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9 Best Restaurants In Cozumel Mexico

9 Best Restaurants In Cozumel Mexico

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If you are planning a trip to this blissful Caribbean Island, you will definitely want to know about all the Best Restaurants in Cozumel. 

With idyllic sandy beaches and, blissful blue water, fantastic restaurants, and incredible adventures, Cozumel Island is the perfect paradise for travelers of all types. 

The restaurants in Cozumel reflect all the different types of people who have rooted themselves on the Island,  sharing many different styles and cultures of food. 

From fresh seafood to traditional tacos, Cozumel’s restaurant selection will satisfy you with many options for all preferences and budgets. 

If you are looking for the best things to do in the island, check out our day trip itinerary here!

Now, let’s temp your taste buds with the 9 Best Restaurants in Cozumel.

Map of the Best Restaurants in Cozumel

1. Aqui + Ahora

With its prime location situated oceanfront on the Cozumel boardwalk, Aqui + Ahora has quickly grown into one of the top restaurants in Cozumel. Coffee shop, restaurant, co-working space, Hookah lounge,  and late-night destination, Aqui + Ahora has it all. 

The mood of the restaurant is trendy and industrial with cool concrete walls and chic decorations.  They have comfortable sofas and lounge seating so you can relax while enjoying a coffee or cocktail. They also have tables and chairs for a more formal dining experience. 

Within the past year, Aqui + Ahora have expanded their facility creating a beautiful rooftop patio with an incredible view of the ocean.  

Upstairs you will find a small games room, separate smaller spaces designed for intimate groups, and high-top table and bar seating. Surrounded by hip decor, lush plants, and funky art, this is a great place to spend some time with your gang. 

They like to keep their restaurant exciting as well. Friday and Saturday nights they bring in local DJs spinning great beats. Or you can catch a cool event such as a foosball table tournament or a karaoke night.

Head over for breakfast and gorge on their PB Hotcakes, a personal favorite of mine. A fluffy stack of pancakes with a maple syrup topping infused with peanut butter is simply to die for. Compliment your dish with a fresh squeezed juice or selection from their coffee bar.

Visiting in the afternoon or evening? Their menu is quite extensive with many great options, and they serve food late into the evening to satisfy your cravings.

On the rooftop is where you will find cool crafty cocktails and buckets of beer. Choose from classic originals to bartender-curated infusions. Nothing screams Mexico more than their “Jalapeno Mexcalita” 

Aqui + Ahora also brands itself as a coworking space, so you can count on a strong wi-fi signal. 

Prices are extremely reasonable and you can easily enjoy a meal and drink for under $20 USD.  They even accept cryptocurrencies, how cool is that?!

coffee from the best restaurant in cozumel

Coffee from Aqui + Ahora.

2. Buccanos and Buccanos at Night

Hidden amongst the hotel zone in Cozumel, you will find this absolute gem of a restaurant named Buccanos. 

Beach club by day and fine dining by night, Buccanos is easily one of the best places to eat in Cozumel. It’s also one of the best beach clubs in Cozumel if you want to spend the day here eating and relaxing.

Buccanos is located on stunning beachfront property, with magnificent views of the sea.  

In the beach section of the property, you will find sun loungers and palapas for your enjoyment and direct access to the beach and ocean. 

Here the water is shallow and the sand is soft. A little further out to sea on the bottom of the ocean, you will find some small coral reefs, making for a pleasant easy snorkel. 

Just Up 3 stairs of the property you will find a shallow pool with loungers and the entrance to the table seating area. 

The interior of the restaurant is open air with beautiful stone walls and archways creating a cozy and inviting environment. 

In the evening Buccannos opens their terrace for a beautiful dining experience. If you arrive at the right time (Normally between 6 and 7 pm)  you can watch the sunset over the ocean lighting up the sky with beautiful shades of pink and orange.

Now let’s talk about the food!

Every time I visit Cozumel Island I try to visit Buccanos because they always leave me wanting more. 

The menu here is exquisite,  offering upscale options from classic Mexican favorites to contemporary seafood dishes. 

They pride themselves on the fact that their seafood is always fresh. As well they are commonly spoken about as having the best Sushi on the Island.  

Grab yourself an order of the Lobster Mac and Cheese. It is decadent with every bite and absolutely a menu favorite.  

To be honest you can’t go wrong with any selection off their menu. Each dish is prepared with elegance and creativity from the chef. 

A warm and friendly family owns the restaurant and that shows throughout the venue. The team at Buccanos is efficient and knowledgeable and always happy to serve you. 

Menu prices are higher but you will not be disappointed with your experience. Bring your friends or bring your family and be prepared to be impressed by your dazzling time at Buccanos. 

lobster dinner

There are a surprising number of places to have lobster in Cozumel.

3. Maple Bakehouse

Now with 3 locations in Cozumel, this artisanal bakery has made its way into my top list of bakeries in the Caribbean. 

I stumbled upon the location outside the Centro by accident as I was taking myself on a tour of the Island. It caught my eye as I drove by because it is a big beautiful building with a big sign that said Maple on the front.  

Being a Canadian where maple syrup comes from, I immediately pulled into their parking lot to check out what this place was all about.

As you walk in through the front doors the aroma of baked goods, maple, cinnamon, and sugars filled the air. You are in bakery heaven. Rows upon rows of freshly baked bread, pastries, cookies, and more filled their shelves.

The idea is that you take a basket and tongs and start making your selections. 

Cinnamon nut rolls, kiwi danishes, Mexican-style sweet bread, loaded croissants, and the list goes on. It’s too hard to decide on just one.

Don’t miss the Strawberry Cheese Danish my personal favorite. It is made with fresh strawberries and cream cheese. Decadent down to every bite. 

Order a coffee from their espresso bar and enjoy your treat. You will want to head there early as the selection is often picked over in the late afternoon.  

After discovering this Cozumel treasure I was thrilled to learn there was a second location on the Island within the downtown core. 

This location is smaller but still offers a wide variety of baked goods. With just 5 tables inside this location fills up fast due to the quality of their products. 

With classic breakfast and lunch options, this easily makes Maple Bakehouse one of the best restaurants in Cozumel to start your day. A third location has recently opened up. Kudos to the owners for creating a local favorite with flavorful treats and always busy by demand.

maple bakehouse cozumel best restaurant

Maple Bakehouse, Cozumel.

4. Cerveceria Punta Sur

Calling all you beer lovers out there! 

Another one of the best restaurants in Cozumel that serves up cold beer and flavor-packed pizzas with fascinating toppings. This little craft microbrewery is the first and only on the island, and they brew their products right on location. 

A fun fact is that they are situated on top of a small cenote, in which they use the fresh water from below for their brewing process. 

Their beers are full of flavor and served nice and cold. The Amber Ale is my personal favorite, malty and crisp to perfection. Don’t miss out on ordering the mushroom caps while you visit, along with the Blanca Pizza. The crust is made in-house and then fired in their pizza oven. 

Another cool fact about the restaurant is that lionfish is the only seafood you will find on their menu.  They offer a tasty lionfish pizza along with a few other options. 

Because lionfish are an invasive species here in the Caribbean, the restaurant takes part in the control of the species by sustainable fishing.  The lionfish are caught by local fishermen where no nets or bycatch is involved. 

The two owners of the restaurant are scuba divers as well and love to keep care of the environment by fishing the lionfish and keeping their waste to a minimum. 

Stop by and enjoy your beer in their calm relaxed tropical environment.  

tacos on a plate

Plenty of places to have great tacos in Cozumel.

5. K’ooben Laab

Have a craving for fresh Italian pasta? Make your way over to K’ooben Laab

Four young people started the restaurant creating a kitchen of healthy food using recipes passed down from previous generations within their families.

To order, start by choosing your pasta style and then top it off with a sauce. There are always many different choices of pasta styles and sauces, making for any possible combination. Don’t be afraid to mix 2 of the sauces together. 

My personal favorite on their menu is the Carbonara, so creamy and delicious. All of the pasta is homemade, so you are guaranteed freshness with every dish. 

Irresistible house-baked bread is served to start your meal. Don’t fill up on the bread too quickly though. You will want to leave room for your main dish.  

They also have a great selection of house-made desserts and bread that you can either enjoy in the restaurant or take home as a treat for later. 

The owner is super friendly and loves to come to chat with his guests sharing the story of the restaurant.  Prices are very reasonable, you can leave feeling completely stuffed for under $10.

tacos with a margherita from the best restaurants in cozumel

Tacos and margaritas are a great choice in Cozumel!

6. Casa Mission

For an evening of beautiful ambiance, supreme service, and a delectable dinner, make a reservation and head over to Casa Mission.  Absolutely one of the best restaurants in Cozumel and possibly the most beautifully historic as well.

This historical Mexican estate is located in the heart of the city, and its grounds are covered with lush foliage, fountains, and a beautiful hacienda which is now home to this restaurant. 

Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Casa Mission will please you with classic Mexican dishes, seafood, soups, salads, and prime cuts of meat. 

The coconut shrimp is a personal menu favorite but you really can’t go wrong with any item you decide. Each dish is made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. 

A great experience is to order the Caesar salad. Your server will come and make it from scratch directly at your table while entertaining you with anecdotes about the property. 

Service is an 11/10. They pride themselves in their work and simply love attending to the guests and creating a memorable experience for you.  

After you finish your meal make a stop in the gift shop, or indulge in a free tequila tasting offered on-site. You will find pricing on the higher end but each bite compensates in quality and flavor.  I can say that this is the spot for some of the best seafood in Cozumel.

steak on a wooden plate with potatoes

Despite its name, the steak is actually a great choice at Lobster House (pair it with seafood for a real treat).

7. Lobster House: La Cabaña del Pescador Grill

For incredibly fresh seafood in a quaint island atmosphere make your way over to the Lobster House. 

This restaurant dates back to the 70s with authentic nautical Caribbean-inspired decor.  They are a family-owned business priding themselves on fresh seafood, quality service, and many return guests. 

As suggested by the name of the restaurant, you can’t go wrong ordering a succulent fresh lobster but you will also want to try the Filete Catalina. It is a red snapper caught that day that has been stuffed with shrimp and topped in a decadent creamy white sauce. Mouth-watering to the extreme. 

The experience makes for a great night as the wait staff are incredibly attentive. Prices are higher as to be expected for quality seafood and portion sizes are nice and big.

The surf and turf with lobster and steak will set you back just under $50 USD. If you opt for steak and shrimp it’s $38 USD. The Filete Catalina that I recommended above is $25 USD. 

See their full menu with prices here.

Don’t skip on the key lime pie. So yummy you might want to take another one home for a midnight snack. 

shrimp in a bowl

There are tons of great seafood restaurants in Cozumel.

8. The Thirsty Cougar

For a fun night of live entertainment, great food, fresh drinks, and people watching make your way over to the Thirsty Cougar. 

They have a great location right in the Centro on the Malecon. A perfect spot to stop for food and take in the beautiful scenes of this bustling island. 

Dishes here are large with great value for your buck. Choose from menu options of Mexican favorites, fresh seafood, Caribbean dishes, and great vegetarian options. 

As well, because of their location, the Thirsty Cougar’s menu caters to the tourist crowds. Their menu offers American-style foods and Tex-Mex cuisine.  

Grab an order of the coconut shrimp or the ceviche. Ask any server, these are the top two picks on the menu. 

The restaurant serves its drinks in beautiful hand-blown and painted glassware. They look so pretty while you are sipping your fresh cold Margarita or Pina Colada.  

You can even purchase the glass to take home as a souvenir. Choose from a nice variety of shapes and styles of glassware, vases, and pitchers that are for sale.

Some nights a live band will be playing out front. Don’t be too shy to sing along or get up and dance to the music.

Street tacos in Cozumel

Street tacos are usually the best places to eat anywhere in Mexico.

9. Taqueria El Nero

Let’s talk about classic-style Mexican tacos. For sure a dish you won’t want to skip while traveling in Mexico.

El Nero taqueria is your traditional Mexican-style taco shop serving up a wide selection of meats. With plastic tables and chairs, a menu painted on the wall, and open out onto the street, this is one of the best places to eat in Cozumel local style.

Who cares about ambiance when you will be eating some amazing, juicy tacos?

Choose from meat options such as pastor, bistec, suadero, chorizo, and many more. All served up on a fresh slightly crispy corn tortilla. Check out our guide to authentic Mexican tacos here to brush up on your choices.

To your table, servers bring you a variety of freshly made salsas, cucumber, onion, and cilantro. Dress up your taco to your liking and enjoy.

The pastor meat is so full of flavor and cooked to perfection. A Mexican must try!

These tacos won’t break the bank either, ringing it at roughly 25 pesos a piece. Load up and try all the different meats for an experience your taste buds won’t forget.

If you are dining around dinner time (normally 7-8 pm) you might get lucky and score a fantastic dessert.

Dessert is not offered at El Nero, but often, in the evenings, a man comes by on his bicycle selling individual cups of key lime pie out of his little red cooler.

Don’t be afraid to purchase one from him. Actually, they are so delicious you might want two. Creamy, tangy, smooth, and super cheap. The perfect way to end your Mexican taco dinner.

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