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16 Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

16 Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

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There are so many amazing beaches in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding Los Cabos area to explore during a trip to this area of Baja California Sur.

If this is your first trip to Cabo, be sure to check out our explanation of the differences between Cabo San Lucas vs San Jose del Cabo as well as our tips for best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, top things to do in Cabo, and best day trips from Cabo San Lucas as well.

There is so much to love about Los Cabos and after living here for a year, I got to know many of the beaches around here and chose a few of my personal favorites.

What to Know About Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Cabo San Lucas is located at the very tip of the Baja California Peninsula. The road starts here (or ends here, depending on your perspective).

The main beach in Cabo San Lucas, Playa Medano, is located on the Pacific Ocean, which means that the waves tend to be large and the water gets deep very quickly.

Hotels and resorts that line Medano Beach are great for the views, especially in the winter months when it is the best time to visit Cabo. From the balcony, you can spot whales breeching and manta rays jumping from the water during their mating dance.

However, they are not particularly child-friendly and even strong swimmers should swim with caution. There are lifeguards, but often the water is too rough to simply float and dip into for a cool-off. In the summer months, you’ll find more jellyfish here, which again makes it unsafe for swimming.

While safety in Cabo is not a concern anywhere else, safety at the beaches in Cabo is something you need to consider.

That is why you want to get away from the main beach and explore some of the other best beaches in Cabo San Lucas if you are more interested in swimming. The area is home to an abundance of blue flag beaches that are clean, beautiful, and safe for swimming and snorkeling.

The Pacific Ocean is rugged and rough, but the same things that make it not great for swimming are what make the beaches so incredible beautiful. It’s a wild coastline, but one so worth exploring.

Public Beach Access in Mexico

Note that there is no such thing as a private beach in Mexico. Beaches in Mexico cannot be owned and while many resorts in Cabo San Lucas are attempting to make it seem like only guests are welcome, especially on the best swimming beaches in Cabo.

The first 20 meters from the high tide line are free for anyone to use.

So don’t worry about grabbing a taxi to some of these beaches which appear to be “private” hotel beaches. You can bring a towel to any of the beaches in Cabo on this list.

cabo san lucas beaches with an aerial view from above and hotels scattered across the land and dark blue ocean to the left.

The beaches in Cabo San Lucas are so magical and even if they aren’t always swimmable, they are still very much worth visiting.

Getting to the Beaches in Cabo

If you are staying in downtown Cabo San Lucas, you can get to most of the beaches in Cabo by taking an Uber or local taxi. Most beaches have taxis in the parking lots waiting to take people back to their hotels, so you don’t have to worry about being stranded at the beaches.

You can also get the phone number of the taxi drivers and call them to come and pick you up when you’re ready to leave. This usually costs a little bit more than just grabbing one from the parking lot.

Most of the beaches in Cabo have parking lots available or there is parking nearby. So if you are renting a car in Mexico, then you can easily get to all of these beaches.

Having a car is best for escaping the rough Pacific waters and finding the small coves along the coast where there are more swimming beaches in Cabo.

The third alternative is to take the ruta del desierto bus. This is a yellow and purple bus that runs between Cabo San Lucas and the San Jose del Cabo Airport. It runs the length of the tourist corridor, the road along the coast where many of these beaches are located.

Always tell the driver where you are getting off because the price of your ticket depends on how far you plan to travel on the bus. Always pay in cash in Mexican Pesos.

The Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

1. Playa Medano

Playa Medano is the main beach in Cabo San Lucas and the easiest place to access if you are staying in the downtown area.

If you want a swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas, there is one area of the beach which is closest to the Cabo Marina where you can swim in calmer waters.

The further along the beach you walk from the resorts, the fewer people there will be and the rougher the water will become.

Playa Medano is one of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas if you want to watch whales breeching from the shore. Visiting from December to March, humpback whales are easy to see right from the shore of the beach.

There is tons of space to walk along the sand, go for a jog, or lay out a towel and sun yourself for hours. However, it is not the best beach for swimming unless you stay close to the marina end of the beach.

Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas with bright blue skies and hotels to the left of the sand with bright blue water to the right.

Medano Beach is the easiest beach to visit while you are in Cabo San Lucas and in certain parts is swimmable.

2. Playa Santa Maria

Santa Maria Beach is the best beach for swimming in Cabo San Lucas.

In fact, pack all of your beach toys, because this is also a fantastic place to come for paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling.

The water in this beach is so incredibly calm, which means it is also quite popular with families. Head here early to get parking or to get a spot on the sand.

There are a few vendors at the beach who have SUP boards and kayaks for rent if you don’t have your own.

It’s worth noting that this is one of the only beaches in Cabo San Lucas that doesn’t have soft sand. The beach here is made mostly of very small, soft pebbles. Bring water shoes for swimming and a few beach chairs rather than just towels for more comfort.

expanse of beach with two rock formations on either side.

The shape of the bay at Santa Maria Beach offers so much shelter for swimming in calm waters.

3. Playa Chileno

Chileno Beach is located inside the Chileno Bay Resort area. As mentioned above, all beaches in Mexico have public access and Chileno is no different. There is a large public parking lot where you’ll also find taxis waiting to take you back to your hotel.

Chileno is one of the most swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas. The beach is long and has little bays where the water is incredibly calm.

This beach is popular with both locals and tourists, especially families who are looking for a safe beach for their children to swim in.

Chileno is a Blue Flag beach with lifeguards and bathrooms. There are no food vendors here, so you’ll have to bring your own snacks and drinks for the day. But otherwise, this stunning cove is home to one of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas.

4. Playa del Amor

Located at the tip of the Land’s End, Lover’s Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Cabo. The only want to get here is to take a boat from Medano Beach.

All you have to do is show up at Medano Beach and there will be people with small fishing boats (usually “glass bottom”) who will take you on a quick trip over there, drop you off, and organize a time to come back and pick you up for a set fee.

The boat trip usually includes a quick trip around El Arco, the arches at the very tip of Land’s End, the most southern land mass in the Baja California Peninsula.

These tiny boats can only go to the edge of the sand at Lover’s Beach, so be prepared to jump off the boat into the water and swim to shore. Wear your bathing suit and a coverup you don’t mind getting wet as well as water shoes or flip flops that you can easily take off.

On a busy weekend, there can be a lot of boat traffic coming in and out of Lover’s Beach, so just be careful with swimming here. I don’t recommend coming here with young children. It’s for lovers after all.

It sounds a little but chaotic, but it’s so worth it when you are looking back over the whole coastline. This is such a beautiful spot to relax on and you can take a dip in the water here.

Beach with rock formations in the background and bright blue water in the forground.

Playa del Divorcio may not be safe for swimming but it is absolutely breathtaking.

5. Playa del Divorcio

On the other side of Lover’s Beach is Divorce Beach. Separated by a few rocks, you can walk from Playa del Amor to Playa del Divorcio in less than two minutes.

Playa del Divorcio is bigger and has more space to lay out your towel and soak in the views of El Arco.

Visiting both Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach are well worth it while you are visiting Cabo. They are two of the must-visit beaches in Cabo.

While you can’t swim in the water at Divorce Beach because there is such a strong rip current here, you do get to enjoy the stunning views and the soft golden sand for the day.

6. Playa Palmilla

Playa Palmilla is another of the best swimming beaches in Cabo San Lucas. If you are visiting the area with children, this is a popular beach spot.

You can take the bus and then walk through the different condo complexes to get here or you can get a taxi directly to the parking lot in front of the beach.

If you’re driving here, there isn’t a ton of parking, so arrive early if you are visiting during peak winter travel time.

Palmilla Beach is located in a calm bay closer to San Jose del Cabo than Cabo San Lucas, but it’s still only about 20 minutes from Cabo.

The sand is soft and golden and thanks to how shallow the water is in this cove, the colors are brilliantly blue.

woman standing on the beach with ocean in the background.

I loved exploring the different beaches in Cabo San Lucas, especially Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach (pictured here).

7. Playa Acapulquito

Playa Acapulquito is a wonderful beach in Cabo for beginner surfers. If you want to learn to surf while you are visiting Cabo San Lucas, book a lesson with Mike Doyle’s Surf School.

If you are really focused on learning to surf while you are in Cabo, you can book a stay at the on-site hotel at Playa Acapulquito, Cabo Surf Hotel & Spa. Here you can eat, sleep, and breath surfing for the entirety of your trip.

If you don’t want lessons, but are still a beginner and want to get some practice surfs in, you can rent a board from the surf school here and spend the morning catching the small waves at Playa Acapulquito.

8. Playa el Bledito

Located in the wonderfully named Tequila Cove, Playa el Bledito is a great swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas.

The Hilton Los Cabos is located here, so if you want to wake up to these views and swim at this great beach every day of your trip, book a stay at the Hilton Los Cabos here.

Otherwise, it’s free to visit regardless of whether you are staying at the Hilton. There is a small parking area, but it’s better to organize a taxi to and from El Bledito.

El Beldito Beach is hook-shaped which shields the sand from bigger waves and makes it a fantastic place to swim and snorkel.

whale fin sticking out of the water.

There are so many opportunities to go whale watching in Cabo San Lucas.

9. Wejulia Beach

Located on the other side of Land’s End almost directly across from the Marina, you can easily walk to Wejulia Beach from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

This is a huge beach which encompasses a few different beaches. Along this long strip of sand you will find it is also called Playa Solmar and in the other direction, Playa Tortuga.

But this is all one long stretch of uninterupted soft golden sand that you can stroll along.

The beach here is straight and wide open to the elements of the Pacific Ocean, which makes it unswimmable most days of the year. There is a warning sign at the entrance to the beach which warns of strong rip currents.

But it is wonderful for jogging or walking and for whale watching from the shore. It’s the perfect place to set up a towel and relax with a book in the sunshine and escape the hoards of tourists at Medano Beach.

10. Playa Monumentos

Monuments Beach gets is name thanks to the view it has back over El Arco and Land’s End. This is one of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas to get the perfect photos of your trip.

It’s also a great beach for surfing in Cabo San Lucas. The surfers here tend to be a more experienced group than the ones you’ll find in Playa Acapulquito.

The waves aren’t much bigger, but they break close to a rocky area, so beginners should surf with caution.

Playa Monumentos is an easy taxi or Uber ride away from Cabo San Lucas. The Cape, A Thompson Hotel by Hyatt is located at this beach, so book a stay there if you want to wake up to the best views in Cabo.

el arco in cabo san lucas, an arch created by coastal erosion with water on all sides.

El Arco is one of the most emblematic sights in Cabo San Lucas.

11. Playa Pedregal

Playa Pedregal is one of my favorite beaches in Cabo San Lucas. It is nearly as long as the beach in Todos Santos. You can walk for hours up and down the Pacific Coastline here spotting whales breeching from the shore.

It is not a safe beach for swimming, which means that it is usually very quiet, even during peak months like December and January when other beaches in Cabo San Lucas are packed with visitors.

For those that want to escape the crowds to a beach that looks like total paradise (part of it is even referred to as Paraiso Escondido, hidden paradise), then this is the best beach in Cabo for you.

If you have packed your fishing equipment, this is also a popular beach to fish right from shore.

12. Playa el Ganzo

Playa El Ganzo, Goose Beach in English, is located in the nearby town of San Jose del Cabo, about a 30 minute drive from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Hotel el Ganzo is one of my favorite hotels in Los Cabos. It’s stylish and has great amenities, including their beach club which is located at Playa el Ganzo.

The good thing for visitors from Cabo San Lucas is that you don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy the beach at Playa el Ganzo or to spend the day at their beach club if you want a little day of luxury.

Like all of the beaches on this list (and all over Mexico), you never have to pay to set up a towel along this beach. However, if you want to sit in the comfortable chairs and use the amenities at the beach club here, you should book a day pass on their website for $50 USD.

Costa Azul beach in San Jose del Cabo, a long sandy beach with mountains in the distance and people walking on the beach.

The beaches in Cabo San Lucas are beautiful places to go for a long beach walk.

13. Costa Azul Beach

Playa Costa Azul, blue coast beach, is the main beach in San Jose del Cabo.

If you book a hotel or resort along the beach in San Jose del Cabo, there is a good chance it is sitting along Playa Costa Azul.

Playa Costa Azul is over a mile long and perfect for strolling, jogging, or finding a patch of sand to relax on.

Like many of the larger beaches in Cabo San Lucas, it’s not the safest beach for swimming in. While I was living in San Jose del Cabo, I would take quick dips in the water, but only to cool off and only where the waves were at their calmest.

At the far west side of the beach, you’ll find many surfers here. People drive almost right onto the beach with their trucks and bring their boards or kayaks into the water to enjoy a day out here.

For a fun spot to enjoy some food and drink, you can’t go wrong with a few beers and snacks at Zipper’s Bar and Grill.

14. East Cape Beach

The East Cape is a part of Los Cabos that starts just east of San Jose del Cabo and runs the length of the coastline until you reach Cabo Pulmo.

East Cape Beach is located about 35-40 minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas or about 15 minutes drive from San Jose del Cabo.

It feels worlds away from either of the tourist hubs with just a single bar and restaurant located in the parking lot, Buzzard’s Bar and Grill.

The beach is quiet and not great for swimming, but it is great for escaping the crowds and enjoying a day out at the beach with a good book or a surfboard (or both).

long stretch of grey sand with turquoise waters.

The beaches along the East Cape are along the Gulf of California which is turquoise and calm. They are great for snorkeling or swimming, especially Cabo Pulmo, pictured above.

15. Playa Cerritos

While not technically in Los Cabos, Playa Cerritos is a fantastic beach near Cabo San Lucas for swimming. It also allows you to spend the day eating at some of the best restaurants in Todos Santos which has the best food in the region.

In addition to being a nice swimming beach, it’s also a very popular beach for learning to surf. There are several surf schools in Cerritos where you can take surf lessons or simply rent a board and head out on the water for the day.

Mario Surf School is one of the top rated and who I opted to take a few lessons with when I was last in Todos Santos. The lessons are relatively affordable compared to others in Cabo and the teachers are friendly and helpful.

person scuba diving in a large school of fish.

While snorkeling or scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo, you can swim amid enormous schools of fish. Swimming with thousands of fish is one of my favorite memories from that trip.

16. Cabo Pulmo

The last beach town still within the Los Cabos municipality limits, this is one of the best beaches in all of Mexico (in my humble opinion).

This beach sits along the Gulf of California rather than the Pacific Ocean, which means that the water is much calmer and fantastic for swimming.

Cabo Pulmo isn’t just one of the best swimming beaches near Cabo, it’s also one of the most magical underwater worlds in this part of Mexico.

If you like snorkeling or scuba diving, you absolutely must spend at least a day in Cabo Pulmo. If you have more time, rent a car and head here for an overnight trip so that you have two days to explore.

The beach is long and rocky in some places, but the water is calm and turquoise and perfect for swimming.

Have a few tacos at Tacos and Beer after a day out on the water. Stay at a cozy bungalow like Bungalows Cabo Pulmo or Bungalows Cirujano.

Accommodation in Cabo Pulmo is basic, so don’t expect resort standards, but this keeps away the hoards of tourists (for now) and makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in Cabo.