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What to Wear in Cabo: A Packing List

What to Wear in Cabo: A Packing List

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If you are trying to figure out what to wear in Cabo for your upcoming trip, this article will help you decide exactly what to pack for Cabo depending on what time of year you’ll be visiting.

Whether you’re headed to Cabo San Lucas for some fun in the sun or you’re more interested in laid-back San Jose del Cabo, this Cabo packing list is perfect for this entire region.

While you’re in the region, be sure to check out stunning spots like Todos Santos, Cabo Pulmo, and other awesome day trips from Cabo here.

What’s the Weather Like in Cabo?

The weather is pretty wonderful year-round on Cabo.

January and February are the coolest months of the year with temperatures averaging 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit (24-27 Degrees Celsius). 

Sometimes in the evenings, the temperatures can drop into the high 60s Fahrenheit (18-21 Celsius).

You can expect the temperatures to increase as you get closer to summertime and by June and July, you can sometimes experience temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 Degrees Celsius). 

The nice thing about the weather in Cabo is that it is very dry.

This region of Mexico is arid and gets very little rain throughout the year, so humidity is incredibly low, which makes the higher temperatures slightly more bearable than places like Playa del Carmen or Merida.

Baja California Sur can sometimes experience hurricanes in the late summer/early autumn season between July and October. Always be sure to keep up with the current storm warnings before traveling during this time period.

woman standing in front of a yellow vw beatle.

What to wear in Cabo varies depending on your activities, but I live in shorts and t-shirts when I’m there.

What to Wear in Cabo

Since the weather doesn’t change much during the year in this region of Mexico, packing for Cabo is relatively easy.

If you are concerned about what is appropriate culturally in Mexico, you don’t have to worry much about this region of Mexico.

This is a tourist area. Both Mexican and international tourists come here to get away from it all. 

Most restaurants are incredibly casual and you will see tons of people walking the streets in their bathing suits or one small layer on top of their swimsuits.

Many places will simply ask that you have a pair of shoes or flip-flops on, a shirt, and shorts, and you’re good to go. 

If you are concerned about what to pack for other parts of Mexico check out our full guide to what to wear in Mexico for more info.

1. Shorts

I always recommend when visiting somewhere in Mexico, that you pack lightweight shorts because it is so humid, but the great thing about what to wear in Cabo is that there is little to no humidity in Los Cabos for the majority of the year.

Los Cabos is a desert beach area and for the majority of the year, the heat is dry. This means you can pack jean shorts, linen shorts, terrycloth shorts, or shorts of whatever other material that you’d like. 

The weight of the material matters very little because even though temperatures can reach well above 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) most days, you won’t feel the heat quite like you do in places like Cancun or Tulum.

Depending on the length of your trip, I recommend taking a pair of casual shorts which you can use for water sports activities as well as a nicer pair of shorts that you can wear to lunch or on a day trip to La Paz or Todos Santos. 

Two tends to be enough for me because I prefer dresses and skirts for evening wear, but if you plan to wear cute shorts more often, then I recommend packing at least four pairs.

woman standing on the beach in cabo mexico

Because the temperatures are so dry there, I can get away with wearing jean shorts even on short hikes like this one.

2. T-Shirts and Tank Tops

You’ll need something to wear along with your shorts. 

Los Cabos is a very casual place, so when planning what to wear in Cabo, consider the fact that most of your time will be spent at the beach, riding on boats, and heading into town for a little bit of food at a local restaurant.

If your trip to Cabo also includes a little bit of partying or you want to visit some of the nicer restaurants in the area (I highly recommend Tamarindos), then you will want to pack some nicer blouses for those moments.

Otherwise, you can stick to your favorite t-shirts and tank tops to throw on throughout your trip. I always love the classic t-shirts from JCrew. They come in different colors every season, the fit is fantastic, and they last a long time.

3. Skirts and Dresses

Skirts and dresses are my go-tos when considering what to wear in Cabo. They are easy to throw on and immediately make you feel more dressed up and stylish despite the fact that they take less effort than most other outfits.

I would recommend packing at least one casual dress that you can throw over a bathing suit and feel comfortable heading to a local grocery store or taco spot to eat with a pair of flip-flops. 

I usually bring two or three of these types of dresses on my trips to Cabo because they are the easiest way to look put together with minimal effort.

If you plan to go on day trips to other local towns or you have some nicer dinners planned, then add one or two more dresses or skirts that are a little bit nicer. 

You can opt for loose-fitting, maxi, short, or midi. There are absolutely no rules about fashion or any real concerns about culture in Cabo because it is such a vacation spot.

Choose the clothes that make you feel your best and go with them.

woman standing on the beach in a striped dress wondering what to wear in cabo

Cotton dresses are perfect for going from beach to casual lunch spot while in Cabo.

4. Comfortable Walking Shoes

There are some wonderful hikes to do in the Los Cabos area as well as north into the mountains around Todos Santos.

The towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are also incredibly walkable. 

So whether you plan to hit the trails or you’re just going to be walking from the beach to the town center, having some comfortable and sturdy walking shoes is a great idea. 

I usually just pack a pair of running sneakers like these Nike ones. 

They are really comfortable to walk in for long periods of time, and they have enough traction for rocky trails, but they also look cute enough to wear with a pair of shorts as I walk around town.

5. Sandals

If you are trying to figure out how many pairs of shoes to add to your bag when packing for Cabo, then I recommend two pairs of sandals for the minimalists and perhaps a third pair for those that have the space.

You’ll want a pair of flip-flops or comfortable sandals to go to and from the beach, pool, and room. These are sandals that you can just throw on with ease and if you need to, you can wear them into the grocery store or local shop to grab some drinks for the beach.

My personal favorite flip-flops are Rainbows. They are my absolute favorite travel sandals for their quality and every year they make them a little bit cuter, too. Grab a pair here.

The second type of sandal is something cute that you can wear with shorts, skirts, or dresses for a nicer meal. If this will be your main pair for going out, then you’ll want something that goes with everything like these slip-ons in black or brown.

If you have the space for a third pair and you think you’ll wear them, I would throw in a pair of wedges or espadrilles. 

woman sitting on the edge of a pool at her hotel in cabo san lucas mexico

You will definitely want to add some colorful bathing suits to your Cabo packing list.

6. Bathing Suits

You’re headed to the beach, so of course, bathing suits should be on your Cabo packing list!

I usually always make sure to have at least two because the chances are the one you wore yesterday won’t be dry in time to wear it again today. However, I usually pack three for a trip to the beach in Mexico.

On my list is at least one one-piece like these from Amazon. I love this style with the high leg, but full stomach coverage and it comes in so many fun colors and patterns. I usually buy at least one of these a season.

Then I usually pack two bikinis which tend to come from my favorite Mexican bathing suit designers at Lovera Bikinis. Located in Sayulita, this bathing suit company make the cutest styles and they support local women around the Nayarit area. 

They ship to the US or elsewhere in Mexico. Simply reach out to them on Instagram to see what styles they have available. 

What to Wear in Cabo at Night

As I mentioned above, when you are considering what to pack for Cabo, remember that this beach town can be as casual or as fancy as you want it to be.

If you want to have a night of drinking a few beers on the beach, you can do that. If you want to sit on your balcony in your bathing suit and watch the sunset, then go out for a nice but casual dinner, you can do that.

If you want to get all dressed up and go to a high-end restaurant in your finest attire, you can do that, too.

Depending on whether you are staying at one of the beach resorts in Los Cabos, in downtown Cabo San Lucas, or in low-key San Jose del Cabo, your options are endless.

I recommend packing at least one option for each type of evening – a casual one (which you already cover with what you’re packing for daytime), a slightly nicer night, and one fancy night in case you decide you want to splurge at one of the area’s best restaurants.

If you are in Cabo to party, pretty much anything goes. You can show up at the Giggling Marlin with jean shorts and a bikini top or a cute dress and sandals, no one will turn you away. 

In the evenings, most bars do tend to ask that you have shoes and a shirt on for both men and women.

san jose del cabo sign

Be sure not to miss a trip to San Jose del Cabo while you are in the area.

What Else to Pack for Cabo

Besides all of the different clothes and shoes that you want to have on your Cabo packing list, you’ll also want to add these things to your bag because they tend to be much more expensive in this part of Mexico.

Sun Hat

You will of course be able to find some cute sun hats at markets around Cabo (I got a great one from the San Jose del Cabo Market for about $15 USD), but if you are particular about your style, then you’ll want to make sure you pack one.

Although it’s not humid, the sun here in this part of Mexico is incredibly strong and you will without a doubt want to bring a hat to protect you from the sun both at the beach and when you are strolling around the towns in Los Cabos.

If you are going to go on any hiking trips while you are in the Baja California Sur area, then you’ll also want to pack a cap or hat that will protect you on those hikes. 

Even if you start early, you are likely to find yourself exposed to the heat of the sun in many parts of your hike.

woman standing on the beach in la paz mexico

When visiting a hot place, it’s always good to pack a few lightweight linen tops like this one.


My favorite accessory when I go out at night in Los Cabos is a fun pair of earrings. 

Many people tend to get concerned about the safety in Los Cabos as well as other parts of Mexico, but when you are in the tourist areas of Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo, you should feel more than safe to wear your favorite jewelry.

Beach Sarong

If you are staying at a resort while you are visiting Los Cabos, then you don’t really need to worry about this. Your resort will have beach towels, pool towels, and shower towels at your disposal constantly.

However, if you are staying at a city center hotel or in an Airbnb or apartment, then you will want to think about bringing some beach blankets or sarongs with you in order to enjoy a day at the beach.

Check with your Airbnb or hotel before you arrive. Some places have beach towels and even beach chairs and umbrellas for you to use while other places don’t have this included in their offerings.

The lightest thing to pack is a nice beach sarong like this one from Amazon. They’re affordable and they roll up nice and small. You can use it as a beach blanket, you can dry off with it when you get out of the ocean, or you can use it as a beach cover-up.

cabo san lucas ocean views

You’ll no doubt be spending the majority of your time enjoying the good weather and swimming in the ocean.


A pair of good quality sunglasses, preferably with polarization to protect your eyes, is a must when you visit places as sunny and dry as Los Cabos.

I have been wearing Ray-Bans for years and they continue to come out with cute colors in their polarized range. 


Sunscreen is not incredibly expensive in Los Cabos, but it definitely costs more than purchasing it on Amazon before your trip.

I personally love Neutrogena for my face and this Badger sunscreen which is all-natural for everything else.


Book lovers won’t want to forget to bring their Kindle with them. You won’t find any bookshops in Los Cabos that carry a wide range of English books (there is only one actual bookstore in general in the area and getting to it requires a bus journey or a car rental).

The latest version of Kindle allows you to simply add a new book as soon as you finish the last one or you can download a few while you’re at home to enjoy uninterrupted beach or pool reading for your entire vacation in Los Cabos.

cabo san lucas beach with hotels on the left and the ocean on the right.

Walking the beach in Cabo San Lucas is a must even if just to see all of the different bars and restaurants on offer.

Filter Water Bottle

Drinking water in Mexico from the tap is not recommended. Read here about all our tips for drinking water in Mexico and how to avoid tummy problems.

If you are visiting any part of Mexico, I always recommend a good filter water bottle like Grayl or Lifestraw. Both allow you to fill up your bottle from the tap in Mexico or other untrustworthy water sources, and drink it safely and without issue.

I have personally used both in Mexico and I have never had a problem. It means you don’t have to keep buying water everywhere you go and you don’t have to use tons of plastic while you’re here either.