to snap photos of, too.

I wrote a whole post about what to do in San Jose and why I don’t think you should skip it which you can read here:

A Guide to San Jose

Definitely be sure to check out the craft beer scene in Los Yoses, do some souvenir shopping in the Mercado Nacional de Artesanias, and eat lots of casados at Mercado Central.

We stayed in the cutest hostel, Hostel Urbano. It’s in one of the most hipster neighborhoods close to craft beer bars and good restaurants. They have bunk rooms, but we opted for a private room, a much cheaper option than a hotel room, but basically the same.

street art in san jose

Manuel Antonio – 6 Days

Manuel Antonio wasn’t on my radar at first, but I’m so glad I chose to go there in the end. It was the perfect mix of laid back beach time and getting out and hiking around the national park.

I stayed in this little Airbnb place which was off the beaten track and so incredibly quiet at night (except when the monkeys came to visit).

I highly recommend spending a day hiking the national park. It’s a bit expensive at $16 per person for the day, but it’s not too big to see it all in one day. I wrote a post about exploring the national park, what there is to see, and where to get the best views here:

Hiking Manuel Antonio

The bus is a really easy way to get around to the beaches. If you’re up for a bit of a hike, head along the winding road near Holis Wellness Center. Head all the way down until you get to the little path that leads to Playa Biesanz.

This area of the country is also a really great place for seafood. Be sure to eat your heart out at Marlins and Alta Mar de Manuel Antonio (their tuna burger is amazing) by the beach. Soda Angel in the town is excellent. Fish tacos at Sancho’s are a great option, too.

sunsets in costa rica

Puerto Viejo – 6 Days

Six days went by way too fast here in Puerto Viejo. I instantly fell in love and felt at home in this slice of paradise. The mix of jungle and beach is utter perfection. There is so much to do to keep you busy and tons of places to relax to be totally unbusy. We stayed in an amazing Airbnb (there are so many great Airbnb in Costa Rica worth checking out!)

I wrote a whole post about where to stay, where to eat, the best beaches to explore, and what to do if you want to get off the hammock and get exploring. You can read it here:

A Guide to Puerto Viejo

If I could only go back to one of the places on this list it would be Puerto Viejo, and if I did, I might just never leave.

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two-week costa rica itinerary