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When is the Best Time to Visit Tulum?

When is the Best Time to Visit Tulum?

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When is the best time to visit Tulum? This is a popular question amongst many travelers when considering booking a trip to this sunny Caribbean hotspot. 

The answer? Well, there is no right or wrong time to visit Tulum. The truth is that the beauty of Tulum can be experienced throughout all seasons of the year. 

Depending on what type of experience you are looking for might determine the time of year that is best suited for your visit.

Day by day Tulum is growing in popularity and becoming an incredibly popular tourist destination. 

What was once a small Mexican town on the Caribbean coastline, is now a hot spot for beach vacations, gourmet restaurants, bumpin’ parties, wellness retreats, divine shopping and so much more. 

A vacation to Tulum can involve dining at amazing restaurants, visiting local cenotes, relaxing at bougie beach clubs, and fun nights at cool local bars.

Tulum is also home to ancient Mayan ruins, long soft sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and eco-friendly resorts with a certain relaxed Bohemian-style atmosphere. It’s a great destination for its blend of history, natural beauty, and laid-back vibe.

All year round, you can expect Tulum to have beautiful sunny days with hot temperatures which is the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing beach holiday. Depending on your travel style –  there will be times of the year which are better suited for you. 

For thrilling parties and a vibrant town, the high season is the best time to visit Tulum, although hotel pricing will reflect the increase in demand for occupancy.

The low season is great in Tulum if you are looking for a relaxed visit with quiet streets and lower rates on accommodation. However, you will have to deal with less-than-ideal weather sometimes (unless you love 100% humidity and afternoon rain showers).

So when is the best time to visit Tulum? Let’s jump into this article to find out the time best suited for you. 

High Season In Tulum

Some say that the high season is the best time to visit Tulum. The high season runs from the beginning of December until April. 

Weather in Tulum During High Season

During these months you can expect warm sunny days and cool breezy nights. It is the perfect climate for relaxing days at the beaches. The sun is out, but not so strong as you would find it in July or August. 

Even though it may not feel as hot as the summer months, be sure that you are still wearing sunscreen. The sun in Mexico is very strong all year round. Read our full Tulum packing guide to make sure you don’t forget any of the essentials.

December, January, and February have average daily high temperatures of 27 – 28 degrees Celsius (80-82 degrees Fahrenheit), with average nighttime lows of 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit).

I have even witnessed evening lows of 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) which believe me when I say that is cold for Tulum!

Humidity levels are lower, the air is cool and breezy, but the sun is warm and cozy. 

While visiting during these months be sure to pack a light sweater and pair of pants for the cool evenings. 

In March and April, you can feel the temperatures rising. The average temperature is 29-30 degrees Celcius (84-86 degrees Fahrenheit).

The sun is significantly stronger and you can feel warmer air with slightly higher humidity levels. These are the perfect months for catching that golden bronzy sun sun-tanned skin. 

These perfect temperatures bring an influx of tourists and travelers. Tulum is also the latest hot spot for digital nomads looking to escape the cold winter months. 

Streets, restaurants, hotels, and attractions are all busy during the high season with an energetic atmosphere across the town.

If you are traveling solo this is a great time to meet like-minded people and make new friends. 

tulum archaeological site with turquoise caribbean sea in the distance with no people on the beach which is the best time to visit tulum.

The best time to visit Tulum if you want to avoid the crowds is during the hottest months of July and August (or just get up really early for empty beach photos).

Pricing During High Season in Tulum

With high demand comes high price points.

Generally speaking, Tulum isn’t the most budget-friendly tourist destination to begin with.

Hotels and Airbnb have significantly higher price points during the high season, and even higher prices if there is a holiday (ie Christmas & New Year’s) or a special event is taking place in the city.  Expect to be paying top dollar for accommodations during the high season.

Partys in Tulum during High Season

Tulum is known for some amazing parties and music festivals. You won’t want to miss a day or night out in the hotel zone of Tulum at one of its vibey clubs. 

The beach of the hotel zone is dotted with beach clubs, restaurants, and bars all offering different experiences. The high season is the best time to vacation in Tulum to experience the full energy of the hotel zone.

Zamna Music Festival is an incredible event that happens in Tulum during December and January. The festival takes place on different dates throughout these months bringing world-renowned DJs to unleash their beats under the stars. 

During these events, the city fills up with high occupancy at hotels and Airbnb and you can expect high surged prices to reflect the demand. It may be a pricey event but if you are not concerned about dropping some cash – these events are incredibly cool and memorable experiences. 

Tulum Activities in High Season

The Riviera Maya is rich with activities to explore. From swimming in cenotes to exploring Ancient Mayan ruins – you will find an excursion suited for everyone. 

Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Rio Secreto, and Chichen Itza are just a few examples. During the high season, you can expect that these parks are busier, full of tourists enjoying the fun. 

If scuba diving with Bull Sharks is on your bucket list then you must plan your visit during high season. This incredible event takes place from November to February due to the migratory path of pregnant female Bull Sharks. Check out this tour option which leaves from nearby Playa del Carmen.

beach club with wooden shack on the beach and the sea in the distance.

There are so many amazing beaches and funky beach clubs and restaurants in Tulum.

Low Season in Tulum

The low season in Tulum spans from May until September. 

During these months, the temperatures begin to rise and the change of rainfall increases the closer we move into hurricane season. Hurricane season isn’t something to be afraid of, but I’ll go into more detail on that later in this article. 

Tourism levels decrease and the city is noticeably less busy than you would find it during the holiday months of December and January.

The low season months are the best months to visit Tulum for a calm and tranquil vacation.

Weather in Tulum During Low Season

In May you really begin to feel the humidity in the air. What was once that cool breeze in December, turns into a hot humid heat. 

You can expect temperatures to reach 32 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit) with high humidity levels around 92%. Be ready to get sweaty. 

Personally, after living in the Caribbean for 3 years I can say that I have become accustomed to the hot heat and high humidity and have grown to love it. It does wonders for the hair, skin, and nails compared to the cold dry climates of Canada. 

Rainfall is more abundant in these summer months where daily rain can be a normal occurrence. From what I have learned and experienced about rain in the Caribbean, is that the weather systems are fast-moving. 

Rain will begin softly, then rapidly increase in strength downpouring for about 20 minutes, lighten up to a soft shower then the big dark cloud will move on allowing the sun to shine through. What is great is that the rain normally lasts about an hour and is quite predictable by checking out the dark heavy clouds in the sky.

Carrying an umbrella and rain jacket isn’t a bad idea to keep dry during these times. All the rain is what contributes to the high humidity of the summer. 

North winds are a blessing in the Caribbean and something that people look forward to in the summer months. Cool winds from the north bring cool air and usually temporarily blow away pesky mosquitoes and accumulated sargasso. 

bicycle on the side of the road with a sign that says follow your dreams in the beach area of Tulum.

Tulum has grown enormously in popularity over the last few years, especially with digital nomads.

Sargasso in Tulum

Something else to be aware of during the summer months is the Sargasso seaweed that washes up on the coastline of Tulum. 

Sargasso is a type of seaweed that tends to arrive on the beaches of Tulum from May through September. It is not something you can predict or know much about before arriving. The seaweed can come and go due to weather patterns, and tides of the ocean. Some years it comes earlier and stays later, other years it is light and hardly anything to be concerned about.

Sargasso does affect tourism negatively because it makes swimming and sunbathing on the beach unpleasant.  

Although tourism is affected the ocean and ecosystem has great benefits from Sargasso. 

Pricing in Tulum in the Low season

Due to the weather, seaweed, and other factors,  pricing for accommodations in Tulum is significantly lower than you would find in high season. 

This is the best time to visit Tulum if you are looking for some great hotel deals. I have seen some Airbnb listings in September as low as $30 USD per night. 

If hot heat, a little rain, and seaweed do not bother you then I can recommend visiting during low season. Not to mention the city will be less crowded as well. 

Activities in Tulum During the Low Season

So you might not want to visit the beach during the summer depending on the amount of seaweed, but don’t let that stop you from exploring the many other fabulous things to do in Tulum

Tulum is fantastic for exploring cenotes as you have so many of the most popular cenotes near Tulum. The fresh, cool water from the cenotes is the perfect way to cool off from the hot summer heat.  

Theme parks will be less busy as well. Visiting Chichen Itza and Coba can be more enjoyable because the amount of tours going on is significantly less.

An extremely popular event that happens in the summer months is snorkeling with the Whale Sharks.

Tourists from all over the world travel to the Riviera Maya to experience this magical event. June, July, and August are the peak months when the Whale Sharks are in full abundance out in the plankton-heavy waters of the Caribbean. Book a tour to swim with Whale Sharks here.

swimming pools on top of hotels in the middle of the jungle.

If you want to stay in one of these epic hotels without spending a fortune, come during the low season and book as far in advance as you can.

Hurricane Season in Tulum

When planning a vacation to Tulum or anywhere in the Caribbean it is important to take note of hurricane season. This time frame typically stretches from June to November. 

During this time in Tulum, you can expect a mix of hot and humid days often followed by heavy rains and sometimes strong winds. 

While direct hurricane hits are quite rare, it is important to pay close attention to the rapidly changing weather conditions. 

The Mexican government and local authorities do a great job of keeping people informed of upcoming storms well before they arrive. This gives everyone sufficient time to prepare themselves before the hurricane even lands. Taking the necessary precautions allows everyone to remain safe throughout the storm.

In the 3 years I have been here, I am lucky enough to say that I have not witnessed any crazy destructive hurricanes. I would not let the fear of hurricanes deter you from booking a vacation during this time, especially because you can find some incredible deals on vacation packages.

Be sure to get yourself some trip insurance. I always use Safety Wing when I travel so that I have medical coverage when I’m traveling. I also always book my trips with my Chase Sapphire credit card which has trip insurance included on any trips that I book using the card. Get yourself a Chase Sapphire card here.

Shoulder Season in Tulum

The shoulder seasons in Tulum are nestled between the peak and off-peak seasons of the year. They are generally acknowledged as May, October, and November. 

During these months, beaches and landmarks become tranquil due to fewer tourists. The balmy weather is still to be enjoyed by visitors.

The days are sunny and the air is hot. October and November usually call for scattered rain showers so don’t forget to pack your umbrella and rain jacket. There is also still a possibility of hurricanes in October, but they become less likely.

Discounts on accommodations and tours are often provided to attract more business. So this is one of the best times to visit Tulum for budget-conscious travelers. 

Still unsure when is the best time to visit Tulum? Here is a quick month-to-month Guide featuring average temperatures, weather conditions, and special Holidays and events that you may want to check out. 

stars at night by the beach during the cooler winter months which is the best time to visit Tulum.

Whenever you decide to visit Tulum, enjoy evenings on the beach to look up at the stars.


Average Temperature: 24-27 degrees Celsius / 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: New Year’s Day, Dia de Reyes de Magos, Zamna Music Festival, Bull Shark Season.

The weather is fantastic with very little rainfall. Warm sunny days and cool breezy evenings. The city is vibrant and full of tourists and travelers enjoying the holiday season. 

High pricing for accommodations with limited availability. Booking accommodation well in advance is recommended. 


Average Temperature: 24-27 degrees Celsius / 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Valentine’s Day, Carnival, Bull Shark Season.

The sun is out and the air is cool. February is the dry season in Tulum so you won’t need to worry about rainfall. Catch Carnival celebrations and expect less tourists than the busy months of December and January

Again High accommodations come at a higher price and it is recommended to book well in advance. 


Average Temperature: 25-28 degrees Celsius / 77-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Spring Break, Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza, Semana Santa (in 2024).

The weather in March is blissful. Hot sunny days and gentle breezy evenings. Perfect days for laying out on the beach or exploring the surrounding attractions. You will find spring breakers on vacation letting loose from busy school schedules. 

The town is busy and full of fun and excitement and hotel occupancy levels are high. 

entrance to the beach with palm trees and turquoise water in the distance.

One of the reasons Tulum is so popular is because it is truly beautiful.


Average Temperature: 26-28 degrees Celsius / 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Semana Santa (in 2025).

Peak season begins to taper off in April with fewer tourists and travelers. This is a great time to visit Tulum. The weather is still nice and hot but you might encounter the occasional rain shower to cool you down.

If you are visiting during Semana Santa the city will be full of vacationers enjoying the holiday. But outside of that week, it should begin to calm down in Tulum.


Average Temperature: 28-32 degrees Celsius / 82-89 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Labor Day.

In May you can begin to feel temperatures and humidity levels rising. What was once the cool evening breeze just a month ago, is now a hot heavy air. In May it is typical that the sargasso seaweed arrivers on the beaches. 

Hotel occupancy is lower and you can find great deals on vacation packages. 


Average Temperature: 28-31 degrees Celsius / 82-88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Whale Shark Season.

June is hot in Tulum with high humidity. International tourism is down but local tourism rises a little due to the kids being out of school. June is the perfect time to swim with the whale sharks. 

Tourism is down which makes for a more relaxing and tranquil holiday. 

Take note that in the summer there are more mosquitoes so pack your bug spray. 

seaweed on the beach with steps leading from the top of the hill to the sea below.

Seaweef can be a bit of a problem during the summer months, but many resorts work hard to clear the beaches each day.


Average Temperature: 28-31 degrees Celsius / 82-88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Sea Turtle Nesting Season, Whale Shark Season.

In July you can expect hot days, high humidity, and scattered rainfall. Summer vacations are in full swing so expect a moderately busy city with Mexican and other North American families vacationing here. 

July is one of the best times to visit Tulum to experience nature. This is the peak season for snorkeling with the whale sharks. Also if you are lucky you might observe sea turtles making their nests on the shore, or the hatching of baby sea turtles taking their first steps into the sea. 


Average Temperature: 28-32 degrees Celsius / 82-89 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Whale Shark Season, Sea Turtle Nesting Season

August brings hot heat with high humidity. You can expect lots of rainfall scattered throughout the month. Pack light clothes, and your beach hat, and stay hydrated to beat the heat. 

Towards the end of August tourism is at a low due to families prepping for back-to-school season. This might be the perfect time for you to score a sweet deal on pricing. 


Average Temperature: 29-31 degrees Celsius / 84-87 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Mexican Independence Day (15 September), Fall Equinox at Chichen Itza, Sea Turtle Nesting Season.

September is one of the months with the most rain so don’t forget your umbrella and raincoat. 

If you have the chance to be in Mexico for Mexican Independence Day, I highly recommend it. The whole country comes to life with vibrant parties, celebrations, and full energy. 

man in a hammock with a drink and the beach in front of him.

Tulum is the place to come for a bit of boho glamor. Lay in a hammock, but do it with a craft cocktail.


Average Temperature: 26-30 degrees Celsius / 78-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Halloween. 

October in Tulum still has a lot of rain, but don’t let that discourage you because in between the rain showers, the skies will be sunny.

If you are looking for a wild Halloween party, Tulum is the place to be!


Average Temperature: 23-28 degrees Celsius / 73-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Dia de Muertos, Riviera Maya Jazz Festival.

In November you can feel significantly cooler temperatures than in July and August. Humidity levels drop and the air becomes fresh and cool, but there are still warm days when it’s clear and hot. 

Dia de Muertos is amazing to witness if you are visiting Tulum at this time. The celebrations in Tulum won’t be as grand as the celebrations you will find in Mexico City or Oaxaca, but Tulum offers a taste of what these grand festivities may entail. 

In my opinion, this is the best time to visit Tulum and in general, one of the best times to visit Mexico. Whether you are planning to add on places like Cancun or Mexico City, November is an ideal time to avoid the crowds but still have wonderful weather.


Average Temperature: 22-28 degrees Celsius / 71-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Events: Christmas and New Years

This is peak season in Tulum and festivities are in full swing. Beaches, beach clubs, restaurants, and bars are all bustling with vacationers. 

The temperatures are blissful with warm sunny days and cool breezy evenings. 

Tulum-style Christmas and New Year’s Eve Parties are some of the best in the Riviera Maya.