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17 Best Restaurants in Todos Santos

17 Best Restaurants in Todos Santos

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There are so many wonderful restaurants in Todos Santos, Mexico. This dusty little town has made something of a name for itself as the farm-to-table foodie destination.

Whether you want delicious seafood tacos, fresh ceviche, serious sourdough bread, a great coffee spot, or something super fancy, you can find it all tucked away in this little slice of Mexican paradise.

I spent a month living in Todos Santos and found my favorite places that I returned to again and again. Even after moving to San Jose del Cabo, I continued to return for some of my favorite Todos Santos restaurants.

Of course, there are tons of great restaurants in San Jose del Cabo as well as plenty of restaurants in Cabo San Lucas to enjoy if you are making a trip around all of the hot spots on the peninsula.

Top Restaurants in Todos Santos

1. Fish Taco Santo Chilote

This is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Todos Santos if you want local seafood tacos. One of the best things about the tacos here is that there is a ton of choice. You can return every night of your trip and try something completely different.

The main options for tacos are fish, shrimp, and octopus which are available simply grilled, battered and fried (Baja style), “crunchy” which is coated in bread crumbs and fried, or marinated in pastor salsa.

You can’t go wrong with any of the taco options, but they also have full plates of food if you would prefer. They have a long list of ceviches, coconut shrimp, as well as molcajetes which are large sizzling bowls of seafood of all different kinds seasoned with unique flavors like spicy, drunken, or pineapple.

fish tacos santo chilote on a green wall with a chile with wings painted onto the wall at one of the best restaurants in Todos Santos.

You can’t miss the bright green building on the corner of one of the town’s main streets.

2. Cafelix

This fabulous Todos Santos breakfast spot is where to come for a huge plate of food to fill you up for the day.

They have nice coffees and strong WiFi, so I sometimes come here just to get some work done and sip their cappuccinos.

However, big breakfast lovers will not want to miss their chilaquiles with housemade salsas. They also have pancakes, waffles, French toast, and enormous omelets. You’ll find Mexican classics like huevos rancheros and egg with chorizo as well as lighter options like green juices and smoothies.

They also have a small lunch menu if you are looking for a place to grab a good sandwich and a coffee. 

3. Alma y Many’s

For true Mexican home cooking, you can’t miss out on a meal at Alma y Many’s. They have breakfast, lunch, and diner options. They have a whole vegan and vegetarian section on the menu that sits alongside seafood and classic Mexican meat dishes.

Meals here are hearty and packed with flavor. From the chile relleno (stuffed poblano peppers) to the saucy enchiladas. They have sopes, flautas, and tostadas (not sure what these are? Check out our guide to Mexican traditional foods here).

You can also find soups, salads, and a few other lighter meal options on the menu as well as a full breakfast selection including molletes, chilaquiles, burritos, and omelets.

loaf of bread with avocado and glass on a blanket.

I always loved to grab a loaf of bread from Jazamango and take it with some avocado and cooked meat to the beach to make sandwiches. Don’t forget a few cold Pacificos!

4. Jazamango

One of the most beloved restaurants in Todos Santos, Jazamango is a true farm-to-table experience. It’s also home to the best sourdough bread in all of Baja California Sur (better than a lot of the places I’ve tried in Seattle, to be honest!).

There are two locations of Jazamango in Todos Santos. You have a small cafe in the downtown area which is a nice place to pick up some coffee and light snacks. However, the best one is the larger farm location just a few minutes outside the center of town (located here).

There is a huge outdoor seating area with cover from the sun so you can dine al fresco without sweating in that strong Baja sun. The menu changes seasonally and is packed with so many amazing dishes.

A large part of the menu is plant-based and many of these delicious plants come straight from their garden. You’ll find things like cauliflower steaks, homemade pasta, roasted beets, and vegetarian risotto as well as meatier dishes like suckling pig, fresh grilled whole fish, and braised short ribs.

Of course, don’t forget to come in the morning for a fresh loaf of their sourdough bread. I used to come here and buy a loaf, then head to the nearby fruit and vegetable shop to pick up a few things to take to the beach to make sandwiches. 

5. El Compa Chava

I return to El Compa Chava again and again for the ceviche. They serve up huge share-style platters of freshly made fish ceviche with piles of crispy tostadas and a table full of salsas to spice things up with. 

In addition to ceviche, they also have a full menu of seafood tacos like shrimp or fish tacos which are available as grilled, battered, or crispy. 

This is not the restaurant for you and your family if there is someone in the group who doesn’t like seafood. The only things on the menu are creatures from the sea cooked in all different types of ways and some not cooked at all served sashimi style.

plate of tacos with coleslaw on top and limes sliced on the side of the plate.

There are so many great seafood taco spots in Todos Santos to try.

6. Tacos y Mariscos El Sinaloense

If I am passing through Todos Santos and I only have time to stop at one place in town, it will always be Tacos y Mariscos El Sinaloense.

I have sampled aguachile all over Mexico, including in Sinaloa where the dish was originally created.

None have tasted as fresh, as balanced with spice and acid, as the aguachile at El Sinaloense.

There is a full menu of seafood here, but I urge you to try this shrimp dish. If you have never tried aguachile before, it is a style of ceviche made with shrimp and always chile, as the name suggests.

The shrimp is prepared raw and cured in a bath of lime juice, chiles, and salt. Often you’ll have it served with cucumber and red onion. Sometimes there are other salsas like salsa negra which is made with a different type of chile than the green chiles that it is usually made with.

They also have ceviche with fish and octopus and a huge menu of cooked seafood dishes including excellent fish and shrimp tacos. Most seating is outside and there is ample parking if you are driving from elsewhere.

aguachile served in the shell of a scallop.

The aguachile at El Sinaloense remains one of my favorite aguachiles in all of Mexico.

7. Tiki Santos Bar

For a taste of traditional Mexican seafood with a creative twist, get yourself to Tiki Santos Bar.

This little food stall just off one of the main streets in town is tucked behind a row of buildings, which opens out into a little courtyard with plastic chairs and wooden tables and a little tiki bar where the food is prepared.

There is a raw menu with things like freshly shucked oysters and yellowtail tuna sashimi. They have tuna ceviche, aguachile, and seafood tacos and burritos.

If there are a few people in the group who don’t eat seafood, you’ll find a small section of the menu with burgers and vegetarian taco options. 

8. Todos Santos Brewing

Okay, not exactly a restaurant, but Todos Santos Brewing is making some of the best beer in the region.

And they do serve food. The menu is a nice selection of bar classics like juicy burgers, chicken wings, rack of ribs, and fish and chips. Get a few snacks for the table like guacamole and chips or the large soft pretzels. 

They have a few different events throughout the week like trivia night or live football. Check their Facebook page for information about what events may be on during your trip.

Todos Santos Brewing Co exterior.

An unassuming entrance, the Todos Santos Brewery is making some delicious craft beer.

9. Taller 17

A cute little cafe right in the center of town, Taller 17 is the place to come in Todos Santos for delicious iced coffee and sweet treats.

They are baking soft chewy cookies, even chewier brownies, and flaky buttery pastries. I usually come here for strong iced coffees and a chocolate chip cookie to go and then take it out into the nearby plaza to sit in the sunshine and enjoy.

10. DoceCuarenta

If you have a mode of transportation while you are in Todos Santos, be it a car, bicycle or quad bike, then its well worth following the long road down to DoceCuarenta.

This coffee roaster originated in La Paz, but after sampling both extensively, I would argue they’re doing it better in Todos Santos. 

The space is enormous with plenty of space to come and sit to work, which you can do for up to two hours at a time. They have without a doubt, the fastest internet in all of Todos Santos.

But even if you don’t need to upload videos or make a Zoom call, it is well worth coming here for the food and coffee.

They have a nice menu for healthy breakfast options as well as some seriously good sandwiches made with their homemade bread. But I cannot come to DoceCuarenta without ordering a cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll here is big enough for a family of 5 to share (ok not really, but they are enormous).

You can smell them when you’re baking and if you time it right, you can get one fresh out of the oven, still warm. It’s heavenly.

outside of DoceCuarenta, one of the best restaurants in Todos Santos.

I used to love riding my bike here and working for a couple of hours with an iced coffee and then rewarding my video editing with a giant cinnamon roll.

11. La Esquina

This healthy breakfast and lunch spot is a popular post-yoga spot thanks to its location next to Cuatro Vientos.

They have a huge selection of tea and coffee options as well as non-caffeinated drinks to tickle your tastebuds. The food menu is extensive with everything from sandwiches and salads to burritos and enchiladas. 

There is a big selection of vegetarian and vegan options, but you’ll also spot plenty of meat-focused dishes here like BLTs and chicken burgers. 

There is something for everyone on the menu regardless of food choices, so it’s a great option for groups or families with picky eaters. The staff are wonderful and helpful and if you want to adjust something on the menu, they can accommodate.

12. Pacifica Fish Market

One of the “fancier” restaurants in town, which just means that there are walls and a roof over the dining area here. So when those winter nights bring in a bit of a chill as often happens in Todos Santos, you can head inside and eat very well at Pacifica Fish Market.

Despite the name, this is not in fact, a fish market. It is a seafood restaurant that makes some of the best-cooked seafood dishes in town. 

They have a wide menu of options all focusing on seafood including poke bowls, grilled fish, fish tacos, as well as seafood burritos. 

coffee on a tray with a glass of water next to it.

There are several really great places to get coffee in Todos Santos, but DoceCuarenta was my personal favorite.

13. Poke Loko

You might not expect to have some of the best pizza in town at a poke restaurant, but that’s exactly what you get at Poke Loko.

In addition to serving up deliciously fresh poke bowls with tuna, shrimp, or pulled pork, they also make seriously delicious pizza.

The dough is cooked to perfection with a nice fluffy crust and a nice eclectic selection of toppings. Choose a more traditional Italian-style pizza with proscuitto and arugula, or opt for a one with Mexican flare like cochinita pibil or shrimp and jalapeños.

14. 5 Tacos and a Beer

This little streetside restaurant looks simple, but this is not your average taco spot.

At 5 Tacos and a Beer, they are making their own corn tortillas, usually with blue corn. They are serving up things like chorizo, pork adobado, beef asada, and cochinita pibil. They also have vegetarian taco options.

As the name suggests, you can get 5 tacos of your choice and a beer for under $10 usd. They have a nice selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to wash down your delectable tacos.

tostada with diced fish on top and a packet of saltine crackers on the side.

Whenever I try a new seafood spot in Mexico, I always like to sample their ceviche as well as a few tacos and I can confirm that you’ll find plenty of delicious ceviche around Todos Santos.

15. Mejibó

One of the newer restaurants to town, Mejibó is a slightly upscale restaurant in downtown Todos Santos where you can sample elevated versions of seafood classics like ceviche, aguachile, and grilled seafood.

In addition to seafood dishes, they also have a large meat selection and several creative vegetarian dishes that will excite even the most fervent omnivores.

This is certainly one of the more expensive restaurants in Todos Santos. Expect to pay at least $15-20 USD per main meal. They have a small wine menu, but the cocktails here are exceptional.

16. Moon Friendly Kitchen

For those who prefer to support plant-based restaurants, this is one of the best restaurants in town for vegan and vegetarians. 

Much of the food on the menu comes from the restaurant’s own garden. This means that the menu changes pretty regularly, so there is a huge focus on locally sourced food and seasonal ingredients.

You’ll find falafel, lentil salad, and soups to be staples on the menu with fresh salads, vegetable dips, and fresh juices available throughout the year.

If you are looking for a place where you can pick up some organic superfoods, there is also a small shop and bakery here where you can snag things like tea, cacao, and banana bread made daily. 

inside of a restaurant with a thatched roof and people sitting at a table for two.

Restaurant Bahía has absolutely delicious fish tacos.

17. Restaurant Bahía

Last but certainly not least, Restaurant Bahía is one of the best restaurants in Todos Santos for simple seafood tacos. There are a lot of really great places for seafood tacos, so you’ll just have to sample them all to find out which is your favorite.

Bahía is churning out some of the best Baja-style fish tacos that I tried during my time in Todos Santos. They also have delectable octopus and smoked marlin tacos and a huge menu of cooked shrimp and fish dishes served with rice and vegetables.

I loved coming here for a simple plate of affordable grilled fish with a nice salad and some perfectly seasoned rice. You can easily fill up on seafood for under $10 per person here. Don’t miss out on their aguas frescas, especially the hibiscus juice known as Jamaica. 

Another reason to come here is that in addition to being a restaurant, they are also fishmongers. Right next door to the restaurant is a little shop where you can buy the same seafood they use in their delicious tacos. I used to love coming here for fresh shrimp, but they also have a few varieties of fish as well as octopus and shellfish.